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Turn Ons:
Strength, confidence, perseverance, gentleness, rigor and care, ingenuity, resourcefulness, friendliness, humor, ambiguity. to obey, to do what he said, the pain mixed with pleasure, limitations, terms and conditions for my pleasure, teasing, erotic stories, dirty talking, piercings, lingerie, big boobs and huge cocks, bondage/shibari, Being called cute pet names or etc compliments, my depravity is being pulled into play against me or is it for me? , oh it really doesn’t matter:-)
Turn Offs:
Rudeness and ignorance, long periods of no communication, or a lack of communication
Friends, family, or public exposure.
Diapers/age play most of the time
Lying / Deception / Cheating(I expect, and give, complete honesty when possible)
Scat, piss and toilet stuff in general
Blood and needles ( would need to discuss beforehand if you interested).
Degradation (abasement me as a person).
Ruined, spoiled orgasm.
Wedgies, diapers, wet and messy.
Excessive edging.
Kinks and Fetishes:
Orgasm control/denial, nipple clamps, CMNF, mild anal play (has to be done right and takes a lot of setup), pain for pleasure, nipple play/torture, guided masturbation, humilation (light), chastity (both genders), Ass/Pussy Beatings & Torture, feeling like i've earned an orgasm IF i get to cum, Being verbally or mentally manipulated, Fear (receiving genuine fear to some extent), hidden/semi-public dares (low risk to get caught only).
About Me:
Young submissive girl exploring her kinky fantasies.. in my late teens, nicely-shaped and bit of imaginative I love animals (not sexual) and romantic stuff and stuff other young girls love. I'm very opinionated and straightforward and I have a lot of beliefs and one is I believe that women have the right to be equal and should have control but in the bedroom I believe men do. Only if they choose to though!
NO, thanks!
I need to surrender to man desires, to feel his power.. I absolutely love feeling safe and secure and little but also being spanked and tortured a lot!!! I love the frustrated feeling! And totally love playing with it too :)

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If you make me feel special i’ll cook you dinner, suck your cock & be your whore.
I never considered myself helpless, but enjoying submission with my beloved man, feeling his defense - priceless! :love:
... The nature of any addiction is to desire more and more, not less.
The point is not in pain. The matter is in the openness, to be completely vulnerable to another person. If you can trust so profoundly - it changes you.
Discipline - the agreement between the sadist and masochist, whose sense in the inevitability of violations and the subsequent punishment, to the delight of both.