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Announcement: Classic Tease Of The Month for March 2016 posted 2 days ago

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TOTM nominees / winners
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Twin's Surprise, Part 3 - Thumbnail
cactusman • 12/17/2013 • 4.6

TOTM - Nominee!Twin's Surprise, Part 3

In this very long story tease, your wife's twin sister, Barbie, dominates you in both your dreams and in reality. Your dream fantasies spill over into reality as she makes you tell them to her.
Self-bondage Challenge - Thumbnail
TsMe119 • 07/29/2016 • 4.6

Self-bondage Challenge

This is a very inclusive tease: it is written for both men and women. This is a very exclusive tease: it is written for serious pain-sluts only. Are you up to the challenge?
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Spooning, Desire, and Denial, Part 4 - Thumbnail
cactusman • 11/02/2014 • 4.6

TOTM - Winner!Spooning, Desire, and Denial, Part 4

This very long story tease tells the tale of the day of the party. Your wife has you tell the 3 cock-teasers you work with to bring some sexy lingerie, and they tease you to the breaking point...
Ariel's Game of Feet - Thumbnail
afro • 05/27/2015 • 4.6

TOTM - Winner!Ariel's Game of Feet

Your girlfriend thinks it's strange that you focus so much on women's feet and wants you to try and avoid doing so. Stroking and edging to beautiful women is her attempt at therapy. Will it work?
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Blackmail Play - The Sequel - Thumbnail
DartSmart • 12/27/2013 • 4.6

Blackmail Play - The Sequel

Play a blackmail game with a little help of this tease! 20 blackmail slaves to choose from, just make your pick!
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Mystery Mistress 5 - Thumbnail
thedude234 • 10/17/2015 • 4.6

TOTM - Nominee!Mystery Mistress 5

You reveal your secret to a coworker, setting off an interesting chain of events.
Humiliation Slut Audition #2 - Thumbnail • 11/09/2015 • 4.6

Humiliation Slut Audition #2

Mistress Asia takes control of your mouth, cock and ass as you are forced to humiliate yourself in ways that will leave you violated and degraded.
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How to Give a Devastating Handjob - Thumbnail
manfried • 08/14/2016 • 4.6

How to Give a Devastating Handjob

Step-by-step instructions for a woman to give a man a tease and denial handjob. For maximum results, don't read past the first page. No pain or humiliation.
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Worship: Hotties Make You SUCK and FUCK Big Juicy COCKS  - Thumbnail
Glow • 06/21/2016 • 4.6

Worship: Hotties Make You SUCK and FUCK Big Juicy COCKS

JERK and EDGE for us hotties, and you will WANT to worship COCK for us. Inspired by CamCEI75's teases.
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Humiliation Slut Audition - Thumbnail • 11/04/2015 • 4.6

TOTM - Nominee!Humiliation Slut Audition

Goddess Susana pushes you to your limits as she uses your mouth, cock and ass to leave you totally used and humiliated.
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