EroFights by lllusion

Hi everyone! I'm here to present you a new special kind of webtease! An online one where you can be teased in real-time by a real person ;) (or by a bot if you don't like that/can't find a partner at the moment)

All you have to do is connect to:

Create a character, hit the arrow and play "Femdom with Caprice", enjoy! No registration needed ;)

There is also a "Classic" game style about easing each other by "attacking" in the form of lewd acts, until you make the other cum to death ;)

You can follow the development of the game by going to this thread on the forum:

Please be understanding if the website crashes in the next few hours... It's the first time I advertise it so I don't really know how well the server will handle the load. Also, please understand that the tease is for the moment more of a showcase of what I can do with it, as the game is currently under development and I need to write much more content before it's actually good! Thanks!

/! If your game is stuck and yo can't do a action anymore, it may be because you're game has been corrupted. You can try the "Unlock the game" button

Also, chatting with the bots is next to pointless for now, they are stupid as shit, sorry ^^' And if you want your games with them to be faster, just go click the "quick read" option in your settings.

You may also enjoy a special code which will give you 50 game credits (which really won't do much for the moment) but you will be able to display a nice shiny badge with the colors of Milovana, that should be enough, right? :D

Just register, go in the "Enter code" menu, and type in: M1L0V4N14N

And don't forget to rate the tease! Thanks!


The End

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