Chastity Challenge - Week 2

Chastity Challenge - Week 2 by MIstress_R

Welcome back, everyone!

Feeling excited about the following session/ tease?

You may ask: Against how many people do I compete?
As for that, in the beginning of every next tease I'll publish the actual number of competitors and the names (not usernames) of those, who are out. I reserve the right to publish pictures if you behave bad, so don't mess up with me by whining about loosing, thank me for being part of the challenge!

Male Category: Total participants at the Beginning: 42
Actual participants: 35
People who are out: Cuckie & Gabor (session ended), Neo, Ulrich, Joern, John Marcel (no video link sent)

Sissy Category: Total participants at the Beginning: 12
Actual participants: 9
People who are out: Sandra, Liv (session ended), Chastefunn

TS: Total participants at the beginning: 5
Actual participants: 3
People who are out: Alexandria & Dess

Female: Total participants at the beginning: 2
Actual participants: 2

If you are actual not participating but wish to, I think about letting additional TS and females participate, although there will be a bonus for those who are participating since the beginning.

There will follow some general informations on the next page