Dog Training 3

Dog Training 3 by jausklaus

You've ended up as a stresstoy for a quite wealthy lady. And she's not in good mood today. Amuse her!

Things you need:
- Collar
- Shoe (preferably ladies shoe)
- Clothespins (30 should be enough. That's a lot.)
- 2 liter bowl (you know where this is heading)
- String (shoelace is enough)
- Uncooked rice
- A bit longer string (1m - 2m)
- Tape (duct tape might be a bit too extreme)
- Honey
- Dogfood (or just use canned meat meant for humans, to be on the safe side)
- Hose (diameter around 3cm, length about 70cm. These are not exact sizes, more like approximations. Piece of gardening hose is good.)
- Tootpaste
- Paddle
- Good pain tolerance

This is an independent sequel to the previous dog training teases. Although not necessary, they can be fun to try out too if you enjoy this. Also I got few requests for this one, I hope I didn't disappoint anyone. I try to make next one sooner.

Dog Training 1 (TOTM Nominee lol):

Dog Training 2

Once again, urine-play involved. Proceed at own risk. Don't do anything you don't like or feel like doing bla bla bla etc. etc. You know the drill already if you've done previous parts :)