Legend of Zelda Tarot Card Game

Legend of Zelda Tarot Card Game by Chesssex

//NOTE: This tease has been adapted quite nicely into the EOS software by StrokerBoy84159. If you prefer to trust the Goddesses and surrender some control over your deck, I highly suggest you try it out! https://milovana.com/webteases/showtease.php?id=39936//

[Author's note:
This tease is inspired by "Hunt the Aces" by FauxPas (link on page 61)

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DISCLAIMER: Your safety comes first. This tease has a few options for certain kinks (ice play, breath-holding, etc.) but anything extreme in this tease is 100% avoidable, so know your own limits and take a break if necessary.
The characters in this tease belong to Nintendo, and the artists can be found using Google search by image. If you think a photo shouldn't be used here, please read page 61!

With all the cards and lube, this tease could get a little messy. It's nice to have a towel on hand to prevent the cards from getting damaged. With that said, enjoy the game!]


The ageless Golden Goddesses are here to play a game with you. Go ahead and start getting hard for them. They give you a magic deck of Tarot cards, which will allow you to take the place of their chosen hero. As you touch it, your cock is wrapped in glowing energy. If you cum before the cards allow it, you will be forced to quit stroking and have a nice, ruined orgasm! Good luck!

This card game works like a lottery, but with a twist: You draw cards and discard them, so you usually won't get the same card twice.


Split the cards into two shuffled, face-down decks: The Hearts deck containing all the hearts cards, and your own deck containing all the other cards. During the game you will also form a face-up discard pile (don't change the order unless told). Some cards will specify that you should add them to your inventory, so set them aside in a group, face-up.

Each turn, you will draw the top card from your deck and go to its page (see the card-to-page key on page 60). Follow the instructions on its page and discard the card (unless it specifies otherwise). Some cards will ask you to move certain cards from one place to another. If you change your deck or the Hearts deck, always RESHUFFLE before you draw again! Unless you are told to search through a deck, DON'T PEEK at the cards you move.

Helpful hints:
-Hearts represent love. They are your only chance (CHANCE; not guarantee) to cum - Collect as many as possible!
-Diamonds represent courage. They often lead to you collecting Hearts cards.
-Spades represent wisdom. They can involve stroking, options and chances for Hearts cards.
-Clubs represent power. They involve CBT and a chance of ruin or denial.
-Cards with higher ranks have bigger effects. Aces are the highest of all.
-Queen cards never do exactly what you expect them too.

That's all! Once you're hard, draw your first card and discover your fate!