Agony and Anticipation

Agony and Anticipation by Kafel

Hey Stroker.

Some of my friends asked me to create a tease they could assign to stroker boys like you when they decided you needed some extended punishment. *winks at you*

Since you’re here I can only assume you’ve been a bad slave and need a good long teasing. Unfortunately for you I have just the punishment your mistress needs to get you begging for orgasm again. *mischievous grin*

The rules? Oh, honey you’re not going to need rules. At least not for a few days. *smiles Innocently*

That’s right. Put that cock back in your pants. You’re not going to be touching it today. Before you can start your punishment I need you squirming with desire. I want you to close this page and come back to me in 7 days. No masturbating, no edging, and especially no orgasms before you see me again. If you have a chastity cage, put it on and don’t take it off for the next week except to shower and sleep.