Wife’s Surprise Part #8

Wife’s Surprise Part #8 by Vill89

This is a continuation of the Wife’s surprise tease. It could be a very long tease depending on how you follow along, you will be edging over and over again then going flaccid between some edges.

For this tease you will need the following items-
2- Condom’s
3- rubber bands
1- Hard item such as a spoon
1- Shoe lace
1- Tube of icyhot
1- Tens unit if available if not there will be other options, but it’s recommended.
1 large sock and have a bunch of heavy items to fill it up with.

The first few pages of this tease will give you a recap of your adventures, so keep your pants on and don’t stroke until told to do so. Also, for this tease don’t do anything your not comfortable with and don’t do anything you do not deem safe. Have fun.