TJC's Pee holding Challenge

TJC's Pee holding Challenge by TJComorashi

Welcome to my omorashi tease! I am TJC. I have been a longtime fan of Milovana Omorashi teases and this is my first time making one. If you are new to pee holding you can start this tease with an empty bladder. If you are more experienced or want a real challenge you may start it already needing to pee. It is a fairly straightforward challenge with no real story line to it. All the artworks are drawn be me. I hope guys enjoy my tease!

What you will Need:

-A 250ml cup
-A steady supply of a liquid(s) of your choice
-Access to a timer or stopwatch (online timers will do well)
-Rain sounds (Youtube has lot's of options)
-A 6 sided dice (you can google an online version if you don't have one)


If you feel unwell at any point, STOP THE TEASE!