All Day Pee Play & Despair

All Day Pee Play & Despair by LovesPeeDespair

Welcome to a full day of fun with pee. This tease contains hourly instructions for several fun activities, all about pee. For full enjoyment and surprise, only read the first 3 pages in advance. This tease is ideally done in nice weather, although there is an alternate option if you want to stay inside for some reason ;)

You'll need a few things, which shouldn't be too hard to come by:
- Continuous access to water, even if you are in a 'private' state. If you want to stock up, get at least 5 liters.
- A glass or mug to drink out of.
- An additional glass or mug to drink out of.
- A fluid container of at least 2 liters you will be drinking out of.

- A room where you won't be disturbed and that you don't mind cleaning the next day.
- A towel that might be getting a little wet.
- Breakfast, lunch and dinner or the ingredients.
- A set of jeans or trousers, a shirt and underwear that will be getting wet.
- A shower you can use in the morning.

Optional, but highly recommended:
- Private access to a bathroom, preferably containing a bath.
- A set of outside clothes that might get wet while you're outside.
- A bag that can contain 2 bottles.
- A book you can read in for at least another 3 hours.
- An activity to do while you're between pees.

Finally, if the shops aren't open by 10 am or not within 15 minutes of where you'll be doing this tease, you'll need the following as well:
- 2 times a 500 ml/16.9 oz bottle of sports drinks containing electrolytes.
- At least 500 ml of juice.

That might seem like quite a list, but it's a whole day after all. You should have all of that.

PS. If you're worried/excited about poo play, there's none of that in here. Just pee. Lots of it.