Simple Agony

Simple Agony by Helequin

(Welcome! Just a couple points to get out of the way before we start.

This tease can be done standalone, but is also designed to be part of Noah’s Four Floors, Four Doors forum game. If you are playing that game and don’t want this spoiled, best not continue and wait until you walk in the right door to see this tease. If you aren’t playing that game, just know getting to this point on the roof is a very good thing while going down floors is bad and the basement is very bad.

The text of the tease will assume you have a vibrator with an easy on/off switch you can use, but this is not required. Stroking with lube or even using other toys you like will work out just as well. The only important thing is that you have a way of always stimulating with the same speed and pressure and a quick way to start and stop. If stroking or using a something like a fleshlight, use a metronome: to stay on a steady speed at all times.

An easy to see timer or clock will also be helpful for this tease, as there are some timed tasks.

I will use brackets () during the tease to give instructions where the text might not be clear, especially for those of you not using a vibrator and in first part of the tease so you can get used to the way she gives orders. In general though, follow what she says as closely as you can.

Lastly, always be smart when tying anything to yourself, be safe and stop if you need to.)