Hentai Snakes and Ladders (Including Fetishes)

Hentai Snakes and Ladders (Including Fetishes) by hidunadu

Hello little fellow, welcome to my first Hentai Snakes and Ladders Webtease.
Since the other one got deleted, I consider this as my first one, so I hope you enjoy though.

You'll need a dice, or go to https://www.random.org/dice/?num=1 .
You can move by clicking as many times as told, or you change the numbers of the link (useful for snakes and ladders!)

Some information about the tease:
Pages 1-2: Information you need to know
Pages 3-35: Pictures of gorgeous girls covering their genitals/breasts
Pages 36-55: Pictures of beautiful half-nude/nude girls
Pages 56-65: Pictures of girls showing their delightful feet
Pages 66-80: Pictures of girls being fucked/any other kind of sex
Pages 81-99: Pictures of girls with cum
Page 100: Chance to cum!
There you will have the chance to cum.
But ATTENTION, don't forget to write down how many times you edged.
It will be rewarded.

The pages get progressively lewder!