Masturbate like a girl

Masturbate like a girl by StrictSissyTrainer

To start your transformation, we're going to have to change something fundamental: Be honest: up until now, you've been masturbating really frequently. Several times a day? Just your cock in your fist and then to some porn on the internet: Up, down and already squirted, since you're definitely a quick cummer, it didn't take long for the slimy result of your wanking to run into the pocket tissue.

But from today onwards, you're going to stop with the pointless quick jerking off. As a sissy girl who was born with a little "accident" down there, you have to give up the idea of having a penis. Your (ex) penis becomes a clitoris and you have to learn how to play with it like a real girl does.

And believe me, coming as a girl is hard. It takes time. Girls play with their breasts, they fantasise, for example about the well-built mechanic they saw on the way home. A real girl climaxes because she has slowly built up to and earned an intense, physically quivering orgasm by rubbing her clitoris. That's why you'll abandon any thought of a quick wank session to relieve the pressure if you don't have at least 30 minutes to spend.