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Before Eternity - Thumbnail
Shattered • 06/11/2019 • 4.7

Eos teaseTOTM - Winner!Before Eternity

You've met an unfortunate fate! As you come to be, another soul guides you through what your new life means-a life of stroking, submission and orgasms for a greater cause. Where will you end up first?
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Faux Choices - Thumbnail
Shattered • 02/03/2019 • 4.6

Flash teaseTOTM - Winner!Faux Choices

A chance encounter with Yue sees you sign up to have your orgasms controlled by her. Yet moments afterwards, your crush finally asks if you'll be her boyfriend. What choices could you possibly make?
Viewed 59965 times • Report
Bokki Tease Club Ω - Thumbnail
Shattered • 10/18/2018 • 4.6

Flash teaseTOTM - Winner!Bokki Tease Club Ω

Hi, Fran here! Welcome to the Bokki Tease Club! I've always wanted to tease someone like you, and this is just the perfect opportunity! Won't you join? Don't keep us all waiting - all we need is you!
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Chastity 6: Parallel;Lives - Thumbnail
Shattered • 07/11/2018 • 4.1

Flash teaseChastity 6: Parallel;Lives

You start with Xia or Hailey as you continue life as their slave. Before long, an odd set of circumstances means you find yourself in the last places you would expect...
Viewed 83684 times • Report
Deity Denial - Thumbnail
Shattered • 04/15/2018 • 4.1

Flash teaseTOTM - Nominee!Deity Denial

I challenged myself to write a short tease in an hour and this is the result. The Deity forces you to stroke, edge, hurt your nipples and your balls in an effort to please her. 100% Denial.
Viewed 26743 times • Report
Conversion Therapy - Thumbnail
Shattered • 03/25/2018 • 3.8

Flash teaseTOTM - Winner!Conversion Therapy

You awake with no memory of yourself and facing down a beautiful woman. She tells you your past self signed you up for therapy to be the slut you always wished you could be.
Viewed 125327 times • Report
Teased by Sin - Thumbnail
Shattered • 10/23/2017 • 4.5

Flash teaseTOTM - Nominee!Teased by Sin

You hear rumours of a mansion that can give you the best orgasms possible. You follow the trail but find the cost is much higher than expected! Face your sins or perish!
Chastity 5: A webtease for Hailey - Thumbnail
Shattered • 10/23/2017 • 4.4

Flash teaseChastity 5: A webtease for Hailey

Tease works in tandom with 'Teased by Sin'. Hailey has made a webstease for you to try! Things don't go according to plan and you are soon left with an important choice. Multiple playthroughs encouraged.
A tease through dimensions - Thumbnail
Shattered • 06/10/2017 • 3.7

Flash teaseTOTM - Nominee!A tease through dimensions

You there. Quick, I need your help. Click above and save me. I'll tease you and let you cum if you just do as I say! It's the best for both of us.
Viewed 53560 times • Report
Chastity 4: Rebellion against the Goddess - Thumbnail
Shattered • 04/14/2017 • 3.8

Flash teaseTOTM - Nominee!Chastity 4: Rebellion against the Goddess

Multiple paths and decisions matter. The Goddess has a new devious plan in store for you, but discontent is spreading among the ranks. Will the rebellion be a success? You choose. Works as standalone or a series.
Viewed 158168 times • Report

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