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Cum to Dicks or eat for Chicks - Thumbnail
zerganterus • 03/20/2019 • 4.4

Eos teaseCum to Dicks or eat for Chicks

A game where the outcome depends on you
Overwatch Snakes & Ladders - Thumbnail
wb9k • 03/20/2019 • 4.3

Eos teaseOverwatch Snakes & Ladders

EOS tease created from dude13's html tease. Added metronome, achievements, random dice rolls, page changes, and logged statistics.
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Weekend with your Aunt - Thumbnail
brickhouse05 • 03/16/2019 • 4.5

Eos teaseWeekend with your Aunt

Lots of stroking and edging. Multiple endings, with a chance to cum. There will be sequels for each individual ending.
Queen's Edge Toy - Thumbnail
brickhouse05 • 03/16/2019 • 4.2

Eos teaseQueen's Edge Toy

This tease is fairly short, and contains a lot of edging and optional cbt. I might make this a longer series if it gets a lot of support.
The Mystical Realm of Myrewood Isle - Part IV - The War Begins - Thumbnail
r0nin47 • 03/14/2019 • 4.4

Flash teaseThe Mystical Realm of Myrewood Isle - Part IV - The War Begins

Having finally made it to the safety of Princess Alexandra's Castle, you must endure the trials ahead in order to secure an alliance and end Zora's reign of terror over Myrewood Isle. The war is beginning and you will be tested at every turn...
Viewed 11372 times • Report
Hentai for
leonardoxxx • 03/13/2019 • 4.5

Eos teaseHentai for "straight" guys

Hey there, cock lover. Did I say lover? I meant stroker. You're straight... right? (Multiple endings)
Viewed 28228 times • Report
Emma Watson makes you her bitch. Part 2 - Thumbnail
littledickwanker • 03/11/2019 • 4.5

Emma Watson makes you her bitch. Part 2

Emma is back to humiliate the fuck out of you.
Wank to Succeed - Thumbnail
Drool • 03/06/2019 • 4.3

Eos teaseWank to Succeed

A tease about stroking and edging while trying to keep in memory what your doctor has told you.
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Three Ideals Fantasy Game - Thumbnail
Shymaroon • 03/05/2019 • 4.5

Eos teaseThree Ideals Fantasy Game

A fantasy-based adventure game with random encounters involving stroking in various ways (similar to lottery or S&L teases). Your chance to cum or ruin is affected by your choices in the game!
Viewed 19755 times • Report
Wedding Night - Thumbnail
BopIT • 03/04/2019 • 4.5

Eos teaseWedding Night

You are about to be married to Katie. Do you have what it takes to be with her? (football glitch fixed) This is my first tease so give me feedback in the forums.
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