Save up for Xmas, Days 22 -24

Save up for Xmas, Days 22 -24 by der_Schwede1990

Hi there,

come in and join us. Don't be shy and put your Hands aside.
What the ... ?
Sorry, my mistake. I've totally forget about you beeing here today. But that's not problem, better yet I think this will be awesome - for me *giggle*

How are you doing, I bet you are counting the hours to the finale, don't you? As I think you will pop your load in the second I open up your cage, I won't do that. Instead, I'll cuckold you with this beautiful guy!
You know the meaning of cuckolding, I can see it in your fearful eyes *evil laugh*

NOTICE: You should begin Day 23 early in the morning, right when you got out of bed.

For the next days, move on to
Day 23: #13
Day 24: #29