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A Dangerous Distraction - Thumbnail

A Dangerous Distraction

She’s a dangerous woman with a powerful asset. The story begins after the funeral. It isn’t long before she’s revealing her truth as she flaunts her round ass. This lady is a true femme fatale.
07/16/2024 • 2813 views • Report
Humiliating the Dog - Thumbnail

Humiliating the Dog

My first tease. It involves humiliation, ass and piss play. You are treated like a disgusting dog.
07/15/2024 • 3279 views • Report
Your Last Orgasm - Thumbnail

Eos teaseYour Last Orgasm

Your girlfriend set you up with an appointment at the chastity clinic, where nurse Riley MIGHT help you have one last orgasm before your lifelong lockup. Hardcore chastity themes, castration mentioned
07/14/2024 • 24662 views • Report
HOLE or POLE? - Thumbnail

Eos teaseHOLE or POLE?

genital guessing game!
07/14/2024 • 13494 views • Report
Sweaty Summer Fun - Thumbnail

Sweaty Summer Fun

Some sweaty summer fun with DIY trash bag underwear. Second half takes place outside.26 pages, edging, cbt, workouts, pee holding, humiliation, denial
07/12/2024 • 6053 views • Report
short stories 2 - Thumbnail

Short stories 2

just a little fun
07/12/2024 • 2618 views • Report
[Fake] Blackmail cum-eating session : no back out if you want to cum - Thumbnail

Eos tease[Fake] Blackmail cum-eating session : no back out if you want to cum

Once you are into it, blackmail gives you no choice than to finish the way I want, cum-eater.
07/09/2024 • 16997 views • Report
Uber Edge - Thumbnail

Eos teaseUber Edge

It's your first day at Uber Edge and you are expected to deliver a lot of edges. Can you make it to the end of the day? Very difficult tease with a lot of edges. Nipple torture is completely optional.
07/08/2024 • 32389 views • Report
last resort 5 ending - Thumbnail

Last resort 5 ending

07/06/2024 • 2641 views • Report

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