Anal trial

Anal trial by razzored

Hey there, my name is stacy.
i suppose you are here because of the ad?
*you nod, as you think back on the ad, "3 girls looking for local boy toy"*

alright :) i just need you to sign this form and we can get right to it.

*stacy hands you the contract, and eager to get laid you fill it without reading it*

*she looks you straight in the eyes, smiling*
"did you even read it? do you honestly think we are going to have sex? with you?"
*she giggles*
"no, we are going to make you fuck your self so hard you won't be able to walk home :)"

This is my first tease :) i would appreciate opinions and rate :)

Needed items:
- small dildo
- medium dildo
- large dildo

Optional items:
- Lube
- lingeri *recommended*
- chasity belt *recommended*