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Privacy Policy

What information does Milovana collect and store?

Non-registered users We collect anonymous usage statistics that are not linked to user accounts.

Registered users During registration you will be asked to provide a email address and password that will be used for administrative purposes. While using the site we will also personalize your experience as much as possible by building an accurate usage profile. As soon as we launch this feature you will of course be able to delete your profile and your account at any time and/or deactivate any account-related tracking that may take place.

What emails does Milovana send out?

Currently the only emails we are sending out are the one that confirm your registration and ask you to activate your account. We reserve a right to make important announcements over email if we have to reach all of our members. In the future we might also offer a regular newsletter for which you will need to sign up explicitly.

We do not share email addresses or profile information with anyone outside or Justmoon (our host) for any reason.