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Milovana is a free online community, dedicated to the safe, sane and consensual exploration of sexual technique and technology in fun and interactive ways. A safe haven for all denominations of human sexuality. Milovana is the Serbian word for mistress and is also used there as a first name. We first went online on July 21st, 2006 and officially celebrate our anniversary each year on the name day for "Milovana": July 18th.


Milovana's primary servers are co-located in two datacenters in the US and the Netherlands. We operate on a minimal budget, so we can't offer the same uptime as some larger sites. That said, we pride ourselves in generally quick performance and a high quality experience for most users.


Milovana is managed by a small, dedicated Team of volunteers from diverse backgrounds who deal with the day-to-day issues that come up on a site like ours. These volunteers are from the US, Germany, the UK and Australia, so we are a pretty international bunch and so are our users: We've seen visitors from 167 different countries already although 40% of our users are from the United States.