Cum Dumb Cum Drunk Competition

Cum Dumb Cum Drunk Competition by BEAGOODBOY!

Hi sluts! Fucking cum addicts! Can never get enough can you?

To enter the competition simply submit a photo of yourself to my kik sophiaspanties as compromising as you like (be warned) and begin collecting every one of your creamy loads to save for later in the freezer.

After a week, two, three, a month even... each participant must message me on kik at sophiaspanties to join. Once accepted your goal is to excrete as much seminal fluid as possible into your frozen container.
At the end a picture of the collection will be needed so hopefully it has measurement lines.

After the deadline is up I need a picture of the collections you all have managed to save.

The size of your collection will determine your ranking amongst other contestants amd will
punishment and possible exposure in a future tease, so don't slack off. Jack off! And fill those mason jars.boys!

Kik sophiaspanties and like always vote five star rating because good boys do as they are demanded to without second thought.

Now get to it! Start collecting that cum you sissy freaks and pervert cum eaters!


The End

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