Challenge of the Mind's 2

Challenge of the Mind's 2 by KreativMind

Well hello there pet! I see you have wondered back here for more. I hope you started thinking about how you wanted to please Miss Anna Belle because today you will be proving just that, you will serve the ultimate Goddess.

Alright pets I am glad you made it back here to endure pain and pleasure from me. This tease you will be put through your paces because let's face it, I don't have time for your pathetic nonsense.

On your knees now slut. Are you still dressed? What a disobedient little toy, strip off your clothes, NOW!

Did you follow my last instructions of locking that pathetic cock in Chastity or at least deny yourself from cumming? If so, then I want you to say "Yes Goddess, your property is properly secured and denied!"

If you did not follow instructions, I suggest you start over from the first tease and wait at least 5 days before coming back because you do not deserve the luxury of serving me today!

Before we continue I want to hear you say, "Goddess Anna Belle I am here to please your every need and will be the best slut I can be."