Ladies of 23 test your endurance.

Ladies of 23 test your endurance. by cizeta

Welcome to this tease.

This will be a test of endurance, or maybe it will be easy for you. It's meant to be enjoyable, and to make you earn the right to enjoy cumming.

Some of the ladies will give you an "easy out" but be forewarned, if you cum for them, there will be punishment. It's their choice what you do.

You will stroke the amount you are given on each page. If no amount given, you will perform 50 strokes.

You may be asked to roll dice. You can get it at , or if you have a smartphone you can download the randomizer app from the website, which makes life much easier.

Please, enjoy this strokefest and be safe.

Oh, and since this is the first page, each girl wants 23 strokes from you. Take your time and get that cock hard if it isn't already.