A New Career: Brothel Whore

A New Career: Brothel Whore by AnalAddict

This tease is the third in a series, a new career for you. The more teases there are, the further you will get into your career in the sex game ;) in the beginning.. just like a whore, you will earn money for performing sexual acts, the more you earn, the further you will progress through your career.

In the previous teases, you passed your interview to become a whore at a local whore house in Leicester Square, London and have serviced 17 clients raising £1240 so far. If you haven't raised this much money so far, go back and try out the first two teases again, these teases work in chronology... i.e. you shouldn't do this tease without completing the previous two first.

You are now an low level whore in a brothel in Leicester Square, London.

You are expected to raise £2500. Your charge out rate is as follows:

Blowjob - £30 (facial + £10)
Anal Fuck - £60

This tease is spread over three days. This tease will test your ass, so make sure your ass is warmed up before you start otherwise you may hurt yourself. Also you may wish considering giving yourself an enema so you are nice and clean.

You will need the following before getting started:

- As stated in the previous tease, you should have a bigger dildo - Your ass has been getting lots of practice on that small - medium sized dildo. Your new dildo should test you! 7 - 7.5 inches long, diameter 1.5 - 2 inches will be required
- Lube
- In the last tease you didn't have to wear lingerie, but now you are a brothel whore, not just a girl in the streets, you need to sell yourself to your clients. You will need a thong, stockings, high heels at the minimum.
- A butt plug
- As you are at the mercy of your clients, you will be expected to receive cum! If you want to do this tease all in one go then I would consider making some fake cum! Otherwise you will be expected to use the real thing ;) if you are a girl then make some fake cum… I can send you the recipe if you can’t find one online.

And that’s it! In the coming teases you will need bigger dildos as a challenge ;) but we'll come to that when we get there. I hope you enjoy it.

Also! As I have taken super long to upload this from the previous tease, you may wish to remind yourself of the previous two teases I wrote...

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