Earn your reward

Earn your reward by ItalianSubm

In this tease you will have to complete a lot of tasks for earn points to get your orgasm. If you want you can skip any task but obliviusly you will not earn any points. Sometimes if you failed or disobey any orders you will have to subtract points.
Based on how many points you will earn you can get a full orgasm, ruined orgasm, punishment or you will be denied.

For this tease you need:
- dildo
- female clothes
- dirty laundry (almost two pairs of dirty socks and a dirty panties or pants)
- almost six pairs or shoes (better if female shoes)
- pen and paper
- timer (online one can be ok)
and some optional items.

For now get only the paper and the pen for tracking your score, for the other I will order to get later.