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Ultimate Hentai Lottery of Denial - Thumbnail
Xardas • 09/18/2018 • 4.7

Ultimate Hentai Lottery of Denial

Well, what the title says. Lots of edging, stroking, customizeable content, over 100 pages to roll and over a dozen, wildly different endings...
Viewed 4238 times • Report
Sorcerer's Harem Builder - Thumbnail
Galron789 • 08/19/2018 • 4.6

FlashTeaseSorcerer's Harem Builder

You are a powerful sorcerer on a quest to gather a harem of sexy sluts. The task won't be easy and you'll likely encounter some mythical resistance along the way.
Viewed 25426 times • Report
Reluctant Contestant - Thumbnail
Galron789 • 07/12/2018 • 4.6

FlashTeaseReluctant Contestant

Version 1.2: You have recently won admission into a "Sex Competition". As shady as it seems you decide to check it out. Can you last until the end? Will they let you?
Viewed 23305 times • Report
The Curse - Thumbnail
MisterFlames • 08/23/2018 • 4.6

FlashTeaseThe Curse

A fantasy story with lust, pain and frustration. Many choices and endings. Over 3 hours of possible content, but you will not see everything in one run. | 08/27: Added new endings and Metronome!
Viewed 70424 times • Report
Singularity - Thumbnail
throbalt34 • 11/12/2017 • 4.6

TOTM - Nominee!Singularity

Story based tease. Tease AI gets a little out of hand.
Blackmail Play - The Sequel - Thumbnail
DartSmart • 12/27/2013 • 4.6

Blackmail Play - The Sequel

Play a blackmail game with a little help of this tease! 20 blackmail slaves to choose from, just make your pick!
Viewed 115256 times • Report
Spooning, Desire, and Denial, Part 4 - Thumbnail
cactusman • 11/02/2014 • 4.5

TOTM - Winner!Spooning, Desire, and Denial, Part 4

This very long story tease tells the tale of the day of the party. Your wife has you tell the 3 cock-teasers you work with to bring some sexy lingerie, and they tease you to the breaking point...
Ariel's Game of Feet - Thumbnail
afro • 05/27/2015 • 4.5

TOTM - Winner!Ariel's Game of Feet

Your girlfriend thinks it's strange that you focus so much on women's feet and wants you to try and avoid doing so. Stroking and edging to beautiful women is her attempt at therapy. Will it work?
Viewed 38157 times • Report
Valkyries Court - Thumbnail
TheDon • 05/17/2018 • 4.5

FlashTeaseValkyries Court

8 Valkyries and their Queen are challenging you. Can you get to the end and achieve the full orgasm? Lots of stroking and edging.
Viewed 55267 times • Report
An Instructional Tease: Intermediate Anal - Thumbnail
dontpanic • 05/07/2014 • 4.5

TOTM - Winner!An Instructional Tease: Intermediate Anal

The Intermediate version of the Anal Instructional Tease series, for anyone who can already take a finger in your ass and want to learn how to take the next step.
Viewed 125276 times • Report

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