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Weekend with your Aunt - Thumbnail
brickhouse05 • 03/16/2019 • 4.5

Eos teaseWeekend with your Aunt

Lots of stroking and edging. Multiple endings, with a chance to cum. There will be sequels for each individual ending.
Hentai for
leonardoxxx • 03/13/2019 • 4.5

Eos teaseHentai for "straight" guys

Hey there, cock lover. Did I say lover? I meant stroker. You're straight... right? (Multiple endings)
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Three Ideals Fantasy Game - Thumbnail
Shymaroon • 03/05/2019 • 4.5

Eos teaseThree Ideals Fantasy Game

A fantasy-based adventure game with random encounters involving stroking in various ways (similar to lottery or S&L teases). Your chance to cum or ruin is affected by your choices in the game!
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Spying on Your Crush and Her Boyfriend - Thumbnail
NovemberNightshade • 02/17/2019 • 4.6

Eos teaseSpying on Your Crush and Her Boyfriend

This is an edging tease with themes of jealousy. (Estimated time: 20 minutes). A Goddess gives you the power to wank while watching your crush Sarah with her boyfriend Evan.
The Mystical Realm of Myrewood Isle - Part III - Forging an Alliance - Thumbnail
r0nin47 • 02/17/2019 • 4.6

Flash teaseThe Mystical Realm of Myrewood Isle - Part III - Forging an Alliance

In this third installment of the series, you must endeavor to forge an alliance with those would would see the evil Queen Zora unseated and balance restored to Myrewood Isle
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goon!6 - Thumbnail
student69 • 02/10/2019 • 4.5


Welcome gooners! good news: in goon!6 you will get some ruined orgasms! - you need something to bind up your balls (be careful!), no other toys required. Happy gooning :)
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Faux Choices - Thumbnail
Shattered • 02/03/2019 • 4.5

Flash teaseFaux Choices

A chance encounter with Yue sees you sign up to have your orgasms controlled by her. Yet moments afterwards, your crush finally asks if you'll be her boyfriend. What choices could you possibly make?
Futanari Mistress  - Thumbnail
Ghandi • 02/03/2019 • 4.6

Eos teaseFutanari Mistress

An Eos edition of the flashtease I made in June, with added voice! Please let me know of any bugs and/or suggestions in the forum. (futa, chastity, dildo, and anal)
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Realm of Seduction - The War - Thumbnail
TheDon • 02/01/2019 • 4.6

Eos teaseRealm of Seduction - The War

You woke up in a realm where two races of sex-demons are at war, with the power to influence the outcome. Multiple Endings, Metronome, Stroking, Edging, Full or Ruined Orgasm (based on your choices)
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Hunt the Aces - Thumbnail
discardedmelon • 01/29/2019 • 4.6

Eos teaseHunt the Aces

A remake of 'Hunt the Aces' by FauxPas. Designed to be easier to play. (please report bugs via pm) V1.0.2 To resolve button issue, scroll down using mouse wheel and play in full screen.
Viewed 20441 times • Report

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