Becoming a Cocksucker part 1

Becoming a Cocksucker part 1 by cockgod

Welcome SLUT.
Your here because deep down you know that you were born to pleasure cock. If you get pleasure in return, it is only coincidental and unimportant. Your job is to please the cock the best you possibly can. I don't care if your male/female, straight/gay, masculine/feminine, or anything else. None of that matters, only the cock matters.

This is the first in hopefully a long line of cock worship training sessions for you sluts. In this group of sessions we will focus on the primary act of cock worship, the blowjob. If you follow your training well you will be able to please a cock beyond your wildest dreams. Are you ready slut?

The sessions will increase in difficulty as we go along, and it will become that much more difficult to receive an orgasm, if you get one at all.

The only thing *required* for these sessions is a big, realistic dildo. The more lifelike the better. It should have no unrealistic features, and if it squirts that is a HUGE plus. You will need to make your dildo cum in these sessions, so either save your cum in advance or be prepared to surrender your cum during the tease. If you are female there are plenty of recepies for fake semen on the internet, and you can also use saliva in a pinch (if your really slutty you'll collect your juices throughout the tease).

Well slut if you think your ready to become what you are, to learn to worship cock, lets begin. Strip naked, get on your knees, get that dildo out in front of you and get ready.

WARNING: These sessions occasionally use hypnosis techniques and hardcore instructions. Know your limits.