Masturbate like a girl

Masturbate like a girl by StrictSissyTrainer

So, put your panties on. Pull your panties up over your girlish legs and let's get started.

So what's the best way to get as close as possible to the female masturbation experience? Firstly, it's important to ensure a feminine appearance down below by preventing any visible bulge: By placing the penis backwards between the legs and holding it in place.

It is important to wear panties that fit tightly and keep everything in place. It is best to start without a full erection, push the testicles into the groin canal and then bend the penis, ...sorry: the clitoris, backwards between the legs so that a smooth front pubic area is created. The base, i.e. the base of the clitoris, essentially forms the upper part of the vulva. The sissy clitoris is only half hard between the legs and is held in place by the panties. By rubbing the clitoris in a circle (with your ring and index finger), you can now masturbate like a girl.

Your little half-hard clitoris is quickly tucked away, bent backwards and it feels indescribable how your clit is held in place and caressed by the panties.