So Sassy, So Sissy, stripped of all masculinity

So Sassy, So Sissy, stripped of all masculinity by sissysassylauren

Hello little Sassy, Sissy, Slutty, girly girl wannabes,


This tease/transformation program is designed to transform you forever. Do not try and deny that you do not want this. The very fact that you have opened this tease has confirmed that being a very girly sissy is something that you desire.

We will transform you into a very sassy, slutty girly girl. The emphasis is on the transformation of your male parts into very cute girly parts. your (soon to be ex) penis will become a clitoris, your testicles become labia, and your anus will become a beautiful velvety pink vagina. I will teach you how you are to play with your newly-developed girl parts in a very girly way in order to achieve the most satisfaction.

Of course, you will also take on more feminine mannerisms, such as swaying your hips as you walk and making delicate gestures with your hands. When flirting, you will lick and purse your lips and bat your eyelashes, occasionally flinging your head back as if to remove hair from your face. you will wear women's panties as often as possible, and dress up just like a pink obsessed girly girl with the intention of attracting cock as often as you can. the pitch of your voice will raise dramatically, and others will notice.

Again, the emphasis is on complete transformation of male parts to very girly parts. you will firmly believe that your parts have changed, and over time they will certainly take on characteristics you never dreamed possible. you will find pleasure in both vaginal and clitoral stimulation, and will need to have sex as a girl often and only!

This is a very demanding, kinky and long transormation programme. Your sexual preference and emotions will be changed, if you are sure this is what you want then please continue......