D&D-Hentai Snakes and Ladders

D&D-Hentai Snakes and Ladders by Chesssex

(This tease is inspired by "Rule 34 Snakes and Ladders" by SourSalad [link: https://milovana.com/webteases/showtease.php?id=36502], as well as the other great S&L/Lottery teases here!

If you want, you can play this tease without reading the story elements - just read the parentheses for instructions. Have fun~~~)

"Welcome, Adventurer, to my lair of fantasy!

I am Milovana, surreptitious Goddess of sexual magic. My fairies have chosen you as our vessel for a ritual and warped you to my temple. We need someone to collect magical essence for us - in the form of sexual frustration! I have just placed a curse on you that will forbid you from climaxing while you wander this world: if you accidentally cum during this curse, you (and anyone stroking you) will be paralyzed during your orgasm, rendering it totally ruined! Fear not, however, for there is a way to reverse this curse. I will send you out into the world to face the challenges it has to offer, and if you can find your way back here, I will remove the curse, reward you with a most magical orgasm, and set you on your merry way. My fairies will now see to your departure. I do hope you succeed, for your sake as well as mine."

Will your adventure result in satisfaction, ruin, or flat-out denial? Only time will tell...

(If you already know how to use a dice set you can skip to page 2)

For those of you who have never used RPG dice before, it's easy! The dice sizes are, in increasing order: d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20, and d100 (the d100 is just two d10s, for example 8 and then 4 means 84. Also, if you get 00 you count it as 100). If you are told to increase/decrease your die size, move it along this list (Maximum size d20, minimum d4)

If you don't own a dice set you can still use a random number generator, for example a d8 would be a random number between 1 and 8. This can get tedious changing the bounds, so here's a link to an official D&D dice generator: https://www.wizards.com/dnd/dice/dice.htm

Sometimes you will be told to roll more than one at a time, for example 2d8 means to roll a d8 twice and add the results together.

Alright, that's all you need to know about dice - please go read the rules on page 2!

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