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Teases for "verbal-humiliation".

Pevert walked in on me - Thumbnail • 04/03/2018 • 2.7

Pevert walked in on me

Have fun it is short
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Cuckold slavery & humiliation  - Thumbnail
maciekm00 • 08/04/2018 • 4.0

TOTM - Nominee!Cuckold slavery & humiliation

You cheated on your wife and now you're her slave for 30 days. Every another day will only be worse... Will you endure her worst punishment? Are you prepared for everything?
Full body treatement - Thumbnail
Mutba • 10/24/2018 • 4.1

Full body treatement

A medium length tease which will left no inch of your body untouched
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testinhu totosu - Thumbnail
3750gustavo • 01/25/2019 • 2.9

Eos teaseTestinhu totosu

teste portuguese metronome
Tennis Crissy - Thumbnail
Jim • 02/13/2007 • 3.7

Tennis Crissy

How deep is your devotion? - Thumbnail
kevins • 12/30/2007 • 3.2

Flash teaseHow deep is your devotion?

My first web tease, created in service to Mistress Cody. It is intended for committed slaves who force themselves to follow ALL of the instructions from their Mistress.
Annual check-up - Thumbnail
sissywanktoy • 02/11/2008 • 3.6

Annual check-up

Nurse is here to tease you. - Thumbnail
rbtheservant • 08/08/2008 • 3.9

Flash teaseNurse is here to tease you.

Nurse Saundrea administers the treatment to break you of your masturbation addiction
NDW - Choose Your Torture Mistress Game - Thumbnail
rbtheservant • 09/04/2008 • 3.4

Flash teaseNDW - Choose Your Torture Mistress Game

You are a slave contestant in the Nation Dominant Women's "Choose Your Torture Mistress Game Show". Good Luck!
The British Wanking academy 2 - Thumbnail
Diver1 • 01/20/2009 • 4.0

The British Wanking academy 2

Your second session at the British wanking academy
Lust and pain - Thumbnail
black moon • 02/28/2009 • 3.6

Lust and pain

A painful, long, intense tease for male subs. You need many clothes-pegs, some spanking tool, a bowl, ice cubes, a thin rope and time.
Little Devil - Thumbnail
lewis_cameron • 06/28/2009 • 4.2

Little Devil

This little devil is way out of your league. But if you let her tease your cock and punish your balls for a while, she may let you stick around.
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Night in the Bitch house - Thumbnail
Mazi • 07/06/2009 • 4.0

Flash teaseNight in the Bitch house

lot of pain, edging, pain and pain ^^
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Follow Orders (#4) - Thumbnail
likeitlikeit • 08/12/2009 • 4.0

Flash teaseFollow Orders (#4)

This time your orders from your mistress will not only be stroking but also APT (Ass Play and Torture).
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Asking Liz Out - Thumbnail
texturedshroom • 09/07/2009 • 4.1

Asking Liz Out

After weeks of agonizing over whether or not to ask her out, you finally get up the nerve to talk to your co-worker Liz. But things don't turn out quite how you expected. Part of a planned series.
Mistress Claudia instructs you! - Thumbnail
666 • 10/05/2009 • 4.0

Mistress Claudia instructs you!

Mistress Claudia wants to see your balls tied tight, the veins standing out on your cock and maybe, just maybe, you'll be allowed to cum without forfeit. This is my first tease, hope you enjoy it!
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squirt little boy - Thumbnail
secretstroker • 12/07/2009 • 4.0

Squirt little boy

hubby makes a mess
This Isn't a Field Trip Farm - Thumbnail
StupidBoy18 • 01/22/2010 • 3.7

This Isn't a Field Trip Farm

Original story I wrote about a Dark Farm ran by a very familiar face.
Erica: Teasing Ex-Fiancée and Housemate - Thumbnail
cactusman • 03/07/2010 • 4.5

Erica: Teasing Ex-Fiancée and Housemate

You and your fiancée Erica get in a huge argument over her modeling work. You call off the wedding, but stay in the same house with her, as she teases you for a very long time.
Breaking you down panty boy! - Thumbnail
amberlynn • 05/05/2010 • 3.6

Breaking you down panty boy!

You little panty theif!
Squirt, BITCH! - Thumbnail
sirSpermalot • 06/28/2010 • 3.5

Flash teaseSquirt, BITCH!

Your girlfriend is angry at you. It's time for your punishment. Involves full-orgasms. Plz only play if you want to give it a try!
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Getting In Touch With Your Feminine Side - Thumbnail
ismara • 07/24/2010 • 4.3

TOTM - Nominee!Getting In Touch With Your Feminine Side

Feminization fun.
Please Mommy - Thumbnail
alex0987 • 01/09/2011 • 3.9

Please Mommy

Momma catches you skulking about, and begins to train you to be a proper and respectful boy.
Mommy's humiliation  - Thumbnail
amberlynn • 11/17/2010 • 3.6

Mommy's humiliation

Mommy's had it Loser.
Das Spiel - Thumbnail
dom87 • 12/10/2010 • 3.7

Das Spiel

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Sissy school - Thumbnail
Thesissyboy123 • 01/20/2011 • 3.3

Sissy school

You have just joined the Sissy school where you will be taught how to become a complete sissy.
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Surrender into chastity 1 - Thumbnail
domTanya • 02/22/2011 • 4.4

Flash teaseSurrender into chastity 1

Fixed Version (button Twisting)
Viewed 76031 times • Report
You know you need it - Thumbnail
freaau • 04/06/2011 • 3.4

You know you need it

You know you need to suck cock - so get over here and prove it
Are you a risk taker??? - Thumbnail
realslave1885 • 05/06/2011 • 3.2

audio teaseAre you a risk taker???

Your mistress is bored of your schedule now..........she wants you to do something new!! something daring!!. mistress is humiliating you and encouraging you to so take chance and do something really daring. So are you a risk taker?? Tease is not for for masterbators, tease doesnot contain any masterbation instruction!!!
Becoming a BETA Male with Princess Lissa - Part 2 - Thumbnail
casualthunder • 06/16/2011 • 4.0

Becoming a BETA Male with Princess Lissa - Part 2

Part 2: Princess Lissa is back with more humiliating tasks to turn you into a pathetic pin-dicked BETA male!
Blondeshell Gisele - Thumbnail
domTanya • 08/14/2011 • 4.4

Flash teaseTOTM - Winner!Blondeshell Gisele

chance of cumming/ruined/denial, different choices, plz post in forum when you find any bugs
Viewed 108857 times • Report
tennis with jessica. - Thumbnail
[email protected] • 10/29/2011 • 2.5

Tennis with jessica.

tease for boys and girls, you will need a tennis ball and rackett, skirt, girly top, pantys,dildo,
Your BBW Secretary - Thumbnail
ToddCanada • 12/16/2011 • 4.3

Your BBW Secretary

A married man has all of his plans derailed by his homewrecking BBW secretary. Part 1 of 3
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What Would You Do - Thumbnail
thepac • 02/27/2012 • 3.2

What Would You Do

You come home to find your girlfriend tied up and a wicked note and an evil game for you to play
Punishment for orgasm without Permission (you get what you want) - Thumbnail
kinkyisfun82 • 05/01/2012 • 2.3

Flash teasePunishment for orgasm without Permission (you get what you want)

A punishment for those who wanted to cum so bad they could not hold it in or directly ignored an order nott to cum. includes a little edging, stroking, baby stuff, and hitatchi want or similar item.
The Academy - Thumbnail
Masonmx55 • 08/24/2012 • 4.2

Flash teaseThe Academy

Your first day at the Academy doesn't go quite as planned, or does it?
Forced & Jerked & Humiliated - Thumbnail
amberlynn • 08/14/2012 • 3.8

Forced & Jerked & Humiliated

Lizzy" you best listen to her demands
The Very Last Time - Thumbnail
spunky • 09/19/2012 • 4.0

Flash teaseThe Very Last Time

(Let me know if there are bugs, hopefully fixed after system lost about 20 pages) How much would you sacrifice, for just one forced orgasm.
Muscle teasing - Thumbnail
femuworship • 11/13/2012 • 3.1

Flash teaseMuscle teasing

Will you have chance to cum with a strong lady like me?
Pokéteased! - Thumbnail
Mosbles • 12/18/2012 • 4.3


My brand new tease, it has 100+ pages and features ALL main characters of the Pokémon game series (7), and a special guest, this tease IS HARD, it has a lot of fetishes too, but I dont want to spoil!!
Your girl friend cheated you - Thumbnail
cumping • 01/09/2013 • 2.9

Your girl friend cheated you

You find out, that your girl friend cheated you. But now she is in big trouble and you have to save her. In the and she will have a surprise for you.
You know you aren't at my level - Thumbnail
lkm • 01/22/2013 • 3.7

You know you aren't at my level

Your girl come back from pilates and you're horny... or where she returns from?
Girls Cute Feet Kick Balls - Thumbnail
jacklaplay • 03/17/2013 • 3.6

Girls Cute Feet Kick Balls

Hurt your nuts for all of your sisters friends!
Viewed 22550 times • Report
How Low? - Thumbnail
xxlegendary • 06/02/2013 • 4.1

Flash teaseTOTM - Nominee!How Low?

Mistress Amnell ordered a new toy, but you're not quite what she wanted. So she takes matters into her own hands.(Contains ballbusting, ball stretching and stroking.)
indian goddess - Thumbnail
meliveoncam4u • 07/02/2013 • 2.1

Indian goddess

Apocalypse part 5 - Thumbnail
deamon44 • 06/01/2014 • 4.4

Flash teaseTOTM - Winner!Apocalypse part 5

Viewed 43069 times • Report
Sissies like big tits! - Thumbnail
Lord_Ossis • 09/18/2013 • 3.8

Sissies like big tits!

Sissies and real men share one thing in common, they're respect for big titties!
Twin's Surprise, Part 2 - Thumbnail
cactusman • 10/22/2013 • 4.5

TOTM - Nominee!Twin's Surprise, Part 2

Barbie, your wife's twin sister, finds that she enjoys dominating and controlling you. You can't help but go along with whatever she asks, and find yourself sinking deeper and deeper into submission.
I'm Too Good For You - Hairy Tease - Thumbnail
thedude234 • 01/28/2014 • 4.3

I'm Too Good For You - Hairy Tease

More humiliation, pain, and stroking with Bryci, this time involving hairy girls.
Viewed 23782 times • Report
Nene+ Tease - Thumbnail
youaswell • 04/19/2014 • 3.0

Flash teaseNene+ Tease

Nene is your loving girlfriend! There is a big test coming up in her class and she has been studying a lot with her ex boyfriend! Another brilliant quality tease, as you can expect from Youaswell.
Viewed 10832 times • Report
Total control of your bladder - Thumbnail
Bothaylee • 05/11/2014 • 2.4

Total control of your bladder

I decide when you pee
Viewed 17621 times • Report
Wifey Wants Bigger! - (The Beginning) - Thumbnail
[unknown] • 10/22/2014 • 3.7

Flash teaseWifey Wants Bigger! - (The Beginning)

Your wife makes it clear she is not going to be complacent when it comes to dealing with your 'not large' penis, so she strikes up a plan, which turns into something bigger than expected!
Wife is Away.  Sissy Is Now Master's Slut For His Pleasure - Thumbnail
vivianne_slut • 11/09/2014 • 3.3

Wife is Away. Sissy Is Now Master's Slut For His Pleasure

Your wife left town on business and now Karl, your German neighbor, is coming over to be your Master. You will be used and abused by Karl for his pleasure and amusement.
Viewed 20836 times • Report
Rules of Sissy (1-6)  - Thumbnail
yourtoy1212 • 06/20/2015 • 4.1

Rules of Sissy (1-6)

Test of the first 6 rules of sissy, learn them well and practice
I Used His Face As My Playground - Thumbnail
RaunchyRaven • 09/18/2015 • 2.1

I Used His Face As My Playground

Give Yourself Over To Me
Viewed 9882 times • Report
No your place stroker - Thumbnail
stephenedinguy • 01/27/2016 • 2.3

No your place stroker

This tease will hypnotise you into worshipping and devoting all cum to Mistress Amanda you will stroke and cum in Amandas honour and desire to see more of Amanda. [email protected]
Viewed 6011 times • Report
Mystery Mistress 9 - Thumbnail
thedude234 • 05/22/2016 • 4.5

TOTM - Winner!Mystery Mistress 9

The conclusion!
Viewed 26327 times • Report
Goddess Lisa's extreme edge training: NO cum today - Thumbnail
askenable • 07/24/2016 • 4.4

Goddess Lisa's extreme edge training: NO cum today

This is a training tease. You are not here to cum, but to satisfy my thirst of edges. You will stroke and edge a lot, but there is no cum chance. Made for the forum game "One orgasm" with Noah.
GODDESS WORSHIP - First days of servitude - Thumbnail
PrincessJulia • 10/19/2016 • 4.2

Flash teaseTOTM - Nominee!GODDESS WORSHIP - First days of servitude

Do you have what it takes to please a real Goddess? Long, demanding, humiliating and painful. Only for real worshippers.
Viewed 40756 times • Report
Like Mother, Like Daughter. - Thumbnail
TeasedByJolene • 03/09/2017 • 4.1

Like Mother, Like Daughter.

Your girlfriends mom finds out one of your secrets. A humiliating yet thrilling prelude to your new life as family slave.
Stocking feet - Thumbnail
HSama • 10/18/2017 • 4.3

TOTM - Nominee!Stocking feet

My first tease where stocking will play with you. For the ones who like both hentai and feet. 26 pages
Miss Ariel litte game - Thumbnail
Criis • 02/05/2018 • 3.9

Flash teaseTOTM - Winner!Miss Ariel litte game

Miss Ariel want to play a little game with you
Riley's Robotic Reprogramming - Thumbnail
bennygrimm • 07/17/2018 • 4.3

TOTM - Nominee!Riley's Robotic Reprogramming

Riley is a coed who seduces you into a fundamental overhaul of what and who you are attracted to.
Viewed 34541 times • Report
A good obedient dog - Thumbnail
Lopertula4789 • 08/05/2018 • 3.7

A good obedient dog

Tu rejoins une fille de ta classe pour un exposé mais le sujet de l'exposé et loin d'être celui que tu imaginais. Humiliation / foot fetish / stroke /
Premature ejaculation part 6: tossing and turning - Thumbnail
iroquois pliskin • 10/26/2018 • 3.9

Premature ejaculation part 6: tossing and turning

You mistress is a little changed and your training is about to end
Fast Edging Tease - Thumbnail
CockHeroChampion12 • 01/28/2019 • 4.1

Eos teaseFast Edging Tease

First EOS tease, Consists of edging and stroking. Some anal play. Added Auto-play for metronome.
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My cocksucker, baby-dick - Thumbnail
pajillero • 12/22/2006 • 2.9

My cocksucker, baby-dick

Viewed 38130 times • Report
Grounded Sister - Thumbnail
Jenna • 07/12/2007 • 4.0

Grounded Sister

Viewed 31602 times • Report
A promise is a promise - Thumbnail
Dwells • 08/25/2007 • 4.2

A promise is a promise

slave to feet - Thumbnail
midug • 10/04/2007 • 3.2

Slave to feet

Construction Instruction - Thumbnail
rbtheservant • 08/14/2008 • 3.4

Flash teaseConstruction Instruction

Learn how to construct a NDW Cum Catcher, then follow the tease. "There is SOUND for portions of this tease"
Under Her Cunt - Thumbnail
cumhardy • 10/13/2008 • 3.8

Flash teaseUnder Her Cunt

unlocked and unloaded - Thumbnail
secretstroker • 11/09/2008 • 2.9

Unlocked and unloaded

Viewed 16558 times • Report
Wankaholics Anonymous - Thumbnail
wss_italy • 11/25/2008 • 4.0

TOTM - Nominee!Wankaholics Anonymous

Für meine Göttin Silke - Thumbnail
Tomboy1 • 12/06/2008 • 3.3

Für meine Göttin Silke

Öffentliche Bloßstellung
Look What I Found Out! (The Vacation) - Thumbnail
sdadplay • 01/22/2009 • 4.2

Look What I Found Out! (The Vacation)

Part of the "Look What I Found Out!" series. SHE is gonna enjoy HER vacation, but will you???
A chance to cum for Goddess Lily - Thumbnail
Little_Lily • 02/27/2009 • 4.0

A chance to cum for Goddess Lily

My next tease. More stroking instructions in this one. I hope you boys enjoy!
Viewed 28269 times • Report
Pam Rodriguez's wank slaves - Thumbnail
jerkaddict • 07/13/2009 • 3.6

Pam Rodriguez's wank slaves

Pam Rodriguez is a Goddess who can only be worshipped by wanking
Viewed 16101 times • Report
Follow Orders (#5) - Thumbnail
likeitlikeit • 08/13/2009 • 4.1

Flash teaseFollow Orders (#5)

Your final set of orders from your mistress. Be warned this is the most demanding, painful, messy set of orders yet.
Miss Liz Breaks You In - Thumbnail
texturedshroom • 09/07/2009 • 4.0

Miss Liz Breaks You In

Later in the day after you've left the office, you meet Miss Liz over at her house. She decides to see what all you can handle...
Service My Feet, slave! - Thumbnail
texturedshroom • 10/08/2009 • 3.8

Flash teaseService My Feet, slave!

This is a tease for foot fetishists who think they might be able to one day serve a real Mistress. *BUG FIXED, SORRY* NOTE: Though it says "chastity-belt" in the tags, you do not NEED one for this tease.
Short - Thumbnail
[unknown] • 12/10/2009 • 3.5

Flash teaseShort

Viewed 19693 times • Report
Milf Miking Lesson - Thumbnail
amberlynn • 03/02/2010 • 3.8

Milf Miking Lesson

Ms. Hilary Domminating MILF
BIG mistake - Thumbnail
secretstroker • 05/05/2010 • 3.7

BIG mistake

did you really spill your guts ?
Follow Commands (#1) - Thumbnail
likeitlikeit • 03/21/2011 • 3.8

Flash teaseTOTM - Nominee!Follow Commands (#1)

Updated with more time to prepare for the commands.
Viewed 33909 times • Report
Forbidden to Cum 1 - Thumbnail
Vinny Vodka • 08/01/2010 • 4.4

Flash teaseForbidden to Cum 1

Part of a planned series made especially for those who are currently not allowed to cum. - Jana has never heard of a man actually being orgasm denied before and is very curious about it.
Viewed 37773 times • Report
The Small Penis Doctor - Thumbnail
alex0987 • 09/01/2010 • 4.1

The Small Penis Doctor

A kind but clinical lady therapist helps you come to terms with your small penis.
The girlfriend - Part 2 - Thumbnail
joewanker • 11/21/2010 • 4.2

TOTM - Nominee!The girlfriend - Part 2

She starts to learn what turns you on the most...
Mission Lick A Lot - Thumbnail
theguy • 12/13/2010 • 3.7

Mission Lick A Lot

Humiliation based licking and wanking tease. Being on the edge as much as you can is also included. It finishes with a nice ending. Have fun...
Your wife takes control. - Thumbnail
666 • 02/04/2012 • 4.3

TOTM - Nominee!Your wife takes control.

Your wife feels that your attention has wandered, so she decides to bring some focus back into your life. Mostly edging and stroking, a little CBT and a ruined orgasm if you are lucky...
Viewed 42310 times • Report
Surrender into chastity 2 - Thumbnail
domTanya • 02/23/2011 • 4.4

Flash teaseSurrender into chastity 2

Next try (;
The Drop-Off - Thumbnail
AmberStone • 04/07/2011 • 3.6

Flash teaseThe Drop-Off

Miss' newest slut draws you into temptation.
Open and get humiliated........ - Thumbnail
realslave1885 • 05/10/2011 • 2.6

audio teaseOpen and get humiliated........

Humiliation, Humiliation and just humiliation..........
Viewed 19450 times • Report
Mine - Thumbnail
Master Wolf • 08/11/2011 • 2.3


I can find any manner of unseemly uses for your body: mess with my plans and your body will be forfeit.
Viewed 11038 times • Report
bianca big titts 2 - Thumbnail
[email protected] • 10/11/2011 • 2.2

Bianca big titts 2

Viewed 8505 times • Report
sex world (ep 5) the boss  - Thumbnail
[email protected] • 11/01/2011 • 2.8

Sex world (ep 5) the boss

paper bag or a mask, dildo, ciggie, rope, whip, and alot of time.
worship nikki minaj  - Thumbnail
[email protected] • 12/19/2011 • 2.0

Worship nikki minaj

nikki wants a white slave.
Viewed 8696 times • Report
kim kardashian part 1 - Thumbnail
[email protected] • 02/26/2012 • 2.7

Kim kardashian part 1

love her or hate her you will respect her. (very long tease)
Viewed 14366 times • Report
Teaching You Your Lesson - Thumbnail
MaddieFay • 07/05/2012 • 3.8

Teaching You Your Lesson

Your university counselor gives you a refresher in being a good submissive boy. You need to learn to accept your little-dicked boy status before you can live in society.
Controlled Masterbation  - Thumbnail
wetpanties69 • 08/14/2012 • 3.0

Controlled Masterbation

Her instructions leading to orgasm
Perils of Online Dating - Thumbnail
RednMeth36 • 09/30/2012 • 4.0

Perils of Online Dating

Start of series story based tease, for fans of big boobs, control and tease/denial- no cbt, pain or butt stuff. Locations optional. chastity= denial time if u dont have a belt. Assignments mandatory
The Iron Cock Challenge - Thumbnail
Vajce18 • 10/06/2012 • 3.8

Flash teaseThe Iron Cock Challenge

Are you man enough to complete this challenge filled with lots of stroking, PC muscle workouts and edging? You should be familiar with PC muscle exercises to complete this challenge.
Viewed 21264 times • Report
Ex Girlfriend Help - Thumbnail
uberbear01 • 11/22/2012 • 4.2

TOTM - Nominee!Ex Girlfriend Help

A little ex girlfriend fun from a mistress who loves to mess with your head. A homage to some excellent teases from Bdeezy1 and Bondageslave36. I hope you guys like it! :)
Key to heaven - Thumbnail
keytoheaven • 02/12/2013 • 4.4

TOTM - Nominee!Key to heaven

your girlfriend leads you through an oath to her as your new goddess. first tease.
Surrendering Wanker - Thumbnail
amberlynn • 02/20/2013 • 3.9

Surrendering Wanker

Secret Princess that controls you.
Cock Photography - Thumbnail
Diver1 • 03/21/2013 • 4.2

TOTM - Nominee!Cock Photography

What goes on in an all girl managed photography studio and the problems with photographing cocks
Are you Ready to Submit? - Thumbnail
no1here • 04/16/2013 • 3.6

Are you Ready to Submit?

Master looking for gay, bi, and straight men interested in submitting to a male dominant. Follow the instructions to submit your application and get a reward after you send it.
Keira Knightley (German/Deutsch) - Thumbnail
joigame • 08/21/2013 • 3.4

Flash teaseKeira Knightley (German/Deutsch)

Was für ein Sklave wirst du von Herrin Keira?
Lisa Game - The Dice Torture - Thumbnail
MissClariss • 08/08/2013 • 3.2

Lisa Game - The Dice Torture

courage losers, I want to see you cry in front of my feet Avede for this game only need a dice (I'm an italian girl, I'm sorry for the imprecise language)
Gisele: Chastity Confessions Day1 - Thumbnail
domTanya • 07/23/2016 • 4.5

Flash teaseTOTM - Nominee!Gisele: Chastity Confessions Day1

- Of course best played with a real device - Bugreport in the forums - Hoping the sounds are working & have fun - Next Part out tomorrow sometimes
Viewed 42761 times • Report
Mommy's Little Sissy: Aerobi-shame - Thumbnail
pixiepantywimp • 10/22/2013 • 3.5

Mommy's Little Sissy: Aerobi-shame

After catching her sissy son playing with her tights, Mom takes him to the gym in a leotard of his own. "But, Mom...what if i get a hard-on?"
Slave for Mistress - Thumbnail
footfucker2127 • 11/30/-0001

Slave for Mistress

Searching for a mistress that will order me to please her.
Redhead CBT - Thumbnail
joetrou • 04/21/2014 • 4.4

Flash teaseRedhead CBT

Strictly CBT and ballbusting again. Have fun be safe.
Viewed 36959 times • Report
A weekend full of tease and denial - Thumbnail
smbuddy • 05/23/2014 • 3.6

Flash teaseA weekend full of tease and denial

A real long tease for anyone who loves especially sissification. When there are bugs mail me: [email protected] or send me a PM. Have fun this weekend. ;)
Viewed 34385 times • Report
Infected Computer Punishment! - Thumbnail
amberlynn • 08/03/2014 • 4.1

Infected Computer Punishment!

Your Stroking got you into this... dealing with younger stepmother..
Viewed 22423 times • Report
First Date Chapters 1-3 - Thumbnail
thedude234 • 10/12/2014 • 4.5

TOTM - Winner!First Date Chapters 1-3

The story of your first date with Nikki. But somehow, the conversation gets out of hand and you tell her about some of your wildest fantasies.
Earn Your Release? - Thumbnail
EmmalineMadly • 01/17/2015 • 4.2

Flash teaseEarn Your Release?

Some sadistic choices in a sadistic world.
Miss Lizzi's House of Humiliation and Feminization 1.1 - Thumbnail
Miss Lizzi • 02/06/2015 • 4.1

Flash teaseTOTM - Nominee!Miss Lizzi's House of Humiliation and Feminization 1.1

Stroking, edging and teasing all with a pinch of :verbal humiliation, credit card humiliation, blackmail, cbt, SPH Note there is no actual feminization in this tease. Feedback:
Quickie at the Cathouse - Thumbnail
ashplosh • 04/01/2015 • 3.2

Flash teaseQuickie at the Cathouse

A tease for men and women with an unforgetable story and characters. Experience the risks and drama of jerking off to cartoon animals.
Viewed 18592 times • Report
Bianca's New Slave - Thumbnail
pad5019 • 06/22/2015 • 4.4

TOTM - Winner!Bianca's New Slave

A simple day at the beach turned out to be the last day you had ownership of your life!
Viewed 34151 times • Report
Discover Your LOSER-
Queen_of_Losers • 08/31/2015 • 3.7

Flash teaseTOTM - Nominee!Discover Your LOSER-"Symptoms"

Jezebel and Dominika seduce you into confessing your inadequacies. Public humiliation or corporal punishment. Please leave a rating ;) and contact me if something doesn't work right.
Mistress offers training - Thumbnail
MistressShawna • 07/22/2015 • 3.2

Mistress offers training

Just a pitch for all of you who might be interested in a more personalized tease. Just follow along Mike's journey as I share a formed commission with you, and see when you break, like he did.
Linsey wants to bust your balls - Thumbnail
spammy287 • 08/20/2015 • 4.0

Flash teaseTOTM - Nominee!Linsey wants to bust your balls

Mainly ballbusting and pain, with some edging, all directed by the beautiful Linsey Dawn McKenzie. All feedback welcome!
Viewed 16020 times • Report
10 Points to Cum - Thumbnail
Glow • 10/30/2015 • 4.5

TOTM - Winner!10 Points to Cum

Stroke and edge to hotties. Earn your right to CUM! Inspired by CamCEI75's teases.
One for Sammy - Thumbnail
MistressShawna • 02/02/2016 • 3.4

One for Sammy

A personalized tease I made for Sammy. He wanted me to share this with you, so I am. I hope you enjoy!
Sissy Exposure Competition #2 - Uniforms - Thumbnail
KandiSissy • 05/27/2016 • 3.4

Sissy Exposure Competition #2 - Uniforms

Round two of our little game. Come play sweethearts ;)
Viewed 16075 times • Report
Stroking session for losers part 5 - Thumbnail
Slaveboy90 • 07/30/2016 • 3.5

Flash teaseStroking session for losers part 5

For real losers only ! You know how it works ;)
Free Skype session with professional webcam Mistress - Thumbnail
MariaWantsSlaves • 10/06/2016 • 3.0

Free Skype session with professional webcam Mistress

anal, belt, bondage, buttplug, candle, cbt, chastity, chastity-belt, chores, clothespins, cock-ring, collar, condom, corset, cum-eating, diaper, dice, dildo, dress, enema, enema-kit
Viewed 14538 times • Report
Edge for my ass - Thumbnail
qnsfw • 03/01/2017 • 4.3

Flash teaseTOTM - Winner!Edge for my ass

My first tease. Mainly for ass/edging lovers, not too long, lots of edging and holding the edge, get to cum if you can make it through, has a slight femdom element. Model is Puddems
Viewed 26129 times • Report
asuna's boyfriend - Thumbnail
thedarknessintheworld • 05/26/2017 • 4.1

Flash teaseTOTM - Nominee!Asuna's boyfriend

Hentai tease involving the character asuna yuuki from sword art online
Mei's Cuckold Training 1 [Fixed] - Thumbnail
TrashDick • 07/24/2017 • 3.9

Flash teaseTOTM - Nominee!Mei's Cuckold Training 1 [Fixed]

You need to learn how to be a proper cuckold, and Mei from Naruto will teach you~! NOW WORKS! SPH, Edging, Holding Edges, Possible Ruined Orgasm, Possible CEI
The Room - Bleach - Thumbnail
CheeseCrustBurner • 07/14/2018 • 3.8

Flash teaseThe Room - Bleach

Second of the serie. Short teases will comes next. Bugs (normalement) corrected. Contains mainly cbt, anal and lots of edging, Multiple edings.
Viewed 20685 times • Report
Furry Hentai Lottery - Thumbnail
LintonDilton123 • 12/06/2018 • 4.0

TOTM - Nominee!Furry Hentai Lottery

A short-medium length tease with lots of fun stroking and edging to some off the most beautful furry girls out there with multiple endings
Breaking Sissy Losers! - Thumbnail
BEAGOODBOY! • 01/28/2019 • 2.5

Breaking Sissy Losers!

Training for sissy losers!
Quick one - Thumbnail
cfnmdroog • 12/25/2006 • 3.5

Quick one

Viewed 38774 times • Report
Fuck Me - Thumbnail
PDog • 03/18/2007 • 2.9

Fuck Me

Viewed 26680 times • Report
Not much of a man! - Thumbnail
izzygirl • 04/29/2007 • 3.3

Not much of a man!

Head Girl Makes You Ache - Thumbnail
idryden • 01/16/2008 • 3.9

Head Girl Makes You Ache

Viewed 29989 times • Report
horny as hell - Thumbnail
jscamp • 03/13/2008 • 3.8

Horny as hell

PISSED!!!!!!!!! - Thumbnail
Diver1 • 04/16/2008 • 3.1


Wanking isn't always easy - Thumbnail
camipco • 08/16/2008 • 4.4

TOTM - Winner!Wanking isn't always easy

Indecisive Mistress - Thumbnail
all2true • 10/21/2008 • 3.6

Indecisive Mistress

Jennifer's Game - Thumbnail
submatt • 12/07/2008 • 2.9

Flash teaseJennifer's Game

Play a game with Jennifer. When you win, you get to stroke. When you lose, you get a punishment. Make it all the way to the end to cum.
Cuckoldress girlfriend plays with you after a date - Thumbnail
a_nonymous • 03/14/2009 • 4.0

Cuckoldress girlfriend plays with you after a date

Your girlfriend takes full command of the relationship after she has a date with another guy.
Keep it Down - Thumbnail
wonderbo • 10/06/2009 • 4.4

TOTM - Nominee!Keep it Down

Your wife will be offended if you become erect when her friend comes to visit, but she's not going to make it easy on you either way.
Professor's blunder - Thumbnail
Chrono • 07/15/2009 • 4.1

TOTM - Nominee!Professor's blunder

When she comes and sees you after class... Is giving in a mistake or a blessing in disguise?
Cheerleader Boot Camp: Tone It Up! - Thumbnail
StupidBoy18 • 09/14/2009 • 3.5

Cheerleader Boot Camp: Tone It Up!

Welcome back to Boot Camp you overweight slave boy.. it's time to thin down.
Viewed 12428 times • Report
Miss Liz Says,
texturedshroom • 10/08/2009 • 4.2

Miss Liz Says, "Ignorance is Bliss!"

What you don't know can't hurt you... and what you do know may crush you.
Slave Co. Day 5 - Thumbnail
MissTake • 11/05/2011 • 4.0

Slave Co. Day 5

It's day 5 of your visits to Slave Co. the mysterious free s&m brothel. Mistress Alanna drains your cock and leaves your mind wondering what's in store for you..
Beg me for it - Thumbnail
bandit • 12/12/2009 • 4.3

Beg me for it

She will make you beg for everything.
FEMME FATALE - Thumbnail
Diver1 • 02/08/2010 • 3.5


The female of the species is more deadlier than the male
decent in to hades - Thumbnail
kajirus • 03/05/2010 • 2.9

Decent in to hades

after a long period of denial, how needy actually are you, here is a domme's test to prove your need
chastity games - Thumbnail
SLAVEBOY037 • 09/11/2010 • 4.2

Flash teaseChastity games

Completely random tease! Work in progress - More paths are already in the making. Tease will be updated! Multiple paths, which have their own multiple endings too. Its a long tease which could keep you occupied for hours, maybe even days! Tease is over 1500 different pages, so there might be some bugs. Please report these in the forums. I would also love to get some feedback on my work! I hope you wont get too frustrated *giggle*
Viewed 122487 times • Report
Blackmailed in a new life - Thumbnail
gianlucasands • 09/02/2010 • 4.0

Blackmailed in a new life

Your neighbour caught you cheating your wife. She won't tell anyone but there will be changes...
Viewed 31474 times • Report
Forced Exhibitionism with Elaina - Thumbnail
Lincin • 11/28/2010 • 4.1

Forced Exhibitionism with Elaina

You lost a bet to your exhibitionist girlfriend. Now you must follow her on one of her crazy nudist adventures.
No More Excuses - Thumbnail
AmberStone • 01/25/2011 • 3.9

No More Excuses

Miss is not pleased with how little you've been willing to commit. Now it's time to be broken.
Cum lover - Thumbnail
sissyboy69 • 04/06/2011 • 3.6

Cum lover

My first ease, involves stroking and cumeating.
Slutsuzie • 04/08/2011 • 2.5


Not a Tease but a Contest for sissy Slut. All Dominant Mind are invited to Join for Proposal. All real sissy Slut Must Participate.
Viewed 6137 times • Report
Little one - Thumbnail
dog3 • 05/16/2011 • 3.5

Little one

My first tease, some stroking and humiliation ;)
ad me! - Thumbnail
SexualChoc • 06/16/2011 • 2.5

Ad me!

Spanish Cum Roulette - Thumbnail
666 • 08/15/2011 • 3.2

Flash teaseSpanish Cum Roulette

Take your chance to play, once you've proved yourself worthy of course...
pink sissy slut - Thumbnail
trannyslut • 11/02/2011 • 4.0

Pink sissy slut

A sissy slut tease that will make you into the sissy whore you want to be!
enslavement - Thumbnail
loserblueballs • 12/22/2011 • 4.0


1st tease, with some hot shots of Kiera Knightley...lots of foot and ass worship and bondage, Merry Xmas and enjoy! - hopefully 1st in a series if rated high enough!
The House - Thumbnail
[unknown] • 04/09/2012 • 3.4

Flash teaseThe House

Many months ago, you received a letter asking if you would consider the place of House Submisive. Now, you have been summoned. (First flashtease - for help, find dedicated forum thread)
The Beautiful People - Thumbnail
Fred&Ted • 05/04/2012 • 3.6

The Beautiful People

Join the Knockout stable from Impact Wrestling "The Beautiful People" and go through their challenges. They might even let you cum.
Blink - Thumbnail
Banquo • 07/09/2012 • 3.9

Flash teaseBlink

For Women, contains Iceplay, private humiliation, spanking and edging.
Joining the light music club! - Thumbnail
youaswell • 09/18/2012 • 4.4

TOTM - Nominee!Joining the light music club!

The light music club is accepting new members! An all school-girl band is looking for a 6th member! It could be you! Lots of teasing and stroking and lots of cute girls! Multiple endings! I love you<3
Hot'n Cold - Thumbnail
nutellanut • 09/19/2012 • 3.3

Hot'n Cold

Every week, you and an old friend meet up to talk about things. However, you always arrive late, and your friend has had it.
Viewed 15866 times • Report
Live - Thumbnail
Dellok • 10/10/2012 • 4.0

Flash teaseTOTM - Nominee!Live

(Long since my last tease :) ) : An online show with a model doesn't go as you wanted...
Apocalypse part 2 - Thumbnail
deamon44 • 02/08/2013 • 4.5

Flash teaseTOTM - Winner!Apocalypse part 2

To be opened with Apocalypse part 2.3. More info in the link.
Viewed 50102 times • Report
School Punishment - Thumbnail
SissySlavee • 12/17/2012 • 3.8

School Punishment

Pain, Humiliation and continues edging. Those are things you will encounter in this tease as you're getting punished by 3 different teachers who each uses different methods
Wife Maria - Thumbnail
juudass • 01/07/2013 • 4.2

TOTM - Nominee!Wife Maria

Your asian wife plays you! Main part is hummiliation, just some guided stroking. Supposed as a series, where she reveals her real identity. If you want me to continue, give me a good rating!
Viewed 21167 times • Report
BL@CK M@il - Thumbnail
vergewaltigemich • 01/22/2013 • 2.4

[email protected] [email protected]

The damn fucking hottest Tease ever. :-*
Gumi Teasing Software - Thumbnail
youaswell • 05/28/2013 • 4.1

Gumi Teasing Software

You've saved up all your money for a holographic version of your favorite legal aged Vocaloid, Megapoid Gumi! But can you crack the homebrew program? Lots of stroking, edging and Femdom! Enjoy! <3
Viewed 23189 times • Report
Little games - Thumbnail
avelox • 08/25/2013 • 3.6

Flash teaseLittle games

Just a short test tease. Contains shemale, so skip in not Your thing.
Double Agent Part 4: Aide-de-Camp - Thumbnail
1885 • 04/22/2013 • 4.5

Flash teaseDouble Agent Part 4: Aide-de-Camp

After yet another showdown with Bryci yields no winner, Katie finds a new path to fulfillment by drawing you into one of her darkest fantasies.
Viewed 12698 times • Report
Hotties want you to jerk and swallow... - Thumbnail
CamCEI75 • 05/06/2013 • 4.4

Hotties want you to jerk and swallow...

My 2nd full tease. Inspired by the GOON series somewhat (not as long) and with an emphasis on cum eating. A hottie and her other hottie friends dont want much...
Kate: Chastity Confessions Day2 - Thumbnail
domTanya • 07/24/2016 • 4.5

Flash teaseKate: Chastity Confessions Day2

there was a bug with one of the timers, it should be fixed now, sry guys
Apocalypse part 5.1 - Thumbnail
deamon44 • 06/01/2014 • 4.5

Flash teaseApocalypse part 5.1

To be opened with apocalypse part 5 and part 5.2 Lots of pain, fetish, humiliation, Good luck.
Viewed 29800 times • Report
Scat me baby - Thumbnail
[email protected] • 01/08/2014 • 2.6

Flash teaseScat me baby

I was not falling asleep yesterday, so i create this tease for the scatty folks. This tease talks of SHIT. so you must have some SHIT in your gut before you click. have fun! shithead!
Viewed 15130 times • Report
Blonde slut feeds your cum eating addiction - Thumbnail
Jax • 02/03/2014 • 3.8

Blonde slut feeds your cum eating addiction

Hayley's just found out that you love eating cum so shes invited her regular fuck buddy around & wants you to clean up the mess. *My first tease*
You have a thick ex-girlfriend, don't you? - Thumbnail
jackstock • 06/21/2015 • 4.0

You have a thick ex-girlfriend, don't you?

Your ex is thick. And she is beautiful.
Thank You with a Twist - Thumbnail
sissyheather • 04/28/2014 • 3.3

Thank You with a Twist

Please be kind its my first webtease! You are the class brainiac and have been helping two girls out and now they will say thank you...
Viewed 16390 times • Report
O Control - prostate milking - Thumbnail
Ms. Julie • 05/16/2014 • 4.2

Flash teaseO Control - prostate milking

Mistress Tamara does prostate milking training. A crucial skill for those slaves destined for permanent chastity.
Kuss von Princess Rene? (German/Deutsch) - Thumbnail
joigame • 09/05/2014 • 2.5

Flash teaseKuss von Princess Rene? (German/Deutsch)

Möchtest du einen Kuss von Princess Rene?
Viewed 10335 times • Report
Lose Yourself in Lust (Part 1) - Thumbnail
LittleLydia • 11/10/2014 • 4.0

Lose Yourself in Lust (Part 1)

This tease revolves around you "Michael" during a lustful day at school.
Gay kinky tease <3 - Thumbnail
enapan • 12/06/2014 • 3.7

Gay kinky tease <3

Gay tease with Dakota white as model
Viewed 10083 times • Report
Mistress handles training - Thumbnail
MistressShawna • 01/01/2015 • 2.4

Mistress handles training

I can start your year out just right. If you are able to handle what I can give you.
Masuimi Hold em Bonus - Thumbnail
Xere • 09/10/2015 • 3.8

Flash teaseMasuimi Hold em Bonus

Over 30 extra ways to cum! Some require items
Find out your LOSER LEVEL (Guys only!) - Thumbnail
Queen_of_Losers • 06/02/2015 • 4.4

TOTM - Nominee!Find out your LOSER LEVEL (Guys only!)

Have you ever wondered how much of a loser you are? If you take this test you will find out. 20 questions! 20 answers! I will tell you who you are and where you are headed. Please leave a rating ;)
Mystery Mistress - Thumbnail
thedude234 • 07/05/2015 • 4.5

TOTM - Winner!Mystery Mistress

Your night at your favorite club ends with a surprise.
Viewed 43979 times • Report
Ballbusting Humiliation - Thumbnail
joetrou2 • 07/23/2015 • 4.1

Flash teaseBallbusting Humiliation

A ballbusting tease, slightly more focused on the humiliating aspects of ballbusting.
Becoming Harley Quinn's henchman - Thumbnail
PrincessJulia • 08/20/2015 • 4.1

TOTM - Nominee!Becoming Harley Quinn's henchman

You wanna rev up your Harley? Vroom Vroom! **Contains pain and humiliation + stroking! Maybe even an orgasm?**
slut training part 2 - Thumbnail
selfslave1657 • 10/10/2015 • 3.8

Slut training part 2

part 2 of my sub slut's training containing orgasm tease and denial, edging, spanking, and body writing
The Humiliation of Pathetic Nikki - Thumbnail
uknow4aro • 11/01/2015 • 2.5

The Humiliation of Pathetic Nikki

For Pathetic Nikki, come join in her humiliation.
Your New Family 1 - Thumbnail
BiggusDickus • 12/30/2015 • 3.8

Flash teaseTOTM - Nominee!Your New Family 1

Hope you like my first tease! It was a lot of fun making it, if y'know what I mean ;) It's somewhat short, but if people like it I'll make the next ones longer. PM me any bugs and suggestions <3
Viewed 17786 times • Report
Free Skype session with professional webcam Mistress - Thumbnail
MariaWantsSlaves • 02/06/2016 • 3.4

Free Skype session with professional webcam Mistress

Dont lose your chance, wanker!
Stroking session for losers - Thumbnail
Slaveboy90 • 05/30/2016 • 4.0

Flash teaseStroking session for losers

Just for REAL losers...a normal stroking tease with a little itsy-bitsy different ! Let me know if you like stuff like this, than I will do more :)
Viewed 22111 times • Report
Dabbling with domination  - Thumbnail
iwillregretthis • 08/06/2016 • 3.4

Dabbling with domination

For couples with a dominant female.
A Perfect Sacrifice - Thumbnail
amberlynn • 10/12/2016 • 3.9

TOTM - Nominee!A Perfect Sacrifice

Boss Lady invites you over for a Talk. Poor work performance can you ever satisfy her ? (Request 4 T.J.)
Wife has changed! - Thumbnail
5in.cuckhubby • 03/05/2017 • 3.5

Flash teaseWife has changed!

Nothing needed, cuckold fun, light humiliation. First time making a tease. I hope you like it!
Viewed 14718 times • Report
Spicy 3.00 [launching any day] - Thumbnail
genome231 • 04/28/2017 • 2.9

Spicy 3.00 [launching any day]

Spicy launches any day!
Viewed 23046 times • Report
A Blowjob Training Adventure (Part 1) - Thumbnail
onetimeonlyx2x • 02/04/2018 • 4.4

Flash teaseTOTM - Nominee!A Blowjob Training Adventure (Part 1)

You will be guided through performing a series of blowjobs, by metronome and text instruction, each with inreasing kink and difficulty.
Viewed 57504 times • Report
Fun with brother - Thumbnail
Diver1 • 04/20/2018 • 3.7

Fun with brother

Little sister has complete control over her big brother
Office Tasks (Full day) - Thumbnail
FoxBehave • 09/02/2018 • 4.0

Office Tasks (Full day)

Your mistress spices up your job day with dirty tasks. Reasonably naughty without risking your career. Meant to be played full day.
Goddess Lisa's Sissy Cumslut Month - Thumbnail
goddesslisa2 • 11/07/2018 • 4.3

TOTM - Nominee!Goddess Lisa's Sissy Cumslut Month

30 days of ruined orgasms to different in ALL the ways you can possibly imagine. Are you ready to start the best month of your life?
Viewed 25639 times • Report
Women's World - Bought by the wrong woman - Thumbnail
verysmallcar • 01/31/2019 • 4.0

Eos teaseWomen's World - Bought by the wrong woman

In a world where women own men as slaves your girlfriend has promised to purchase you. However her worst enemy has other plans and buy you under her nose. This is a toilet fetish tease with chastity.
Good Morning - Thumbnail
ismara • 12/03/2008 • 4.1

Good Morning

Your mistress ex-girlfriend gives you an update on your relationship.
Katie Puts You In Your Place - Thumbnail
Viewed 34869 times • Report
Still Too Helpless To Resist - Thumbnail
sdadplay • 10/20/2008 • 4.1

Still Too Helpless To Resist

Viewed 13836 times • Report
mistress CL - Thumbnail
slowhand • 11/27/2008 • 3.8

Mistress CL

Pain at night - Thumbnail
boundindesire666 • 12/07/2008 • 3.7

Flash teasePain at night

A painful but satisfying tease. Clothespins, shloelaces/ropes and a glass required.
Debra's demands - Thumbnail
dnastyone601 • 01/25/2009 • 3.1

Debra's demands

girl next-door caught you...
adorekristina • 03/25/2009 • 3.5


Spend the day on the beach with Princess Kristina...serving as Her slave and being blueballed all the way back to Her be used as Her addicted sextoy. EXCLUSIVE PICS & 20 MINUTES OF AUDIO
adorekristina • 05/28/2009 • 4.3


Princess Kristina is taking you on a tour of Her body in a new series of webteases...beginning with Her amazing cleavage. HOT CLEAVAGE PICS, STROKE ORDERS & OVER 20 MINUTES of AUDIO!!!
Viewed 24035 times • Report
Testing a New Toy - Thumbnail
ordered • 07/15/2009 • 2.4

Testing a New Toy

Just trying out the editor, hope it works- if so, enjoy!
Cuckold - Thumbnail
cuckold24 • 08/14/2009 • 2.9


Gilfriend cockolds you! Black Lover!
MEN ARE THE WEAKER SEX!!!! - Thumbnail
Diver1 • 09/14/2009 • 3.9


Proof that men are the weaker sex.............................
Viewed 21428 times • Report
The House of Wrestling Divas (2) - Thumbnail
Bondageman • 10/13/2009 • 4.1

The House of Wrestling Divas (2)

The second installment. Do you have what it takes to brave the house of dominating women again? This time they're extra determined to NOT let you escape.
The Observation Game - Part 1 - Thumbnail
StockingBoy • 12/15/2009 • 3.3

Flash teaseThe Observation Game - Part 1

Those sexy, evil women are back - better keep your wits about you, you'll need them...
Are you a real sissy? - Thumbnail
andrsjmnez • 03/22/2010 • 4.1

Are you a real sissy?

You have been dating her for a while and you want her badly, but she may have a different idea of the whole thing... She may want you to be more than a man: a real sissy.
Kara: Teasing Cock-Sitter (Part 4) - Thumbnail
cactusman • 05/24/2010 • 4.5

TOTM - Winner!Kara: Teasing Cock-Sitter (Part 4)

Your hot 'cock-sitter' and other women discover just how much you are turned on by female domination. They break your principled resistance completely, during a long day of intense teasing.
Online Mistress takes control - Thumbnail
KinkyChris • 07/06/2010 • 2.3

Online Mistress takes control

Introduction to a fantastic online Mistress, Ms Hawthorne from Hawthorne Training Academy
Viewed 14938 times • Report
Beautiful young girl skirt tease (Classic) - Thumbnail
cumhardy • 08/04/2010 • 3.6

Beautiful young girl skirt tease (Classic)

Remake of a classic tease. You will need a candle and a dice.
Desire2 - Thumbnail
realslave1885 • 11/26/2010 • 3.5


A classic tease, No stocking, No pain, No edging, just erotic conversation.
Viewed 8852 times • Report
birthday domination - Thumbnail
secretstroker • 12/14/2010 • 3.0

Birthday domination

all week teasing...
A Letter from Miss - Thumbnail
AmberStone • 01/26/2011 • 3.6

A Letter from Miss

Miss is off on vacation! Before she leaves a letter by your bed. Today will certainly not be a vacation for you...!
Surrender into chastity 3 - Thumbnail
domTanya • 02/28/2011 • 4.4

Flash teaseSurrender into chastity 3

finally part4, hope no bugs ;)
So, you're all locked up... - Thumbnail
AmberStone • 04/09/2011 • 3.8

So, you're all locked up...

Miss Amber wants to tease all the little boys out there with their poor dicklets all caged up!
Dream girl - Thumbnail
Mazi • 05/22/2011 • 3.8

Flash teaseTOTM - Nominee!Dream girl

Long period of slow stroking, prolonged edging, little bit of pain. If dont right its pretty hard and addictive tease. About 2 hours long. Enjoy.
Viewed 37225 times • Report
Are you listening to me... - Thumbnail
realslave1885 • 06/16/2011 • 3.4

audio teaseAre you listening to me...

Erotic audio tease with mistress. Obey the mistress orders. Tease contains humiliation, stocking, ass licking, feet licking, pussy licking etc.
Viewed 26584 times • Report
Becoming a BIMBO with Goddess Robyn - Part 2 - Thumbnail
casualthunder • 07/20/2011 • 3.9

Becoming a BIMBO with Goddess Robyn - Part 2

Goddess Robyn is back with a new set of humiliating tasks for all wannabe BIMBOs out there! For Women (Men can read along for fun)
Revenge, Part Two - Thumbnail
usmcfd70 • 08/12/2011 • 4.2

Revenge, Part Two

Blackmail, pussy eating, edging, stroking, kneeling, foot worship
Viewed 18362 times • Report
Sissycourse 2011 1st class homework part1 sissy cuckold - Thumbnail
eloisasissy • 10/11/2011 • 3.5

audio teaseSissycourse 2011 1st class homework part1 sissy cuckold

Sissy need a dildo (black) and one cumcube. Take the syringe and put the melted cum on it, then put the syringe up your ass so the cum stay warm when you have to eat it. (Creampie)
wanking Came first. - Thumbnail
mistressxxxxxx • 12/21/2011 • 3.7

Wanking Came first.

Busted! Girlfriend upset.
Viewed 19925 times • Report
Awake - Thumbnail
Dellok • 03/21/2012 • 4.0

Flash teaseAwake

After a terrible accident, after the doctor give up on you, you get selected to try out a new cryotech chamber. In a blink, one hundred and three years elapsed, you find yourself in a brave new world where men are slaves. You're screwed.
The Dirty Intern - Part Two, a new deal - Thumbnail
lilteaser • 05/07/2012 • 4.1

The Dirty Intern - Part Two, a new deal

Part two of the ongoing story. Lots more ass licking and verbal humiliation as the boss has a new deal for you that sounds too good to be true
Meeting the Phone Sex Girl - Thumbnail
teaseme87 • 07/10/2012 • 4.0

Meeting the Phone Sex Girl

A regular customer meets the lovely Bahara for treatment of his masturbation addiction.
Viewed 12625 times • Report
Angry? Under Supervision - Thumbnail
wetpanties69 • 08/16/2012 • 3.5

Angry? Under Supervision

Employer Anger Management
Viewed 12135 times • Report
Perils of Online Dating- Monday - Thumbnail
RednMeth36 • 10/01/2012 • 4.4

Perils of Online Dating- Monday

Start of your new life. Tease/denial,Same rules apply as before. Chastity just means denial time and chores are just rest time. You can go all out and do it as told tho.
What a Predicament - Thumbnail
hornbound • 10/08/2012 • 4.4

What a Predicament

A mix of story and tease written for my own tastes. You may enjoy it as well.
Trained To Be Your Girlfriend's Slave - Thumbnail
lilteaser • 11/23/2012 • 4.0

Trained To Be Your Girlfriend's Slave

Your girlfriend is unhappy with the size of your dick so sends you off for a penis enlargement, however you soon find out you were lied to.
Black Dick Controls The World - Thumbnail
lilteaser • 12/29/2012 • 3.7

Black Dick Controls The World

You wake up to a new world, one that is taken over by big black cock and they get to fuck your women when ever they want.
Worried About Us - Thumbnail
keytoheaven • 03/06/2013 • 4.0

Worried About Us

Wife has a change of heart. Short tease
Ruin, if you are hungry... - Thumbnail
wishboned • 04/12/2013 • 4.2

Flash teaseRuin, if you are hungry...

Pre-cum eating, anal, stroking, edging, verbal humiliation, dildo sucking, and pain. Possible ruining, cumming, denial, and/or cum-eating. Optional shemale sequence. Please let me know of any bugs.
Viewed 66877 times • Report
Watch and Squirm (Gay Tease) - Thumbnail
Tectonic • 03/22/2013 • 3.8

Flash teaseWatch and Squirm (Gay Tease)

You've been invited to a play session where your job is to look but not touch. Follow instructions as Master Caleb and his boy take you deeper into your role as their slave.
Viewed 14081 times • Report
Fun with a Fan  - Thumbnail
keytoheaven • 04/17/2013 • 4.0

Fun with a Fan

Fan decides sex isn't what he wants, and pays for it.
Miss Katherine - Thumbnail
xxlegendary • 05/06/2013 • 4.4

TOTM - Winner!Miss Katherine

Miss Katherine wants to play, but do you have what it takes? WARNING: Don't do anything you cannot handle. I am in no way responsible for you causing harm to yourself. Common sense, use it.
Cuckquean with a new toy - Thumbnail
Teasingthekitty • 07/05/2013 • 3.6

Flash teaseCuckquean with a new toy

Custom written tease for a female friend. Covers cuckqueaning, jealousy, and mild verbal humiliation/degredation. Hitachi wand pretty much required!
Looking Up to the Girls - Thumbnail
patsy • 08/10/2013 • 3.8

Looking Up to the Girls

This tease puts you into a strange position, on the floor looking up! First in a series if popular.
Gobbling COCK for your Ex-Girlfriend: Show her why she left you... - Thumbnail
slutowners • 10/27/2013 • 4.1

Gobbling COCK for your Ex-Girlfriend: Show her why she left you...

[Inspired by previous teases by CamCEI75] A fairly quick tease where you show your Ex Girlfriend just why she left you. (Chastity device required)
Viewed 35136 times • Report
Cum Challenge #8: Do you have what it takes?  - Thumbnail
minutemen • 02/07/2014 • 3.0

Flash teaseCum Challenge #8: Do you have what it takes?

Do you have what it takes to become a toy at Anastasia's House of Tease? This tease involves a lot of stroking & edging, some cuckolding and cum eating, and pain.
Lollipop, Lollipop... - Thumbnail
Jake1212 • 05/09/2014 • 4.2

TOTM - Nominee!Lollipop, Lollipop...

Poor little weenie owner. You think you're in charge? Think again...
Viewed 37225 times • Report
Ostereiersuche - Thumbnail
Master_S • 04/21/2014 • 3.8

Flash teaseTOTM - Nominee!Ostereiersuche

GERMAN: ein Tease für meine Sklavin. Ich habe versucht ihn so zu gestalten, dass auch andere weibl. Subs ihn probieren können, falls ihr über ein paar Stellen die ihr hinwegsehen könnt.
Viewed 6864 times • Report
Job interview and pleasure time. - Thumbnail
icexploit • 07/10/2014 • 2.8

Job interview and pleasure time.

A pleasureful interview and she got selected.
Bryci: Chastity Confessions Day5 - Thumbnail
domTanya • 07/27/2016 • 4.4

Flash teaseBryci: Chastity Confessions Day5

Removed the not working "Mercy Miss" Buttons from some pages
Pussy Whipped Part Two - Thumbnail
hornbound • 10/21/2014 • 4.5

Flash teaseTOTM - Nominee!Pussy Whipped Part Two

Requires a code from Part One.
Kendra's Private Slut - Thumbnail
JanaCova • 11/11/2014 • 4.4

TOTM - Nominee!Kendra's Private Slut

Kendra owns your mouth and your ass and uses them to humiliate you.
Viewed 57937 times • Report
Born to humiliates you... - Thumbnail
[unknown] • 01/10/2015 • 4.0

Born to humiliates you...

You have a girlfriend that isn't into femdom... but now, you find a woman that loves humiliates a man... and loves humiliates a man through her girlfriend...
First Date Chapter 12 - Thumbnail
thedude234 • 07/05/2015 • 4.4

First Date Chapter 12

Nikki takes you to a halloween party
I'll Strip If You Stroke Sissy - Thumbnail
mbark • 04/15/2015 • 3.0

Flash teaseI'll Strip If You Stroke Sissy

Strip Tease with a Sissy Theme. You are asked some questions and your answers will determine different paths but they all lead to the same conclusion. Play it more than once with different answers to see different pictures. (Shemales, Dick, Pussy, Wet Panties, Obesity) Make it to the end for randoom picture generator of the different galleries.
Viewed 25488 times • Report
Penis Size Matters (even when you only want to jerk off) - Thumbnail
Queen_of_Losers • 06/05/2015 • 3.5

Flash teasePenis Size Matters (even when you only want to jerk off)

Your penis size will determine whether or not you are allowed to stroke. The more you get to see, the more you need to be packing. Please leave a rating ;)
Another Brutal Ballbusting - Thumbnail
joetrou2 • 08/04/2015 • 4.1

Flash teaseAnother Brutal Ballbusting

Intended as a sequel to "A Brutal Ballbusting". Do it the same day for the best effect. Have fun be safe.
Viewed 16025 times • Report
Humiliation Slut Audition - Thumbnail • 11/04/2015 • 4.5

TOTM - Nominee!Humiliation Slut Audition

Goddess Susana pushes you to your limits as she uses your mouth, cock and ass to leave you totally used and humiliated.
Viewed 94313 times • Report
Your New Family 2 - Thumbnail
BiggusDickus • 07/20/2016 • 3.5

Flash teaseTOTM - Nominee!Your New Family 2

Not as long as I wanted, but I had this hanging around for a while and wont have a chance to finish it for now. Hope you like it anyway. PM me any bugs or suggestions for #3 if get around to it.
Viewed 14004 times • Report
Sissy Workout- For all abilities - Thumbnail
chrystaleaves • 04/17/2016 • 4.2

Sissy Workout- For all abilities

A relatively long workout tease for sissies to enjoy and to help them become the nice little slut they want to be. Give me feedback as I want to be able to improve it to make it inclining to viewers
Viewed 42054 times • Report
Cuckolded by Gianna - Thumbnail
KandiSissy • 03/31/2016 • 3.2

Cuckolded by Gianna

Your girlfriend has a surprise for you.
Humiliation Slut Audition #7 (All-Star Edition) - Thumbnail • 08/25/2016 • 4.5

TOTM - Nominee!Humiliation Slut Audition #7 (All-Star Edition)

Six beautiful mistresses team up to put you through a series of humiliating and degrading tasks, leaving your mouth, cock, balls and ass completely abused.
Punishment For Naughty Boys  - Thumbnail
diapersissybiguy • 05/21/2018 • 3.2

Punishment For Naughty Boys

Use as a punishment for not following other tease's directions.
Viewed 68434 times • Report
Cuckold Journey - Thumbnail
QuattromM • 07/29/2017 • 3.5

Flash teaseCuckold Journey

My first Tease ever. Always open minded for Feedback
Viewed 20739 times • Report
Turned Out - Thumbnail
sissyroxya2m • 02/08/2018 • 3.6

Turned Out

Your girlfriend find out the truth, or did she always know (two dildos, lingerie, wig, string/rope)
Viewed 15142 times • Report
You will be humiliated by your own sister - Thumbnail
maciekm00 • 04/21/2018 • 3.7

Flash teaseYou will be humiliated by your own sister

Your sister caught you when you fapped to her panties. Now she punishes you for that. Hardcore fetishes. Edging and true humiliation.
Total slave degradation - Thumbnail
maciekm00 • 09/12/2018 • 4.0

Flash teaseTOTM - Nominee!Total slave degradation

You will be completely degraded and humiliated by 6 godesses. Replayable, interactive tease, with points-currency system.
Viewed 48199 times • Report
Goddess Lisa's Teases [2018 Remastered Edition] - Thumbnail
goddesslisa2 • 11/12/2018 • 4.3

Goddess Lisa's Teases [2018 Remastered Edition]

A remastered edition of all my teases, with a new score-based game, more and better rewards for all the players!
Would You Like a Custom Tease? - Thumbnail
BEAGOODBOY! • 02/03/2019 • 2.0

Would You Like a Custom Tease?

Offering custom webteasing content for Milovana users.
Viewed 6213 times • Report
Hard Interview - Thumbnail
Monkeybutt • 12/26/2006 • 3.0

Hard Interview

Viewed 23556 times • Report
What would you do to Stroke? - Thumbnail
subm_1280 • 05/06/2007 • 4.1

TOTM - Nominee!What would you do to Stroke?

Viewed 37645 times • Report
Tag Teamed - Thumbnail
slavechylde • 08/26/2007 • 4.0

Tag Teamed

Viewed 19701 times • Report
Eat That Ass - Thumbnail
ThirtyDaysOfDenial • 10/13/2007 • 3.7

Eat That Ass

Are My Jeans Too Tight Two?  Little Miss Attitude Asks - Thumbnail
MontSpam • 03/18/2008 • 3.7

Are My Jeans Too Tight Two? Little Miss Attitude Asks

What's she hiding this time besides a snotty attitude? She really is a snotty bitch!
Your Shemale Desire - Thumbnail
yabofl • 04/17/2008 • 4.3

TOTM - Nominee!Your Shemale Desire

Wanna be MY slave? - Thumbnail
sdadplay • 10/30/2008 • 4.1

Wanna be MY slave?

Madame Christina 9 What to call it - Thumbnail
Marke • 11/12/2008 • 3.7

Madame Christina 9 What to call it

Viewed 9321 times • Report
skincanvus • 12/14/2008 • 3.8


the British Wanking Academy 3 - Thumbnail
Diver1 • 01/27/2009 • 3.8

The British Wanking Academy 3

Session 3 involves your mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kate returns - Thumbnail
reflog1 • 06/19/2009 • 3.9

Kate returns

humiliation. long series
I found you ! - Thumbnail
secretstroker • 08/14/2009 • 3.2

I found you !

how did your wife find you ?
The House of Wrestling Divas (3) - Thumbnail
Bondageman • 10/16/2009 • 4.1

The House of Wrestling Divas (3)

The third chapter of the series. Do you have what it takes to escape the dominant divas another time?
Viewed 11488 times • Report
Show me what you can do! - Thumbnail
pyroman05 • 12/19/2009 • 3.7

Show me what you can do!

You are the new slave on the block and mistress Marissa found you first. You'ld better do as your told.
Slave Co. Day 6 - Thumbnail
MissTake • 11/06/2011 • 3.7

Slave Co. Day 6

She seems so cute and innocent... Yet so twisted and kinky...
Catwoman's new pet - Thumbnail
storydejour • 03/27/2010 • 4.0

Catwoman's new pet

Every superhero has a weakness. Or several weaknesses. You should have thought of that before boasting what you would do to Catwoman if she came to your town.
Strictly Obey Me - Thumbnail
dashkta • 07/01/2010 • 3.8

Strictly Obey Me

Prepare to serve a strict mistress who is hell-bent on turning you into a mindlessly obedient slut.
Wanker Therapy 1 (a classic) - Thumbnail
cactusman • 07/07/2010 • 4.1

Wanker Therapy 1 (a classic)

You visit a sex clinic about your wanking problem. Stacey makes her diagnosis: you're a pathetic loser.
A Game of Strip Poker with Nikki - Thumbnail
Vinny Vodka • 09/13/2010 • 3.7

A Game of Strip Poker with Nikki

Nikki invites you to play strip poker. She's feeling really horny.
Luscious Lynn - Thumbnail
SatyrMeister • 11/27/2010 • 4.2

Luscious Lynn

Mistress Lynn is here to dominate you! (A tease for advanced strokers)
Viewed 18898 times • Report
The ''Bitter'' Tease - Thumbnail
amberlynn • 12/16/2010 • 3.6

The ''Bitter'' Tease

Ms.Michelle Consumes your life! (A REQUEST) Humilating!
red light city - Thumbnail
agus76 • 05/24/2011 • 4.0

Flash teaseTOTM - Nominee!Red light city

NOW PROOFREADED! Big shemales tease with different endings.
Show Thy Neighbor - Thumbnail
MrShivers • 03/03/2011 • 3.8

Show Thy Neighbor

Your wife humiliates you in front of the new neighbor. They laugh hysterically at your silky panties and humiliate your tiny cock.
Viewed 17235 times • Report
Nurse Katie Wants a sperm sample - Thumbnail
realslave1885 • 04/10/2011 • 3.3

audio teaseNurse Katie Wants a sperm sample

Follow the orders of your mistress. Keep stocking while audio goes silent......Enjoy
Follow my orders..... - Thumbnail
realslave1885 • 05/24/2011 • 3.0

audio teaseFollow my orders.....

Tease contains stocking....mixed with lots of humiliation, kneeling, foot worship, feet cleaning, ass licking etc. Very erotic tease with everything of femdom.
Viewed 20718 times • Report
Denton & Ford's Humbling - Thumbnail
Diver1 • 07/29/2011 • 3.8

Denton & Ford's Humbling

misstress madeline - Thumbnail
[email protected] • 10/13/2011 • 2.3

Misstress madeline

your going to need (panties) (dog leash) (skirt) (bag) (pen pad) (dildo) (tape)
the prime minister  - Thumbnail
[email protected] • 11/10/2011 • 2.1

The prime minister

aussie tease.
You are mine - Thumbnail
whatsername • 12/22/2011 • 2.7

You are mine

Haha you thought that pathetic little cock was yours?
Under My Control! - Thumbnail
alexax • 03/27/2012 • 3.3

Under My Control!

My First Tease! Edging, and a small chance to cum at the end
You get what you want or maybe not. - Thumbnail
kinkyisfun82 • 05/08/2012 • 2.5

Flash teaseYou get what you want or maybe not.

Intense long tease recomend a couple hours to do. Also recomend having a hitachi wand or other similar vibrator. Please feel free to give feedback as to make this tease better.
Hatsune Miku Teasing Software - Thumbnail
youaswell • 07/19/2012 • 4.0

Hatsune Miku Teasing Software

A home version of a popular hologram/singing personality 'Miku' is released, with some experimental homebrew software! Can you pass the test and unlock all of it's "features"?
Ass and Cock Appreciation Day - Thumbnail
bdeezy1 • 09/21/2012 • 3.6

Ass and Cock Appreciation Day

Alexis humiliates you using her beautiful ass and some help from and old friend of yours....
Viewed 21094 times • Report
Give and Take. Preview - Thumbnail
Hungswag • 10/09/2012 • 3.3

Flash teaseGive and Take. Preview

If it picks up, I might take it more seriously. <3!!
Sorority Mom's Weekend - Friday - Thumbnail
thedude234 • 03/02/2013 • 3.7

Flash teaseSorority Mom's Weekend - Friday

Your chastity sentence continues as the girls' moms come stay at the house for the weekend.
Will you last? - Thumbnail
owanksy • 12/20/2012 • 3.6

Flash teaseWill you last?

Stroke to the metronome and try not to blow your load too soon. Will you make it to the end for the sweet reward?
Closing the bar - Thumbnail
actoflove • 02/01/2013 • 3.6

Flash teaseClosing the bar

First tease, high probability of finishing, edging, and light pain.
Viewed 11654 times • Report
Sorority Mom's Weekend - Sat-Sun - Thumbnail
thedude234 • 03/03/2013 • 4.0

Flash teaseSorority Mom's Weekend - Sat-Sun

Continuation of the Friday edition - and of all my other teases. You finish the weekend with a much-needed orgasm.
Wife has questions - Thumbnail
ashelymalice • 03/29/2013 • 4.1

Wife has questions

Wife finds your browser history and forces you to jerk off for her
Viewed 25054 times • Report
Sensi Rival - Thumbnail
Mazi • 04/20/2013 • 4.1

Flash teaseSensi Rival

Tease for women. Men can do it too without problems. No pain, just stroking edging and little bit of humiliation.
More Hotties want you to JERK and SWALLOW - Thumbnail
CamCEI75 • 05/11/2013 • 4.5

More Hotties want you to JERK and SWALLOW

A little bit longer than the last one, and a little harder in more ways than one for all those lil porn addicted cum slurping masturbators who just cant get ENOUGH.
Living the dream - Thumbnail
NSK101 • 07/08/2013 • 2.8

Living the dream

Not all is as it seems. First tease please rate and feedback!
Schritt für Schritt zum Mädchen [german] - Thumbnail
wee • 08/12/2013 • 4.2

TOTM - Nominee!Schritt für Schritt zum Mädchen [german]

Schritt für Schritt ...
Sissy College Freshman Year - Thumbnail
biggo • 11/17/2013 • 3.8

Flash teaseSissy College Freshman Year

first of a series. my first tease. give me feedback this part inspired by sissify your lust
Viewed 26315 times • Report
Mistress Miley - Thumbnail
SissySlutChad332 • 12/11/2013 • 2.3

Mistress Miley

Mistress miley treats you like the bitch you are
Viewed 23845 times • Report
Sluts make you worship cock & crave the cum on their feet - Thumbnail
Jax • 02/05/2014 • 4.3

TOTM - Nominee!Sluts make you worship cock & crave the cum on their feet

Five sluts make you worship cock & lick cum off their feet. *Foot Fetish & Cum Eating* Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks & Hope you enjoy.
Almost Happy - Thumbnail
wetpanties69 • 03/23/2014 • 3.6

Almost Happy

Mean Stepmother Wishes
If You Want to Keep Them - Thumbnail
joetrou • 04/22/2014 • 3.6

Flash teaseIf You Want to Keep Them

A short test.
Viewed 19029 times • Report
Climb the Ladder - Thumbnail
thedude234 • 10/09/2014 • 3.8

Flash teaseClimb the Ladder

Guessing game with all random questions and 5 different endings. Good luck!
Viewed 56140 times • Report
You are really small tease - Thumbnail
mbark • 01/01/2015 • 3.6

You are really small tease

A simple humiliation tease with a lot of close ups. My first one but I think I got the right idea. Let me know what you think. Happy New Year!
For my slut - Thumbnail
lucci1120 • 09/23/2015 • 2.7

For my slut

my first attempt at a tease for my slut in training but anyone can try it. contains edging, spanking, toothpaste, and ice cubes.. enjoy!
Humiliation for the little Slut - Thumbnail
subkitty_92 • 06/06/2015 • 2.7

Humiliation for the little Slut

humiliation and pain for naughty girls
Viewed 14760 times • Report
Management Needed - Thumbnail
Beorb • 08/25/2015 • 3.7

Flash teaseTOTM - Nominee!Management Needed

A tease for doms and female subs. Female sub teases require a lot of interaction. No toys needed, but use what you like. A little cheesy overall, but enjoy.
Viewed 17500 times • Report
She Takes Your Balls - Thumbnail
joetrou2 • 08/21/2015 • 4.2

Flash teaseShe Takes Your Balls

An interactive story tease focused on ballbusting. Please lmk and bugs/errors.
Celeb Humiliation Tounrnament - Opening Weekend - Thumbnail
CelebFactory • 09/29/2015 • 3.6

Flash teaseCeleb Humiliation Tounrnament - Opening Weekend

The first week of the tounrment to survive the most beautiful and dominating of celebrities. Starring Rihanna.
Your chance to earn free Skype session, slave! - Thumbnail
MariaWantsSlaves • 11/03/2015 • 2.7

Your chance to earn free Skype session, slave!

Mistress gives you an opportunity of lifetime.
Hentai Slave Denail - Thumbnail
Querty1234! • 01/03/2016 • 4.4

TOTM - Nominee!Hentai Slave Denail

A hentai denail tease, lasting over 5 days, with a chance to cum every day (10%). Denail, anal, candle, slave, self bondage. My first tease so leave some feedback and ratings.
Viewed 33373 times • Report
Edge To Wetness - Thumbnail
ProEdger30 • 02/12/2016

Flash teaseEdge To Wetness

Chastized Until He Became a Sissy WSW Part 1 - Thumbnail
submissivemale10 • 04/10/2016 • 3.8

Chastized Until He Became a Sissy WSW Part 1

Sissy teases, first part in a multiple tease series. Based on a true story.
Stroking session for losers Part 2 - Thumbnail
Slaveboy90 • 06/04/2016 • 4.2

Flash teaseStroking session for losers Part 2

For real losers only ! Let me know if you like stuff like this, than I will do more :)
Viewed 14637 times • Report
Tiny Dick Losers Deserve Chastity - Thumbnail
pissy-boy • 08/23/2016 • 4.4

Flash teaseTOTM - Nominee!Tiny Dick Losers Deserve Chastity

I wrote this more for myself, but if others like it, I guess that'd be a bonus. I plan for it to be a series involving heavy chastity play and lots of verbal/physical humiliation. Idealy for guys with small cocks.
feminizated by Asia - Thumbnail
MissClariss • 11/14/2016 • 3.9

Feminizated by Asia

tease about feminization, blackmail and sissydancing
Choose your porn Queen for a week - by Goddess Lisa - Thumbnail
askenable • 03/13/2017 • 4.1

Choose your porn Queen for a week - by Goddess Lisa

A tribute to "Finding the One: 14 Loads" by Camcei75. Choose your porn Queen and follow her orders for all the week. Who will you choose?
Viewed 31783 times • Report
Who Will Cum First? - Thumbnail
diapersissybiguy • 05/01/2017 • 3.2

Flash teaseWho Will Cum First?

I hope you don't cum first!
Cum Dumb Cum Drunk Competition - Thumbnail
BEAGOODBOY! • 08/02/2017 • 2.3

Cum Dumb Cum Drunk Competition

Submission, cum eating cum saving sissy competion
Aunt Joann - Thumbnail
amberlynn • 11/23/2017 • 3.6

Aunt Joann

Auntie had you move in with her. Now she wants to own you in exchange.
Experience Surrender - Thumbnail
drunkasfuck • 02/11/2018 • 3.4

Experience Surrender

An edging and submission tease for women
Dark Hentai Snakes and Ladders - Thumbnail
Éclairé • 04/25/2018 • 4.2

Flash teaseTOTM - Nominee!Dark Hentai Snakes and Ladders

A hentai snakes and ladders flashtease, a little on the longer and more difficult side. Lots of stroking and edging, high chance of orgasm.
Viewed 20519 times • Report
The Queen's tease - Thumbnail
CockHeroChampion12 • 10/01/2018 • 3.8

Flash teaseThe Queen's tease

Extremely long tease with LOADS of Stroking, Edging and some anal play.
Viewed 15930 times • Report
Your Boss isn't Happy With Your Work - Thumbnail
TeasedMeansPleased • 11/16/2018 • 4.2

TOTM - Nominee!Your Boss isn't Happy With Your Work

Your boss isn't pleased with your behaviour of the last weeks... And you're about to find out why...
Viewed 15018 times • Report
Humiliation, upbringing,Denial,Punishment is inevitable,Hard humiliation - Thumbnail
stich1017 • 02/08/2019 • 3.2

Humiliation, upbringing,Denial,Punishment is inevitable,Hard humiliation

Humiliation, upbringing,Denial,Punishment is inevitable,Hard humiliation
Viewed 6859 times • Report
Midwest Mischief - Thumbnail
JD • 01/08/2007 • 3.5

Midwest Mischief

Your First Shemale Visit - Thumbnail
yabofl • 02/28/2007 • 4.3

Your First Shemale Visit

Viewed 37748 times • Report
So you want to be a slave - Thumbnail
mike77 • 07/22/2007 • 3.9

So you want to be a slave

A night out - My first tease - Thumbnail
jman • 08/31/2007 • 4.0

A night out - My first tease

Viewed 33555 times • Report
Mistress Lizzy - Thumbnail
Evals • 12/13/2007 • 3.9

Flash teaseMistress Lizzy

The daring Mistress Lizzy experiments on you, her whored out fucktoy. Expect to be used, abused, and punished if you don't follow her precise orders.
Viewed 52993 times • Report
Cheating Husband (for women) - Thumbnail
subboytom • 01/16/2008 • 3.0

Flash teaseCheating Husband (for women)

Viewed 25454 times • Report
Mother & Daughter - Thumbnail
paul54 • 02/21/2008 • 3.8

Mother & Daughter

Viewed 22973 times • Report
Feeling Naughty? Shemale Tease - Thumbnail
Viewed 35718 times • Report
Vanessa transforms you - Thumbnail
gr8thanks • 11/29/2008 • 4.2

TOTM - Winner!Vanessa transforms you

Vanessa dares you to become the very thing you desire.
Viewed 102477 times • Report
Holiday snaps 2 (Xmas special) - Thumbnail
Diver1 • 12/19/2008 • 3.5

Holiday snaps 2 (Xmas special)

My holiday snaps tease 2
Sklavin Anja - Thumbnail
MattD • 01/30/2009 • 2.9

Sklavin Anja

Webtease for slave Anja in German
Viewed 12530 times • Report
the mistress part 1 - Thumbnail
jscamp • 03/09/2009 • 3.5

The mistress part 1 tease
Slave Co. 1 (Intro and 1st tease) - Thumbnail
MissTake • 11/03/2011 • 3.9

Slave Co. 1 (Intro and 1st tease)

Your introduction to "Slave Co" Masturbating instruction institution. Funny name for something so wonderful isn't it? Intro/rules. Stroke Instruction. Full Nudity.
Teasing Torment - Thumbnail
SatyrMeister • 07/22/2009 • 3.9

TOTM - Nominee!Teasing Torment

Cum have some fun...
Viewed 23651 times • Report
crybaby wanker - Thumbnail
dannyboiv • 09/15/2009 • 3.4

Crybaby wanker

You tried to assert yourself but she slapped you right back down. Time to crawl...
Taken - Thumbnail
Mazi • 01/23/2010 • 4.2

Flash teaseTaken

Story based tease, explore your fantasy... *bug repaired*
Viewed 47234 times • Report
Slave Co. Day 7 - Thumbnail
MissTake • 11/07/2011 • 3.9

Slave Co. Day 7

You'll need socks, and either two rubberbands, or two shoelaces/strings. If you have neither, do the tease without them, without cumming at the end. Will she let you cum at all anyway? You'll see.. ;)
Honey I want to destroy you - Thumbnail
amberlynn • 04/04/2010 • 4.1

Honey I want to destroy you

Danger maximum humliation ect,LONG TEASE!
ADOREKRISTINA- Masturbation Meeting - Thumbnail
adorekristina • 05/26/2010 • 4.2

audio teaseADOREKRISTINA- Masturbation Meeting

Step into Princess Kristina's office for a special MASTURBATION evaluate your edging and control your stroking...this 36 minute audio adventure has a surprise visit from Princess Shannon!
Wanker Therapy 2 (a classic) - Thumbnail
cactusman • 07/07/2010 • 4.2

Wanker Therapy 2 (a classic)

Dr. Vanessa takes over for Stacey and supervises your wanking.
The Struggle With-in - Thumbnail
amberlynn • 08/10/2010 • 4.0

The Struggle With-in

Sent to masterbation intervention ...long tease draining-marathon!
Viewed 27183 times • Report
My abused sexslave toy - Thumbnail
Worshippingu • 09/08/2010 • 2.7

My abused sexslave toy

Jessica Alba is your next door neighbor, She calls you over to have some fun. Playful, intense tease.
Viewed 14032 times • Report
surprise for you, sissy - Thumbnail
your_mistress_cam • 12/17/2010 • 3.7

Surprise for you, sissy

mistress Anna forces you to suck cocks, eat cum, and humiliates you to make you feel like a whore
Miss' New Purchase - Thumbnail
AmberStone • 01/27/2011 • 3.7

Miss' New Purchase

Miss wants to show off her brand new corset. Be a good boy and try not to cum...!
Surrender into chastity 4 - Thumbnail
domTanya • 03/14/2011 • 4.3

Flash teaseTOTM - Nominee!Surrender into chastity 4

part4, Kate & Karen
Viewed 40901 times • Report
A Cruel Girls lesson In Decency!  - Thumbnail
N.E.D. • 04/13/2011 • 3.3

A Cruel Girls lesson In Decency!

A college perv (you) is taught to keep your eyes to yourself! First tease, breath play and chance to cum!
Goddess Out of Reach - Thumbnail
selfdegradation • 05/29/2011 • 3.7

Goddess Out of Reach

You come across the glorious Heather Vandeven as she picnics outdoors. She teases you cruelly, taking her clothes off in the process... You will never have her.
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Becoming a BIMBO with Goddess Robyn - Thumbnail
casualthunder • 06/19/2011 • 3.7

Becoming a BIMBO with Goddess Robyn

Goddess Robyn is going to transform you from a little girl with tiny breasts into a blonde bimbo airhead slut with massive titties! (For Women but Men can read along for fun!)
Adult Virginity - Thumbnail
prematurejac • 07/22/2011 • 3.1

Adult Virginity

Although rich, You lack dating skills and managed to make it to age 30 still a virgin. Your only hope to feel a woman's pussy is to hire an escort. You think it's finally gonna happen... or is it?
College Friend - Thumbnail
uberbear01 • 08/19/2011 • 4.0

College Friend

You bump into the bitchy, arrogant girl you used to go to college with.
Sisters for Life II - Thumbnail
baultista • 10/16/2011 • 3.8

Flash teaseTOTM - Nominee!Sisters for Life II

You regain consciousness and try to find your missing fiancee. Part 2 of Sisters For Life.
Domination of female fuck toy and a slut boy - Thumbnail
slut4u69 • 11/13/2011 • 4.1

Domination of female fuck toy and a slut boy

Cruel Mistress dominates a wife and husband, for couples, men or women, forced Feminisation, spanking, humiliation, tease and denial, forced orgasims, CBT, long tease, strap on fucking, anal.
The New World: Day 1&2 - Thumbnail
mjw23 • 03/28/2012 • 3.0

Flash teaseThe New World: Day 1&2

You are about to see what a world ruled by females is like. Chastity optional but incouraged.
The Dirty Intern - Part three, Complete domination and Humiliation - Thumbnail
lilteaser • 05/13/2012 • 4.2

TOTM - Nominee!The Dirty Intern - Part three, Complete domination and Humiliation

Struggling to find motivation and frustrated by not being able to cum. Your boss has two gifts to keep you going. Slightly longer than the other parts.
homework help - Thumbnail
katie-lou • 07/20/2012 • 3.2

Homework help

Princess Misa  - Thumbnail
Cerberus2012 • 08/20/2012 • 3.7

Princess Misa

After Princess K, Princess Misa degrade you.
Kates Birthday Day 1 to 3 - Thumbnail
philo • 10/07/2012 • 4.0

Flash teaseTOTM - Winner!Kates Birthday Day 1 to 3

Be careful of your choices they can have consequences. (My first tease)
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A Trip to the Library - Thumbnail
Dotti • 10/13/2012 • 3.4

Flash teaseA Trip to the Library

A quiet trip to the library holds a BIG surprise. Sound added.
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In Praise of Women Kind - Thumbnail
Backtoegg • 12/08/2012 • 4.0

Flash teaseTOTM - Nominee!In Praise of Women Kind

A tease for men - edging and vebal humiliation
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A bare life part 3 - Thumbnail
keytoheaven • 06/25/2013 • 3.8

TOTM - Nominee!A bare life part 3

Your loving mistress tells a story of her past.
Punish your balls - Thumbnail
kicksmyballs • 02/02/2013 • 2.2

Flash teasePunish your balls

For slave ( Slap balls and cum )
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Apocalypse part 4 - Thumbnail
deamon44 • 07/01/2013 • 4.4

Flash teaseApocalypse part 4

Lots of pain and humiliation. Needs to be opened with Apocalypse part 4.1 and Apocalypse part 4.2 May be a good idea to read the link
Viewed 43446 times • Report
Apocalypse part 4.1 - Thumbnail
deamon44 • 07/01/2013 • 4.3

Flash teaseTOTM - Winner!Apocalypse part 4.1

Lots of pain and humiliation. Needs to be opened with Apocalypse part 4 and Apocalypse part 4.2 May be a good idea to read the link
Viewed 32163 times • Report
Sister's little sissy - Thumbnail
mistress-thorn • 06/12/2013 • 3.9

Sister's little sissy

A tease for those who want to edge and cum in the end. Some mild pain and humiliation.
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Girlfriend Guide  - Thumbnail
keytoheaven • 09/30/2013 • 4.5

TOTM - Nominee!Girlfriend Guide

girlfriend to mistress
From woman to woman... - Thumbnail
mistress.laura • 09/26/2013 • 2.6

From woman to woman...

I made this for you girls! ;)
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Girlfriend Wants A Change - Thumbnail
gerald123456 • 10/31/2013 • 3.9

Girlfriend Wants A Change

My first tease so please give me some feedback! Thanks!
Pin-BALL - Thumbnail
[email protected] • 02/12/2014 • 2.9

Flash teasePin-BALL

Big and superdifficult tease, including LOTS of edging, ballbusting, verbal humiliation. Give me some feedback if there are any bugs or if you like the tease. Items requested: your dick.
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Cum? Yum. - Thumbnail
radolf16 • 02/07/2014 • 3.9

Cum? Yum.

A tease all about eating cum on food.
What will it be? BBC or Sweet Feet? - Thumbnail
WorshipWomen • 04/21/2014 • 3.7

What will it be? BBC or Sweet Feet?

Do you want to earn your release? At all cost? Well I might allow it, ofcourse I'm gonna make it painful. And if you get to cum, you'll get either an image of BBC or beautiful Female feet. Feeling lucky?
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A short Hot Caption Story - Thumbnail
eMKa888 • 05/22/2014 • 3.0

A short Hot Caption Story

Your wife is teasing you of wearing a lingerie set, you bought for her, in public
Forced to be an Ass Slut - Thumbnail
SmogMonster • 08/11/2014 • 4.2

Forced to be an Ass Slut

You are forced into a series of humiliating tasks by a group of beautiful women determined to turn you into a total ass slut.
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Sissification III - Thumbnail
pjohnson4001 • 11/17/2014 • 3.8

Flash teaseSissification III

20 min tease for bi-curious men.
A Visit to Your Ex - Thumbnail
becquerel • 04/20/2015 • 3.7

A Visit to Your Ex

Your ex left you without warning, and ever since you've wondered why. One day, you decide to go see her, but things don't go as you expect.
Cuckoldress girlfriend plays with you after a date - Thumbnail
a_nonymous • 09/01/2015 • 3.9

TOTM - Nominee!Cuckoldress girlfriend plays with you after a date

Your girlfriend takes full command of the relationship after she has a date with another guy.
Farting - Thumbnail
fartslave • 08/21/2015 • 2.5


Man gets tortured by 2 gassy sweethearts
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Mystery Mistress 3 - Thumbnail
thedude234 • 10/08/2015 • 4.4

Mystery Mistress 3

Another day at the office, and another task from your Mystery Mistress
How Low Will You Sink?  - Thumbnail
favouriteworstnightmare • 05/01/2016 • 4.2

How Low Will You Sink?

Pantie worship for your mistress. Requires a pair of worn panties.
Mystery Mistress 7 - Thumbnail
thedude234 • 04/10/2016 • 3.9

Mystery Mistress 7

The saga continues
Cruel - Thumbnail
all2true • 06/07/2016 • 3.4


A Competition Tease with daily assignments to be done slowly one day at a time Two weeks of assignments!
SSA 3: Show For a Schoolgirl - Thumbnail
mFranckie • 08/23/2016 • 3.7

SSA 3: Show For a Schoolgirl

This is a Sexual Slaves Authority file. A cruel schoolgirl gets fun with you. No chance to cum. If you want to apply this tease, you should first apply the 1st session: The Check-In.
Imminent developments - Thumbnail
5in.cuckhubby • 03/12/2017 • 4.1

Flash teaseImminent developments

You finally have a chance to be home alone, but things change quickly. You learn a new truth that you suspected all along. Tease should make you ache. No toys needed. Feel free to email or send comments!
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Quick Ruin with Konan [UPDATED] - Thumbnail
TrashDick • 05/19/2017 • 2.9

Flash teaseQuick Ruin with Konan [UPDATED]

UPDATED, IMPROVED AND FIXED! Ruined Orgasms, Verbal Humiliation, CEI and "Ruin to see more nudity". Mistress Konan wants to watch you ruin a few quick orgasms. Can you please her?
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Free Skype session with professional webcam Mistress - Thumbnail
MistressM) • 08/03/2017 • 2.1

Free Skype session with professional webcam Mistress

Dont lose your chance, wanker!
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Katarina Tease/Denial  - Thumbnail
Dark of Night • 12/11/2017 • 4.1

Flash teaseTOTM - Winner!Katarina Tease/Denial

My first tease. Involves a lot of edging, teasing and denial in certain situations.
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Femdom World 2: Education - Thumbnail
Taeus • 05/07/2018 • 4.1

Flash teaseTOTM - Nominee!Femdom World 2: Education

Hello, this is the second part of the Femdom World Tease. Please report bugs and suggestions to me.
Premature ejaculation  - Thumbnail
iroquois pliskin • 09/28/2018 • 2.8

Premature ejaculation

from now on you will be the quickest cumer ever!
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Succubus mommy - Thumbnail
maciekm00 • 11/17/2018 • 3.7

Flash teaseTOTM - Nominee!Succubus mommy

Psychedelic tease. Your mom reveals a big secret to you. Or maybe not? You don't even know what is real and what is not. Optional equipment: icy-hot
Humiliation at a bachelorette party!Eating sperm,ruined. - Thumbnail
stich1017 • 02/09/2019 • 3.5

Humiliation at a bachelorette party!Eating sperm,ruined.

Humiliation at a bachelorette party!Eating sperm,ruined.
Turn You Out - Thumbnail
Owen • 03/27/2007 • 3.4

Turn You Out

The Librarian - Thumbnail
misspainandpleasure • 05/17/2007 • 4.2

The Librarian

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Night and Day - Thumbnail
ThirtyDaysOfDenial • 10/16/2007 • 4.2

Night and Day

Viewed 31900 times • Report
Wife does it  - Thumbnail
ShySubMale • 01/16/2008 • 3.6

Wife does it

Fourth visit to M.A.F.A.T. (joining) - Thumbnail
Citizen • 02/28/2008 • 4.3

Flash teaseFourth visit to M.A.F.A.T. (joining)

Hope takes you through your application at M.A.F.A.T.
Here to make you squirm - Thumbnail
ginjon • 07/20/2008 • 3.8

Here to make you squirm

Hey honey... we need to talk - Thumbnail
texturedshroom • 09/23/2008 • 3.8

Flash teaseHey honey... we need to talk

Your wife finds your sex life boring now that you're in a chastity belt... so she finds herself a new lover!
Do Real Men Like Pink? - Thumbnail
sdadplay • 10/24/2008 • 4.2

Do Real Men Like Pink?

hard tease - Thumbnail
jscamp • 11/15/2008 • 3.5

Hard tease

Christmas is here   (X-Mas tease) - Thumbnail
reflog1 • 12/30/2008 • 4.1

Christmas is here (X-Mas tease)

kinda long
Earn your Orgasm - Thumbnail
ghostalternative • 01/29/2009 • 2.7

Flash teaseEarn your Orgasm

Complete Tasks like Edging, Stamina Tests and cbt to earn Points. The more point, the higher you chance to cum. -Fixed Version
Viewed 67293 times • Report
Cum If You Can ( - Thumbnail
Omechron • 03/12/2009 • 3.6

Cum If You Can (

You've spent a long time training to resist cumming. But its also important for you to be able to cum fast when your goddess orders you to. Don't waste her time.
ooops - Thumbnail
secretstroker • 07/23/2009 • 3.9


Feed the fish - Thumbnail
billlr • 08/23/2009 • 3.6

Feed the fish

A photographer does his first nude shoot.
Gay Prison Camp 1 - Thumbnail
Lord Byron • 09/19/2009 • 3.8

Gay Prison Camp 1

Through a shocking turn of events, your Mistress sells you to a gay prison camp. Contains heavy amounts of forced bi and is only for those who can handle it.
Viewed 32603 times • Report
A Night with Stacy - Thumbnail
Bondageman • 10/24/2009 • 4.0

A Night with Stacy

If you want sex with Stacy, you'll have to endure a night of being dominated by her. And she's one dominant diva! (A follow up to The House of Wrestling Divas' series).
Viewed 19440 times • Report
The need to cum. - Thumbnail
lamegirl21 • 11/23/2009 • 3.8

The need to cum.

You Take a chance'' Mistress Samatha dominates you.
Viewed 31658 times • Report
Slave Co. Day 8 - Thumbnail
MissTake • 11/07/2011 • 4.1

Slave Co. Day 8

Maria fucks with your head further. She loves teasing your little cock head.. Will she let you cum in the end? Will you have to humiliate yourself first? Welcome back to Slave Co! :)
ADOREKRISTINA- Lovely in Latex - Thumbnail
adorekristina • 04/06/2010 • 3.5

audio teaseADOREKRISTINA- Lovely in Latex

As you kneel before My latex loveliness, the shine moves around My beautiful shape...reflecting your submission back to you...causing you to sink further into surrender to My dominating seduction.
triple ringed and hung up - Thumbnail
secretstroker • 05/26/2010 • 3.9

Triple ringed and hung up

more frustration... maybe today
Wanker Therapy 3 (a classic) - Thumbnail
cactusman • 07/07/2010 • 4.2

Wanker Therapy 3 (a classic)

Desiree, a prostitute, fills in for Stacey and Vanessa. But unfortunately, she also thinks you are a pathetic loser.
A Chance Encounter - Thumbnail
mellowfellow • 08/15/2010 • 3.6

A Chance Encounter

You run into your ex-girlfriend and she invites you over! Is this your chance to get back together? A fairly long tease if followed properly. DO NOT DO THIS TEASE UNLESS YOU WILL FOLLOW IT PROPERLY
I know you secretly dream of becoming a cumslut - Thumbnail
devka • 11/29/2010 • 4.4

TOTM - Winner!I know you secretly dream of becoming a cumslut

Sabrina knows all about your cum desire and will turn you into what you are, a cum loving slut!
Let's Play Dress-Up! - Thumbnail
AmberStone • 01/29/2011 • 3.7

Let's Play Dress-Up!

So, you thought you were a kitten before~?
Fetish For Cops: Strip & Search - Thumbnail
strakke18 • 03/12/2011 • 3.3

Fetish For Cops: Strip & Search

You're suspected of using illegal drugs, and there's only one way to prove that you're innocent. Do exactly what this female officer asks of you!
Viewed 16339 times • Report
Backfire (Pt. 3) - Thumbnail
Incubo • 04/17/2011 • 4.2

Flash teaseTOTM - Nominee!Backfire (Pt. 3)

Yesterday wasn't so bad, but what does Sandra have planned for today?
Viewed 17211 times • Report
Punished by Serra Paylin - Thumbnail
EvanEvans • 05/26/2011 • 3.4

Punished by Serra Paylin

Governess Serra Paylin has caught you looking at porn, and now you must face your punishment! (Spanking, stroking, edging, cumming at the end)
The School of denial - 4 weeks in...... - Thumbnail
nwo69 • 07/14/2011 • 4.3

The School of denial - 4 weeks in......

Your test day comes at last. There will be no mercy and certainly no cumming. This is a full day tease and will be very demanding. An unbelievable amount of edging
How The Mighty Have Fallen - Thumbnail
casualthunder • 07/22/2011 • 3.7

How The Mighty Have Fallen

You had all the young teenage pussy you could dream of ....until Mistress Roni changed all that!
Do you want to turn me into a lesbian? - Thumbnail
vietmichael • 08/24/2011 • 2.8

Flash teaseDo you want to turn me into a lesbian?

That can happen, if you offer your Girlfriend a threesome...
Viewed 15824 times • Report
(misstress ray) do as i say. - Thumbnail
[email protected] • 12/23/2011 • 3.3

(misstress ray) do as i say.

alot of face slaping, licking, whipping, spitting, and harsh name calling. (tease made to make you feel like a low life piece of shit)
Viewed 9051 times • Report
Five Days with Milla - Thumbnail
asparagus • 03/31/2012 • 4.0

Five Days with Milla

Sometimes, five days is all it takes to turn your life around...
Viewed 28149 times • Report
Orgasm Denial Diet 5 - Two months later - Thumbnail
Loveteasing • 05/26/2012 • 4.2

TOTM - Nominee!Orgasm Denial Diet 5 - Two months later

Your bitchy girlfriend is back to get your ready for your special day...
Mami-San's tease! - Thumbnail
youaswell • 07/23/2012 • 4.0

Mami-San's tease!

Sexy Mami-San invites you on a witch hunt with her! How will things work out? There are three endings! Involves lots of stroking and hot anime girl butt. -w- Check it out and rate it well! <3
JustTesting - Thumbnail
Masonmx55 • 08/23/2012

Flash teaseJustTesting

just a test, no content, will delete soon.
Viewed 1162 times • Report
Female Slave Training - Thumbnail
Domme_Kate • 09/21/2012 • 3.5

Female Slave Training

A training exercise for female submissives.
Viewed 18025 times • Report
Anal Lessons - Thumbnail
edgeallday • 10/15/2012 • 4.2

Flash teaseTOTM - Nominee!Anal Lessons

Your mistress sends you to your first anal lesson.
bdeezy1 • 12/05/2012 • 3.4

The "Friendzone"

Humiliation from that girl at work that will never be more than a "Friend"
Viewed 25377 times • Report
Face of Love - Thumbnail
keytoheaven • 05/19/2013 • 4.1

Face of Love

Another medley. Just a pretty face this time.
The Party - Thumbnail
laughatlittledick • 01/11/2013 • 3.4

Flash teaseThe Party

You get your first date ever in your first week of college, there's just one little catch!
Viewed 19337 times • Report
Instructed by a Princess - Thumbnail
theshadow92 • 02/03/2013 • 3.4

Instructed by a Princess

Princess Rene gives you humiliating masturbation instructions. This is my first tease, so feedback is always appreciated!
Will You Cum? - Thumbnail
shdw_fghtr • 04/01/2013 • 4.1

Will You Cum?

My first tease, a Mistress takes pleasure in watching you fuck yourself.
Viewed 25795 times • Report
You Still Miss Your Ex-Girlfriend - Thumbnail
becquerel • 04/19/2013 • 4.2

You Still Miss Your Ex-Girlfriend

Admit it. You know it's true.
Face Painting with Asian Goddesses - Thumbnail
CamCEI75 • 05/14/2013 • 4.4

Face Painting with Asian Goddesses

A face painting "lesson" with Asian beauties who want to help you create your own special masterpiece!
Tits, Ass, or more BIG DICK? - Thumbnail
CamCEI75 • 06/16/2013 • 4.4

Tits, Ass, or more BIG DICK?

Its time again to choose how you want to cum. For TITS, for ASS, or for BIG DICK? Its all in your hands...
Viewed 50984 times • Report
Your online mistress  - Thumbnail
eMKa888 • 07/16/2013 • 3.9

Your online mistress

You finally have the courage to meet your online mistress. Little did you know how evil and mean she really is.
A Visit to Suzie's House - Thumbnail
666 • 11/03/2013 • 3.7

Flash teaseA Visit to Suzie's House

Suzie asks you to come over to her house. Edging, Cum Eating, Stroking, Verbal Humiliation.
Viewed 23367 times • Report
Feel Trust Obey - Part 1 (full part) - Thumbnail
Android71 • 08/23/2017 • 4.2

Flash teaseFeel Trust Obey - Part 1 (full part)

Bug fixed - sorry. Unfinished business (of a planned multi-part-tease) that I will finally never finish. Part 1 is finished and playable.
Milk - Thumbnail
[email protected] • 02/20/2014 • 3.6

Flash teaseMilk

Superedging various levels tease, some items requested, the objective is to let you taste your own seed, happy gooning sluts!
Viewed 51621 times • Report
Worshipping Real Men Conditioning - Thumbnail
mentalsnap1 • 05/25/2014 • 4.4

TOTM - Nominee!Worshipping Real Men Conditioning

Learn to worship real men and become who you really are
Goddess Erika get dirty - Thumbnail
react • 08/13/2014 • 3.1

Flash teaseGoddess Erika get dirty

Erika takes control, if you have limits dont do this tease... Armpit, pee/blader control, ass play, stroking, edging and other surprise... First flashtease, if you found bug or fault or something wrote me or forum.
Viewed 24194 times • Report
Caught out and made to suffer. - Thumbnail
CharlotteCeeDee • 10/16/2014 • 3.6

Caught out and made to suffer.

A sissy gets caught wearing his girlfriends lingerie...pantyhose, rope/shoelace, clothespins, dildo and buttplug needed.
Viewed 13661 times • Report
The Christmas Curse  - Thumbnail
favouriteworstnightmare • 12/22/2014 • 3.8

The Christmas Curse

A story based tease.
sub.boy • 12/10/2014 • 2.7


Viewed 13628 times • Report
MirandaKerr's Chastity Slave & Plaything Pet - Thumbnail
kajiruspet • 02/02/2015 • 2.8

MirandaKerr's Chastity Slave & Plaything Pet

life as MirandaKerr's slave/pet/plaything/he-quadruped, as she has fun with RealMen who fight over her in their lust for her, while you her docile chaste pet, kneel at her feet, to keep her Uggs clean
Boy Edging Land - Thumbnail
jj2000 • 04/18/2015 • 3.4

Flash teaseTOTM - Nominee!Boy Edging Land

GAY, lots of edging to cute boys, mild humilation and mild CBT. Chance to cum, ruin or denial.
Viewed 13246 times • Report
House of Humiliation - Thumbnail
Queen_of_Losers • 06/08/2015 • 4.0

Flash teaseTOTM - Nominee!House of Humiliation

Enter the House of Humiliation to find out how far you are willing to go in order to please your mistress. 5 mistresses, 25 different challenges, one more demanding than the other. Please leave a rating ;) and contact me if something doesn't work right.
Mystery Mistress 4 - Thumbnail
thedude234 • 10/08/2015 • 4.5

Mystery Mistress 4

On Friday you get another special delivery, which sets off a series of unfortunate events.
Spring Cleaning (maid to order sequal) - Thumbnail
SexualChoc • 02/27/2016 • 4.1

Spring Cleaning (maid to order sequal)

for boys/girls.. requires vibrator, butt plug and a lot off chores
You will JERK, EDGE and SWALLOW for us! - Thumbnail
askenable • 04/15/2016 • 4.5

TOTM - Nominee!You will JERK, EDGE and SWALLOW for us!

Tribute to CamCEI75 teases. What type of cumslut are you? Discover it worshipping us.
Humiliation Slut Audition #8 - Thumbnail • 01/27/2017 • 4.5

TOTM - Winner!Humiliation Slut Audition #8

A beautiful mistress forces you to humiliate yourself by abusing your mouth and ass for her own amusement.
Humiliation Slut Audition #9 - Thumbnail • 07/19/2017 • 4.5

TOTM - Nominee!Humiliation Slut Audition #9

Mistress Tori forces you to admit that you are nothing but a slut as she has you abuse your own ass and mouth, while you degrade yourself for her amusement.
Viewed 53186 times • Report
House of Edging: Amber Sym - Thumbnail
666 • 12/15/2017 • 4.0

Flash teaseHouse of Edging: Amber Sym

Work through the house to find Amber, lots of edging (obviously), lots of ball slapping and some verbal humiliation from the girls...
Viewed 38817 times • Report
Facing Up to Reality - Thumbnail
666 • 02/18/2018 • 3.6

Flash teaseTOTM - Nominee!Facing Up to Reality

Four beautiful trainers assist you in embracing your inevitable lust for cock.
Viewed 33619 times • Report
the truth about you - Thumbnail
heechee74 • 04/30/2018 • 4.0

TOTM - Nominee!The truth about you

some funny moments facing the truth. a nice girl will help you to explore your sexuality.
Viewed 31611 times • Report
Premature ejaculation part 2: locked in lust - Thumbnail
iroquois pliskin • 09/28/2018 • 3.5

Premature ejaculation part 2: locked in lust

Your quick cum training continues
Viewed 6993 times • Report
Die Vergangenheit deiner Frau - Thumbnail
gamemaster07 • 12/01/2018 • 3.8

Die Vergangenheit deiner Frau

Play for couples, written in German. You need lube and an extra big condom.
Rachel Riley's gadget show - Thumbnail
gfunk • 02/20/2019 • 4.1

Eos teaseRachel Riley's gadget show

A story based, UK celebrity tease featuring metronome.
Learning to resist?  As if... - Thumbnail
sirstroker • 05/28/2007 • 3.2

Learning to resist? As if...

Viewed 19124 times • Report
Prisoner - Thumbnail
tallguy2241 • 08/02/2007 • 3.9


The Degrading Choice - Thumbnail
rubber_skin • 01/16/2008 • 3.9

The Degrading Choice

TNQ-3: The Private Session With Queen Danna - Thumbnail
Viewed 15921 times • Report
Serving your Goddess 2 - Thumbnail
toiletta • 05/16/2008 • 3.6

Serving your Goddess 2

Viewed 21523 times • Report
You Never Know - Thumbnail
rbtheservant • 08/21/2008 • 3.8

Flash teaseYou Never Know

You never know who you are hooking up with, they could be normal, they could be dangerous.
Gina In Accounting (Part 4 of Blackmailed By Your Secretary) - Thumbnail
texturedshroom • 10/26/2008 • 3.6

Flash teaseGina In Accounting (Part 4 of Blackmailed By Your Secretary)

Your secretary sends you over to Gina in Accounting, whom she had recently had a liaison with. What does Gina have in store for you?
The Boss' Daughter, Part One - Our Little Secret - Thumbnail
Jord • 11/30/2008 • 4.1

The Boss' Daughter, Part One - Our Little Secret

The daughter of your new boss catches you in her room... and makes you pay for it.
I bet you cant do this tease - Thumbnail
MistressMelsa • 08/05/2009 • 4.2

I bet you cant do this tease

The title says it all, but warning, success might be more than you can handle
Viewed 71070 times • Report
Miss Kimmy's Sissy Whore - Thumbnail
galvanisedpenguin • 07/01/2010 • 4.5

TOTM - Winner!Miss Kimmy's Sissy Whore

Miss Kimmy humiliates, teases and punishes you. Nice, long tease.
Viewed 278773 times • Report
Dormitory duties - Thumbnail
neverletmecum • 09/18/2009 • 2.7

Flash teaseDormitory duties

At the mercy of a entire university....
Viewed 361147 times • Report
Hot wife Jessica cuckolds you! - Thumbnail
666 • 10/24/2009 • 4.3

Hot wife Jessica cuckolds you!

Hot wife Jessica makes you a cuckold, you get to watch her with Jeff and clean them up. This tease has an overnight break in it.
Try cum - Version 4 - Thumbnail
StockingBoy • 12/02/2009 • 4.1

Flash teaseTry cum - Version 4

Some very sexy, very evil ladies have a special treat for you - cum for them, if you can...
Viewed 105525 times • Report
Made to serve her - Thumbnail
hotvanna666 • 12/27/2009 • 3.7

Made to serve her

Your secret girl now ownes you.
Slave Co. Day 9 - Thumbnail
MissTake • 11/10/2011 • 3.4

Slave Co. Day 9

Welcome to Slave Co. Day 9. An introduction to Stage 3 in the long series. Mistress Madeline is a cruel young girl known around here as the edge queen. This tease is all edge command with a sick twist.
the house - Thumbnail
agus76 • 04/22/2010 • 4.2

Flash teaseThe house

i found an error. long tease with different endings, a i hope you lie it. sorry for my bad english.
Coed Cockteasers 1 (a classic) - Thumbnail
cactusman • 07/08/2010 • 4.2

Coed Cockteasers 1 (a classic)

Your first night after being captured by the girls of the CBT sorority you find yourself in a beautiful coed's room. You ache while she explains your chastity contract to you and teases you.
Viewed 18150 times • Report
Freebie... - Thumbnail
silentonefi • 08/17/2010 • 3.5

Flash teaseFreebie...

Mistress is pleased on your performance...
Learn To Love It - Thumbnail
cum slut • 12/09/2010 • 4.5

TOTM - Winner!Learn To Love It

Learn what it really means to love cum and become the ultimate cum slut.
House of fun [Level 2] - Thumbnail
sxxx_fxxx • 12/28/2010 • 4.1

Flash teaseHouse of fun [Level 2]

You are on the second floor,where there are many opportunities to cum. But do you want to cum before you find your way out of the house?You may regret it. password required from level 1
Viewed 26787 times • Report
Sissy School 2 - Thumbnail
Thesissyboy123 • 02/07/2011 • 3.7

Sissy School 2

The second day of sissy school
BDSM Research and Developement Centre - Thumbnail
Ostpprog • 03/13/2011 • 2.1

BDSM Research and Developement Centre

Welcome to BDSM Research and Developement Centre: enjoy bdsm in professional style.
Viewed 12945 times • Report
Orgasmic Drugs - Thumbnail
john_lemmings • 04/18/2011 • 3.6

Orgasmic Drugs

A hot mistress want's to try something new on you. Full of exciting tasks for men that have time for a medium length teased. Feedback would be great, as this is my first tease. Enjoy and Take Care.
Viewed 18772 times • Report
Lunchtime at the Office - Thumbnail
cactusman • 07/23/2011 • 4.0

Lunchtime at the Office

Nika and Riley tease, dominate, and humiliate you during lunchtime at the office.
Pin-Dick Humiliation With Princess Ashley - Thumbnail
casualthunder • 09/03/2011 • 3.8

Pin-Dick Humiliation With Princess Ashley

Princess Ashley knows about your tiny secret, it's time you were publicly humiliated for being the pin-dicked loser you truly are *giggle*
misstress mitch & the bitch - Thumbnail
[email protected] • 10/15/2011 • 2.6

Misstress mitch & the bitch

warning a long and mean tease.
Red and Green v2 - Thumbnail
Haggard316 • 11/23/2011 • 2.4

Flash teaseRed and Green v2

This is the republished tease sorry for the epic fail. You wont see much changed untill about the 5th page and so on. Again sorry.
Sissy Cumslut Transformation - Thumbnail
jyk518 • 12/30/2011 • 4.4

TOTM - Nominee!Sissy Cumslut Transformation

Mistress Lexi will turn you into a sissy cumslut
Cum Buffet III - Dine and Dash. - Thumbnail
StupidBoy18 • 04/02/2012 • 3.9

Cum Buffet III - Dine and Dash.

Welcome back for a quick bite.
Viewed 25200 times • Report
The Dirty Intern - Finale, Release At Last? - Thumbnail
lilteaser • 05/30/2012 • 3.9

The Dirty Intern - Finale, Release At Last?

The final episode of the story. You may finally get your release. Completely story based, please read other teases before judging this one.
Workout with Chie! - Thumbnail
youaswell • 07/30/2012 • 3.8

Workout with Chie!

Chie Satonaka is in need of a partner to work out with! You're just the guy to do it... or are you? There are two endings and it has a lot of stroking and hot anime girl rump! I hope you enjoy it! <3
The Ancient Princess - Thumbnail
playfulotter • 08/27/2012 • 4.0

The Ancient Princess

A high fantasy tease inspired by feedback from my previous tease and the movie "Cool World". Only one branching path, can you make it to the end? Do you want to?
Apocalypse - Thumbnail
deamon44 • 02/08/2013 • 4.5

Flash teaseApocalypse

Story based tease. Lots of pain, humiliation, tease and denial. Also with quizz's. Multiple routes and outcomes. May be a little dark for some tastes. more info in link
Viewed 82133 times • Report
Mistress Katinka - Thumbnail
katinka • 10/28/2012 • 3.5

Mistress Katinka

Mistress Kara will torture, humiliate and tease you. And if you have been a very good sub, you might be rewarded. (girls only!)
Das hast Du davon, Wichser! - Thumbnail
dertobi20 • 12/25/2012 • 3.4

Das hast Du davon, Wichser!

Für alle Cuckolds, Fremdficker und Freunde geiler Geschichten!
Viewed 9329 times • Report
Three Pistols - Thumbnail
laughatlittledick • 01/12/2013 • 2.6

Flash teaseThree Pistols

Three Mean Girl's give you Jerk Off Instructions
Cant Please Everyone - Thumbnail
thedude234 • 03/01/2013 • 4.0

Flash teaseCant Please Everyone

Slave to a whole sorority, with all of them holding keys to your cock. Continued from "House Meeting"
Viewed 18762 times • Report
Panty Nostradamus - Thumbnail
thedude234 • 03/10/2013 • 3.0

Flash teasePanty Nostradamus

Long game with cbt. In the story you're locked in a chastity belt through the whole tease, but you can create your own reward/penalty system and play the game however you want.
stroker slut - Thumbnail
funwithcum • 05/28/2013 • 3.7

Flash teaseTOTM - Winner!Stroker slut

lots of stroking ramdom pictures
Holiday snaps 5 - Thumbnail
Diver1 • 04/22/2013 • 3.9

Holiday snaps 5

Pictures from my latest "NAKEATION"
Below Jennifer, Part I - Thumbnail
mistress-thorn • 05/15/2013 • 3.5

Below Jennifer, Part I

This tease involves verbal humiliation, punishment, edging with orgasm at the end.
Viewed 15240 times • Report
Mistress Selena Session 1 - Thumbnail
thequeenofcunt • 06/12/2013 • 3.5

Mistress Selena Session 1

Session one with Selena! Allow her to dominate you and humiliate you. Part one of a planned series with a tease every few days - will cover a range of fetishes!
Hospital Tease - Thumbnail
Rousseau • 07/12/2013 • 3.4

Hospital Tease

Nurse Yumi humiliates, teases and puts her new patient in chastity.
The Love Drug part 2 - Thumbnail
thedude234 • 08/31/2013 • 4.5

The Love Drug part 2

Your imagination goes crazy as you meet the new secretary at work, ask Cali for a favor, and have an important business meeting.
Slave Instructions - Thumbnail
BDSMisFUN • 10/06/2013 • 2.6

Slave Instructions

Pain and BDSM tease using teaseme
Blondes & Brunettes Short Version - Thumbnail
domTanya • 08/06/2014 • 4.5

Flash teaseTOTM - Nominee!Blondes & Brunettes Short Version

Originally bigger, but never finished, here the finsihed parts! I hope I killed dead links and reworte some sites. Post in forum if you find bugs. Have fun!
Caroline years after - Thumbnail
Mazi • 01/19/2014 • 4.1

Flash teaseTOTM - Winner!Caroline years after

Caroline is back. About 45 minutes long if you take your first chance of orgasm, if you are true fan of teasing however, you will skip it :) No pain, just stroking and edging.
Viewed 25267 times • Report
Bimbo Maker - Thumbnail
eric • 03/29/2014 • 4.4

Bimbo Maker

Have you ever wanted to be an attractive, empty-headed, over sexed young woman? If you are into feminization, it is time to give bimboism a try.
Viewed 59804 times • Report
Femdom mistresses playing with your mind - Thumbnail
eMKa888 • 05/13/2014 • 3.9

Flash teaseTOTM - Nominee!Femdom mistresses playing with your mind

This tease is for all those into light pain, femdom and edging. Different outcomes (denial/cumming/ruining/painful orgasm/...) - 300 pictures of mistresses
Mommy's Sissy  - Thumbnail
ashplosh • 06/01/2014 • 3.8

Flash teaseMommy's Sissy

2 day feminization tease based on this audio. Some items reqiured.
Viewed 37323 times • Report
Annemarie's Demütigung - Thumbnail
dertobi20 • 06/27/2014 • 4.2

Annemarie's Demütigung

Annemarie demütigt dich. Stehst du etwa auf geile Schwänze? Finde es heraus!
You have been had Part 1 - Thumbnail
Slaveboy90 • 08/18/2014 • 3.8

Flash teaseYou have been had Part 1

Please give me feedback ! Stroking, Edging and a little bit story. Welcome to your new life ....
Sissy Discovery - Thumbnail
ggikas11 • 11/19/2014

Flash teaseSissy Discovery

Find out if those sissy urges are real, or just fantasy. Short 10 minute tease. Enjoy!
Viewed 4491 times • Report
desperation fun - Thumbnail
all2true • 04/25/2015 • 2.9

Flash teaseDesperation fun

for girls or boys Desperation/ pee Holding/ Omorashi... need a measuring cup and a vibrator.. random elements
First Date Chapters 13-15 - Thumbnail
thedude234 • 07/05/2015 • 4.5

First Date Chapters 13-15

Nikki and her friends go on vacation, then she returns to tell you all about it.
A herd of piggies - Thumbnail
Cruel Ally • 08/06/2015 • 3.4

A herd of piggies

Your ordeal isn't over saggy sue! (& a chance for other humiliation piggy's to serve me. LOL!)
Viewed 9979 times • Report
Free session with professional webcam Mistress - Thumbnail
MariaWantsSlaves • 10/09/2015 • 2.8

Free session with professional webcam Mistress

Your chance to serve a real domme.
Viewed 10753 times • Report
Time to edge for the rest of the year! - Thumbnail
MistressShawna • 11/15/2015 • 2.6

Time to edge for the rest of the year!

Just offering you the chance to get a personalized piece of teasing delivered daily over a private tumblr, or over your email, to let you stay hard and dripping precum the rest of the year! Details within!
Stroke and Follow - Thumbnail
yourtoy1212 • 03/02/2016 • 3.6

Stroke and Follow

Not a tease for real men, push your sissy limits (includes toilet play) not for the weak.
DER SISSY-WETTKAMPF | Bist du die beste?  - Thumbnail
Herrin Anja • 04/17/2016 • 3.6

DER SISSY-WETTKAMPF | Bist du die beste?

[GERMAN] DU glaubst also, du bist die beste Sissy? Na das wollen wir doch mal sehen... Mach mit im WETTKAMPF und beweise dich!
Stroking session for losers Part 3 - Thumbnail
Slaveboy90 • 06/09/2016 • 4.2

Flash teaseStroking session for losers Part 3

For real losers only ! Let me know if you like stuff like this, than I will do more :)
Tiny Dick Losers Deserve Chastity 2 - Thumbnail
pissy-boy • 08/25/2016 • 4.2

Flash teaseTiny Dick Losers Deserve Chastity 2

Part two of the series. Will be a different experience based on the size of your cock. Ideally for guys 6 inches and under. 6+ can play too, but you'll have to use more immagination.
Viewed 22694 times • Report
5 days of pleasure - Thumbnail
Kazuh • 06/04/2017 • 4.5

Flash teaseTOTM - Winner!5 days of pleasure

Are you ready to tease your cock for five days? Five hot mistresses will tease your cock to it´s limits. Very long tease. Toys are optional. Contains some optional punishment and humiliation. Enjoy!
Viewed 91798 times • Report
Big Black Cock: an Interracial Tease - Thumbnail
PumpingGoon • 05/22/2017 • 4.1

TOTM - Nominee!Big Black Cock: an Interracial Tease

A tease filled with stroking and edging to beautiful white women taking black dick. Contains some mild verbal humiliation, cei and cucking.
I am a size Queen#3 - Thumbnail
jj2000 • 09/16/2017 • 2.6

Flash teaseI am a size Queen#3

GAY TEASE, very difficult tease, must havea good memory.
Becoming a slave toy for women - Thumbnail
maciekm00 • 03/02/2018 • 3.5

Flash teaseBecoming a slave toy for women

Includes audio effects. More than 100 pages. Content: female domination, slavery, humiliation, degradation, ass and pussy worship, feet worship, cuckolding, cleanup, spit, piss, fart, bbw, ssbbw.
are you a Beta?  - Thumbnail
JosyJoy • 09/12/2018 • 3.7

Are you a Beta?

first tease for me. kinda short. the opening for weekly parts? we will see.
Viewed 12786 times • Report
Premature ejaculation part 3: mr. lightning bolt - Thumbnail
iroquois pliskin • 09/29/2018 • 3.7

Premature ejaculation part 3: mr. lightning bolt

as you continue your journey, your mistresss tells more about the couple of her story
Viewed 5907 times • Report
Poolboy and the rich girl - Thumbnail
Globazol • 12/10/2018 • 4.0

Flash teasePoolboy and the rich girl

You're a poor guy that has to work during summer holidays. You clean up swimming pools for rich people. Today you're at Sam Wilston's Villa, who is gone for vacation for one week...
Viewed 12385 times • Report
Paid To Tease - Thumbnail
Used and Abused • 07/30/2007 • 3.8

Paid To Tease

Chastity Girlfriend Part 4 - Thumbnail
babydickboy27 • 10/21/2007 • 3.9

Chastity Girlfriend Part 4

Viewed 21725 times • Report
Conversion - Pt. 3 - Thumbnail
jman • 11/26/2007 • 4.2

TOTM - Nominee!Conversion - Pt. 3

Your Receptionist Catches You - Thumbnail
eric • 01/26/2008 • 4.0

Your Receptionist Catches You

ashley's punishment   - Thumbnail
jscamp • 02/25/2008 • 3.9

Ashley's punishment

Viewed 37788 times • Report
Bikini or Weenie? - Thumbnail
patsy • 03/31/2008 • 4.0

Bikini or Weenie?

Playful And Cruel - Thumbnail
green • 09/23/2009 • 4.2

Flash teasePlayful And Cruel

Liz got the Weekend off, and asks you to come over. What will she have in store for you. Visit her and find it out!. Two Versions included.
Viewed 40080 times • Report
Can You do it for me? - Thumbnail
Socklover • 10/26/2008 • 3.5

Can You do it for me?

Viewed 13869 times • Report
Games Room - Timer Tease - Thumbnail
avatarbr • 12/01/2008 • 3.9

Flash teaseGames Room - Timer Tease

First part of the PCM Script The Games Room. You choose the time, and Miss Eva will tease you.
Viewed 36418 times • Report
Kaffeekränzchen mit deiner Herrin - Thumbnail
black moon • 02/08/2009 • 4.3

Kaffeekränzchen mit deiner Herrin

Tease auf Deutsch. Er wird dich vielleicht an gewisse Grenzen stoßen, doch du hast zumindest die Chance zu kommen, wenn du deiner Herrin gefälltst. Probiers aus!
Viewed 19235 times • Report
Classy bitch! - Thumbnail
ffnylonlover • 03/25/2009 • 3.7

Classy bitch!

amusing a glamourous woman
slave89 • 08/02/2009 • 3.3


Your husband's mistress comes over to tease you while your husband is away.
MILF Revenge! - Thumbnail
amberlynn • 11/26/2009 • 3.4

MILF Revenge!

A bad day Girlfriend abuse!
Desperation - Thumbnail
ismara • 12/26/2009 • 4.1


Viewed 42005 times • Report
Slave Co. Day 10 - Thumbnail
MissTake • 11/14/2011 • 3.5

Slave Co. Day 10

Mistress Candid will introduce you to a new way of jerking off... And you'll be washing your underwear by the end of the night. Welcome back, to Slave Corps.
Journey into the Erotic - Thumbnail
Mistress Jenifer • 09/04/2011 • 4.1

Flash teaseTOTM - Nominee!Journey into the Erotic

My first published Tease. Enjoy yourselves little ones, and I hope you enjoy the tease. Remember though, I respect honesty so give it an honest rating and honest remarks.
Viewed 32223 times • Report
the friends you keep - Thumbnail
secretstroker • 06/11/2010 • 3.7

The friends you keep

off to work while wifey stays home
Coed Cockteasers 9 (a classic) - Thumbnail
cactusman • 07/09/2010 • 4.0

Coed Cockteasers 9 (a classic)

Julia describes the rush week initiations a the CBT sorority. There are several interesting sexual endurance tests.
Jerk and Beg for Madam, Loser!... - Thumbnail
beg.for.madam • 10/08/2010 • 3.6

Jerk and Beg for Madam, Loser!...

Simple tease for LOSERS who are ready to obey the biggest tits in the world...
Fifth Day With The New Mistress - Thumbnail
theguy • 12/01/2010 • 3.5

Flash teaseFifth Day With The New Mistress

5th part of the series, gives you the chance to know about yourself if you are a wanker or a slave... I advise you to start with the first part, but it is also ok otherwise...
House of Fun [Basement - HELL] - Thumbnail
sxxx_fxxx • 12/29/2010 • 3.6

Flash teaseHouse of Fun [Basement - HELL]

If you took a wrong turn somewhere... Or you were really really bad... You have ended up in HELL. Use the password from part 1 or 2 to enter HELL and recieve your punishment. Chance to cum.
Viewed 20807 times • Report
Bath Time - Thumbnail
AmberStone • 02/01/2011 • 3.8

Bath Time

After craving your sweet Miss for so long, you daringly burst into her bathroom and find her with another girl. Big mistake...?
Surrender into chastity 5 - Thumbnail
domTanya • 04/12/2011 • 3.8

Flash teaseSurrender into chastity 5

finally part5, Last tease of the series!, Chance to cum at the end, Hope no bugs ;), have fun...
Viewed 41771 times • Report
Week One - What's Stopping You? - Thumbnail
AmberStone • 04/18/2011 • 4.1

Week One - What's Stopping You?

Miss Amber shows under no uncertain belong to her.
You gonna be a loser.... - Thumbnail
realslave1885 • 05/27/2011 • 3.2

audio teaseYou gonna be a loser....

Imagine and follow the orders...........enjoy
Lanny´s Slave - Part 1 - Thumbnail
Slaveboy90 • 06/25/2011 • 3.7

Lanny´s Slave - Part 1

As Lanny´s new slave you must earn yourself everything !
Viewed 20175 times • Report
Pirate Slave - Thumbnail
all2true • 07/22/2011 • 3.3

Pirate Slave

slave to the sea captain
Your balls are mine - Thumbnail
Alliteration • 09/06/2011 • 3.2

Flash teaseYour balls are mine

My first tease. CBT, edging, verbal humiliation, and denial.
Viewed 40797 times • Report
Pimped Out Sissy - Thumbnail
jamiesizzle • 11/19/2011 • 4.0

Flash teasePimped Out Sissy

My first tease, You should have a nice supply of freash cum handy. Enough to fill an ice cube container and then enough left over to squirt!
Viewed 31202 times • Report
Haley's job  - Thumbnail
loserblueballs • 01/11/2012 • 3.2

Haley's job

A tease to do with Hayley Williams...Lots of stuff...loads of humiliation. check it out! ;A
You Are a Sissy pt. 4 - Thumbnail
tease_this_sissy • 04/11/2012 • 4.0

You Are a Sissy pt. 4

Part 4 of You Are a Sissy. Princess Ariel is working on turning you into the perfect sissy slut. Today she calls you into her room for lots of edging, ass fucking, and a chance to cum.
Viewed 45776 times • Report