The University of Tease and Denial - Lessons 0 to 6

The University of Tease and Denial - Lessons 0 to 6 by itslate

In this tease, you won't have an orgasm for at least a month.

There is no anal play, leaving no marks, no sissyfication, not much humiliation, no cum-eating. The focus is on edging and denial. There's also stroking, CBT, PC-muscle exercise, cock head palming and prolonged denial.

The tease is written with a chastity device in mind but it can be played without. Just don't touch at all when "in chastity".

If you can't hold the edge by tapping, try your best and rub with one finger instead.
If you can't hold the edge by ballooning, you will either learn or fail this tease.
If you are stuck on a lesson that you can't complete, you can halve the parameter in question (time, BPM, number of edges, whatever) after three failed attempts and only once per lesson. But be aware: The tease tends to get harder, not easier.

Needed items: Pen, paper, ruler, clothes pins, silk cloth, teaspoon.

Disclaimer: Be safe. Don't do anything that seems hurtful to you.

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Lesson 6: Page 111