Cuckold slavery & humiliation

Cuckold slavery & humiliation by maciekm00

*Contains fetishes like verbal and physical humiliation, cuckolding, body worship (also this dirty), piss and scat.
For this tease you will need:
*a lube (lot of course!)
*plenty of time - since this tease contains over 200 pages - you can play it with parts if you want (just change the number of page on the adress bar like "p=2", "p=3" etc.).
Additional equipment:
*simple glass cup,
*dirty panties and socks - you can take it from your wife, gf, friend or buy on internet or just take yours,
*a prefilled bladder would be nice,
*headphones - some of the pages contains audio porn links,
*just do what the tease says,
*sometimes additional tasks are written in square brackets [like this],
*enjoy and have fun
You cheated on your wife and she discovered it. During her business trip when she wasn't at home you had sex with another woman. But she still loves you and gives you another chance...