Femdom Instructions

Femdom Instructions by DevotSissySlut

Hello my little Cum eating Sissyboy!
Iam daphne 18 Years old and a sexy Mistress with nice Ideas!

This tease is a Cum eating Instruction (CEI)
I have some Rules for you:

1.You read the Instruction on each Side, then you must look on the Picture all the Time, when you do all, you can go to the next Page!
2. Do all Instructions or leave the tease!
3. Do the tease with open Door and free Windows!

You need some Things for this Tease!

1. A Shotglass or small Glass filled with 2 loads of your cum
2. Two Girlythongs, better worn ones
3. Some Cock and Ballrings, or some Shoelacee or similar
4. Many lube or your Spit
5. A second window open with a metronome, http://www.metronomeonline.com/
6. A Buttplug

I love to see you tiny Cock Girl wank to Girls I show you, and let you do all other Things I instruct you, that turns me on and make me touch myself, when you ready for that click to continue