Edging Hentai Lottery

Edging Hentai Lottery by Shrouded

This was mostly created for my own enjoyment but hopefully you will enjoy it too.

Unless told otherwise at the end of a page you will need to generate a random number between 2 and 50 and then visit that page.

You can collect modifiers. If you get unlucky and end up on a page multiple times the modifiers can stack. If a modifer has a fixed duration (eg 6 page) keep track of each duration seperately. If a modifier has a variable duration (eg until you land on a page without x) all stacks remain until you meet that condition a number of times equal to you stacks. If you have trouble keeping track of your modifiers or the modifiers increase the level of difficulty you can beg for mercy and go to page 51 instead of rolling. This page is special, read the text before completing any "before you read the page" modifiers.

The "winning" page will need you to have enough keys to proceed. There are 6 keys available. Choose your difficulty by selecting how many keys are "enough" 0 for very easy or 6 of very hard.

You don't need to keep track of anything else.

Other pages may also end the tease.

Roll your first page and have fun

None of the art is mine, if it is yours and you'd like it removed let me know