Garage Pet

Garage Pet by ace

Hello there, neighbor. Thank you for coming over so quickly. I knew when I called you and told you how much I needed a big strong man to help me take care of something you'd be over as soon as possible.


I don't think I'd even turned the phone off before you knocked on the door. You're so helpful.

Well, now that we're out here in the garage, and the door's closed and we're all alone, I can tell you what it is I needed help with...

You see, ever since my boyfriend moved to another state, I have been so horny and frustrated I cannot even stand it! I haven't had a nice, hard cock in front of me in nearly three months! It's been so bad lately that all I can think about is some rock hard stud pounding in to me, over and over and over until I explode in an orgasm.

But I haven't had time to go out and find someone... Work's been crazy! Then, yesterday, I saw you steal a glance at me when I was mowing the lawn, and I got a great idea!

Judging by that bulge in your pants, you're having some ideas, too. *giggle*

Do you know what would really turn me on right now? Rub your dick through your pants for me. Do it for a minute or so, let me see how hard and throbby you can make it.