Masturbate like a girl

Masturbate like a girl by StrictSissyTrainer

Hi my little one,

It's time to push ahead with your feminisation! No more playing with your little dick! You're going to learn to come like a girl! This will be a very challenging transformation programme that will change your sexual preferences and feelings. So let's start slowly...

From now on, your normal male underwear is taboo for you. Instead, from now on you will wear women's panties 24 hours a day. And by that I really mean permanently and always. At home, when you're out with friends, at night when you go to sleep...

If you don't have any yet, your first task will be to buy your own cute panties. In the future you will only feel silky, beautiful girl's underwear between your legs, reminding you of your femininity and role as a sissy every day.

When you have your panties, click on "Continue".