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Brutal Hentai Edging Lottery - Thumbnail
FootlongSub • 05/08/2019 • 4.6

Brutal Hentai Edging Lottery

Long and difficult tease for experienced Edgers seeking a challenge! This tease may take somewhere form 1 hour to (if yo'ure unlucky) a few days to complete.
Viewed 10286 times • Report
Math on Edge - Thumbnail
itslate • 05/04/2019 • 4.6

Eos teaseMath on Edge

Play a tough and sexy game of edging, math and memory against 5 hot girls. Contains edging, edge holding and some PC-muscle exercise. Replay value and savegames. No pain or humiliation.
Viewed 30142 times • Report
Otrokem z lásky - První večer - Thumbnail
markyz • 04/30/2019 • 3.5

Eos teaseOtrokem z lásky - První večer

Czech Tease. Stories of love.
Viewed 991 times • Report
The Hentai Game - Thumbnail
YamiLoli • 04/06/2019 • 4.6

Eos teaseThe Hentai Game

Meet different anime characters and play with them in The Hentai Game! There a lot of pages, unique routes and fetishes which makes the game replayable. Try to get all the achievements!
Viewed 35055 times • Report
Guess the feet - Thumbnail
sklavealex • 04/05/2019 • 4.7

Flash teaseGuess the feet

Guessing game, focused on feet. Multiple endings. If you guess right you can stroke your cock to the bonus pictures.
Viewed 23502 times • Report
Hentai for
leonardoxxx • 03/13/2019 • 4.6

Eos teaseTOTM - Nominee!Hentai for "straight" guys

Hey there, cock lover. Did I say lover? I meant stroker. You're straight... right? (Multiple endings)
Viewed 48816 times • Report
Emma Watson makes you her bitch. Part 2 - Thumbnail
littledickwanker • 03/11/2019 • 4.6

TOTM - Nominee!Emma Watson makes you her bitch. Part 2

Emma is back to humiliate the fuck out of you.
Spying on Your Crush and Her Boyfriend - Thumbnail
NovemberNightshade • 02/17/2019 • 4.6

Eos teaseTOTM - Nominee!Spying on Your Crush and Her Boyfriend

This is an edging tease with themes of jealousy. (Estimated time: 20 minutes). A Goddess gives you the power to wank while watching your crush Sarah with her boyfriend Evan.
Faux Choices - Thumbnail
Shattered • 02/03/2019 • 4.5

Flash teaseTOTM - Winner!Faux Choices

A chance encounter with Yue sees you sign up to have your orgasms controlled by her. Yet moments afterwards, your crush finally asks if you'll be her boyfriend. What choices could you possibly make?
Viewed 51119 times • Report
Futanari Mistress  - Thumbnail
[unknown] • 02/03/2019 • 4.6

Eos teaseFutanari Mistress

An Eos edition of the flashtease I made in June, with added voice! Please let me know of any bugs and/or suggestions in the forum. (futa, chastity, dildo, and anal)
Viewed 30237 times • Report

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