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You want to be my Good Boy? - Thumbnail

TOTM - Winner!You want to be my Good Boy?

Let's find out, if you are capable of being a good boy for me. Prepare yourself to edge. Consider using a dildo and prepare for some CBT.
10/29/2023 • 44894 views • Report
Be a Bimbo - Thumbnail

Be a Bimbo

Let's make a bimbo out of you, shall we?
10/28/2023 • 23167 views • Report
Do as she says - Thumbnail

Do as she says

You were curious about female domination, which led you to play with Anna De Ville. But sooner than later you have to experience, that it is not about your pleasure, it is about hers. (dildo, heels)
11/09/2022 • 32514 views • Report
A Female World - Thumbnail

A Female World

Do you know your place in this female led world? Soon females will demand for their righteous power, so be prepared.
11/08/2022 • 15693 views • Report
A little help from my sister - Thumbnail

A little help from my sister

You made a big mistake, the only one capable of helping you is your stepsister. This might not be the help you expected. Dildo is optional.
04/07/2022 • 22412 views • Report
Destiny - Thumbnail

Eos teaseDestiny

You want to surprise your girlfriend at her birthday. How you choose will change your destiny in this relationship. Dildo is optional
12/31/2021 • 44849 views • Report
Your new life - Thumbnail

TOTM - Nominee!Your new life

You are moving to another city, desperate of looking for an apartment. You play as a quite feminine boy arriving at a potential new shared apartment. (Dildo, Clothes, Camera , Cucumber optional)
12/01/2021 • 28976 views • Report
Explore your Innerself - Sissy Side - Thumbnail

Explore your Innerself - Sissy Side

This is not a tease, this is more an exploration. An exploration of your sissy side. Come and join for a little self-reflection. What are your thoughts, your desires.
11/24/2021 • 32967 views • Report
Home Invasion - Thumbnail

TOTM - Winner!Home Invasion

An online date with fatal consequences. With Lolita Saphira . Dildo is optional. Inspired by Russian Invasion.
11/16/2021 • 29377 views • Report
The Dream Girl - Thumbnail

The Dream Girl

You are a handyman and you work for the best company in town. Suddenly you have strange dreams about a mysterious girl, who is she? Dildo is optional.
11/09/2021 • 29061 views • Report

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