Feminization Training Month 1

Feminization Training Month 1 by selenebluebell

Hello sweetheart!

Are you a lovely boy longing to be more feminine? Do you wish to become softer, girlier and prettier? Well, it looks like you found the right tease!

With my help you'll be able to reach the perfect level of femininity you need to feel happy and cozy. But don't worry, nobody will ruin your life here. It will be a sweet progression of small changes that won't interfere with your work and family, but that will make you feel so much better with yourself! The world needs more girly boys!

This tease consists of a series of weekly tasks. Some of them will be easy, some of them more demanding. Of course, you'll also need to buy clothes, accessories and other stuff, but that can be easily done online. At the end of every page you'll get your shopping list for the following week, so that you'll have time to buy or order them.

It goes without saying that the only person responsible for what you'll do is yourself. Follow these tasks only if you enjoy it and you can do them safely.

All right, that's all for now! If you want to start this training procede to the next page!