My little slut training

My little slut training by shadowbolt13

Hello there slut. I hope you look like the girl in the picture. If not right off the bat you receive 30 spanks to the pussy. If you are like that then good job and congrats for knowing how a slut should be dressed. You are here now to be used and trained. I am here to form you to how I want and how I need. Sluts do not have any of there own free will. They just simply listen and follow.

Now items you will need: rope, toothbrush, toothpaste, ice, vibrator, gag, clamps, food dishes, food, water, tape/cuffs, a sock/tail/pen, spanking utensil, and something to chew on.

Now go get the items and improvise whatever you don't have and lets get started.

*props to anyone that films themselves doing any of this or does pics of themselves for the humiliation*

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