Sissy Throat Instruction

Sissy Throat Instruction by sissykim

Hello Sissy. I know you dream of sucking a cock, but lets face it; you are so pathetic you probably could not handle a real man's dick.

Well Today we are going to change that. You will be stretching that throat and practicing your deep throat techniques. You will feel so degraded and horny by the end of this you may finally get the courage to suck off a real man.

You will need: Dildo (the biggest and longest one you can get down your throat), bowl, sissy attire (the more the better), and some dice to roll which you can find online.

If you have a chastity cage please get that on now. This tease is not about your tiny little dick so keep it in the cage. If you do not have a cage, do not touch your cock until you finish this tease!

Picture credit to Pandora Sissy on the /r/sissyhypno subreddit

Main task content credit to small_bunny on the getdare forums