Hentai Edging Lottery

Hentai Edging Lottery by Xyanaris

Welcome to my game!

This lottery game is obviously inspired by SpiritualMigrant And some small parts of many others but with a unique feature: a point system (and way more edges and without foot fetish)

To get a chance to cum you need to earn points and of course no cumming until you are allowed to!

Each edge gives 10 Points if not stated overwise.

If you are patient you have a high chance to orgasm if you survive all the edges

Now I will also give weak stokers the chance to play my game in easy mode
In easy mode you may choose to do 50 stokes instead of an edge and 100 strokes instead of and edgeholding. It is very likely to do more than 30 edges before cumming in this game so even easy mode won't be a cakewalk.
You have to choose now and I will be disappointed if you choose easy mode

There is also the option of CBT mode if you not choose to take some pain you will probably lose out on some points and therefore take longer to reach the end.

You may not change you modes while playing!

You MAY rest after each edge for up to 30 seconds

Well then get hard get ready to edge using any method you like and generate a number between 2 and 34 (random.org) and go to that page - you'll do that after every page unless told otherwise.

You navigate to another page by editing the number at the end of the link that looks like this &p=2#t
You will only see it once you pressed continue or just copypaste this at the end of the link with your roll as the number