A bit of edging and exposure.

A bit of edging and exposure. by shyexhibitionist

Hello dear. Today you will go out to catch some fun. Go to the club, a party or something like that. The more people the better.
I want to help you a bit with picking your outfit. I hope you're not afraid to show a bit of skin, because that's what I hope for.
Start this tease a few hours before going out. If you're not planning on going out tonight please come back tomorrow.
This tease is aimed for girls in here, sorry boys, not this time.

This tease is meant to help you a bit with pushing your limits if you're too shy to try exhibitionism on your own. That keep in mind that it might get a bit too much for you if you're new to this.
You'll need a dildo and a remotely controlled vibrator (bullet type will be best). You'll also need a die. Or just go here: https://www.random.org/dice/?num=1 to get your online dice.
You will probably edge a bit. Actually edge once right now. And now cumming till you come back from the party. I want you to edge once on every page unless I say otherwise. We wouldn't want you to get too bored.
If you're ready press continue.