Garage Pet 2 - Nikki's Bedroom

Garage Pet 2 - Nikki's Bedroom by ace

See that lube on my dresser? Take it and slather yourself up with it. I think you'll need it this time.

Good boy. Now I want you to give me 25 twists on the head of your dick. Just to warm you up. I know it's a little sensetive, but you'll be okay.

Grab your cock with your fist and give me 50 slow strokes. Nice and slow, that's right.

The second reason I wanted you here is so I could get your advice. You see, my boyfriend's coming over again tonight, and I want to be waiting here for him, ready for some action, when he walks through the door. I thought, since you obviously get turned on by my sexy poses, you could tell me which position I should be in when he gets here.

What do you think of this one? You like it? Oh, thank you.

50 fast strokes, cutie.

Now 50 slow strokes.

Now 25 fast ones again.

Hands off, now!