Sissy Sassy Girly Girl, your new sexual role

Sissy Sassy Girly Girl, your new sexual role by sissysassylauren

Hello Sissy Girls,

Do you crave to become a Sissy Sassy Girly Girl? Do you want to become just like the girl shown here. Cute and sexy just waiting for her man. Do you want to wear the cutest panties and lingerie. Paint your nails a girly pink, wear some very pretty sparkly pink lip gloss? Do you want to smell deliciously girly as you rub your hands over your perfectly smooth thighs, tracing the outside of your delicate sexy, lacey panties.

Be careful what you wish for, you want to be a girl? What do girls not have? Thats right - A cock. To be a perfect Sissy Girly Girl you must give up your cock forever. You no longer have one. It is now a little girly pink clitty. Your whole sexual orientation must change,, you must never have sexual contact with women in a conventional way ever again. All your pleasure will come from penetration and girly masturbation techniques from this day forward.

Is this what you really want?? Do you have what it takes to be a very Sissy and Sassy Girly Girl?? If so read on!