Piper - You are in Trouble!

Piper - You are in Trouble! by Marcos1956


In this tease, Piper has had you under control for the last few years and has grown in her power and control. She is working on using this power for financial gain with one of her lovely partners. It just so happens that she catches you being naughty and wants to teach you a lesson, using this opportunity to help prepare for launching her new business.

This is a very long tease. The tease describes what Piper and her partner are doing to you so you will have follow along and try to create the same sensations that they are doing to you. You can enjoy the tease as you wish but to fully experience everything happening, you will need the following items:

- A razor and shaving cream
- Hair removal hot wax with removal strips
- A satin glove, cloth, or satin item of clothing
- A large feather
- A soft cosmetic brush
- A bowl of ice water with a washcloth soaking in it
- Nipple clamps or clothespins
- Oil or lotion
- Tissue

Gather the items if you desire to, then proceed if you dare.

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