Chastity and debts. Psico.

Chastity and debts. Psico. by admin01

For domineering and powerful women, a good method of removing all esteem from a man, all his diguinity and masculinity, having power over two things that a man preys most on, money and virility, watch until the end and you will see that for a pig not to ask for your Money will agree to be in psychological chastity, and in order not to be chaste, it will agree to go into debt with you. but at last he will be in debt and he will be in chastity.

And for you, man, go to the end and you will understand that you will have a purpose in your life if you are in psychological chastity with a Goddess, you will understand that her desire always comes first, and you will fight not to be chaste at first and you will not want to spend your hard-earned money, but he will realize that he is addicted and not bossing his little dick or his money will be what will give him the most pleasure.