Spooning, Desire, and Denial, Part 4

Spooning, Desire, and Denial, Part 4 by cactusman

When you get in to work, Sylvie gets up excitedly and greets you salaciously, saying:

"I'm really looking forward to the party tonight!"

"Great!" you say trying to back away from her. Your cock tries to erect in its cage as you look at her: ouch!

[As you read this, play along by thinking and doing what the hero ("you" in the story) is thinking, doing, and experiencing. You will need lube. It's best if you have a fleshlight, so you can use it when "you" get "your" cock into a pussy; so if you have one, get that ready. If you have a chastity device, you can also use that.]

[This story is my original, however it is a sequel to the wonderful story "Spooning, Desire, and Denial" by Gestaltt. You can read my adaptation of that and parts 2 and 3 at:
http://www.milovana.com/webteases/showtag.php?tag=spooning-desire-denial-series .]