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Ruin Quickly For Samui [Remake] - Thumbnail
TrashDick • 03/11/2018 • 3.7

Flash teaseRuin Quickly For Samui [Remake]

Mistress Samui is ordering you to ruin orgasms for her. Refusing will hurt. Edging, Ruined Orgasm, Femdom, SPH, CEI, CBT.
Sara Jay loves BBC and shes going to teach you why - Thumbnail
seriouswanker • 12/26/2018 • 4.0

Sara Jay loves BBC and shes going to teach you why

Learn to enjoy, maybe even love, black cock. Edging, worshipping, stroking and a two chance ending.
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Little Devil - Thumbnail
lewis_cameron • 06/28/2009 • 4.2

Little Devil

This little devil is way out of your league. But if you let her tease your cock and punish your balls for a while, she may let you stick around.
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Emma Watson makes you her bitch - Thumbnail
littledickwanker • 03/03/2019 • 4.3

Emma Watson makes you her bitch

My first tease. Heavy on sph and feminization
Show Thy Neighbor - Thumbnail
MrShivers • 03/03/2011 • 3.8

Show Thy Neighbor

Your wife humiliates you in front of the new neighbor. They laugh hysterically at your silky panties and humiliate your tiny cock.
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Emma Watson makes you her bitch. Part 2 - Thumbnail
littledickwanker • 03/11/2019 • 4.6

TOTM - Nominee!Emma Watson makes you her bitch. Part 2

Emma is back to humiliate the fuck out of you.
Do You Measure Up? - Thumbnail
Goddess Josephine • 11/17/2011 • 3.0

Do You Measure Up?

I enjoy 9 inches or more but if you don't measure up, where does that leave you? Small penis humiliation
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Sizing It Up - Thumbnail
reddd302 • 05/11/2019 • 3.4

Flash teaseSizing It Up

A long tease that gets you to compare cocks.
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Do you have a small penis? - Thumbnail
micdy • 10/26/2012 • 2.5

Do you have a small penis?

Small penis humiliation! Find out if you have a small penis, and if you are allowed to cum today!
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The Party - Thumbnail
laughatlittledick • 01/11/2013 • 3.4

Flash teaseThe Party

You get your first date ever in your first week of college, there's just one little catch!
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Going On A Date - Thumbnail
actoflove • 03/16/2013 • 3.9

Flash teaseGoing On A Date

A tease with three different paths(based on penis size). Includes humiliation and forced bi. A sequel to my previous tease.
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The Chastisement of Paul’s Small Cock  - Thumbnail
Goddess Josephine • 04/20/2013 • 3.8

The Chastisement of Paul’s Small Cock

Stuck in a boring marriage Paul had develop a solo routine of fantasy and masturbation. He never counted on meeting Josephine, his new neighbor and the entangled web he would find himself in. After getting caught with her panties she quickly initiates control over his cock. Her seductive powers lure him in and he finds himself helplessly devoted to her.
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You have a thick ex-girlfriend, don't you? - Thumbnail
jackstock • 06/21/2015 • 4.0

You have a thick ex-girlfriend, don't you?

Your ex is thick. And she is beautiful.
The Ultimatum, Part 1 - Thumbnail
Trusfrated • 04/16/2014 • 4.1

Flash teaseTOTM - Winner!The Ultimatum, Part 1

Your wife has grown tired of your sexual inadequacies. It's time for you to do something about it, or else! Start of a story-based series; my first tease. Optional metronome.
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The Ultimatum, Part 2 - Thumbnail
Trusfrated • 05/22/2014 • 4.5

Flash teaseTOTM - Winner!The Ultimatum, Part 2

The story of your wife-mandated first visit to Dr. Harris' clinic in order to address your various sexual "problems." Includes some sound effects and an optional metronome.
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Can you make it? - Thumbnail
walking • 02/25/2017 • 3.9

Flash teaseTOTM - Nominee!Can you make it?

Short tease for boys only. WARNING: shemales/lots of cock inside
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Imminent developments - Thumbnail
5in.cuckhubby • 03/12/2017 • 4.1

Flash teaseImminent developments

You finally have a chance to be home alone, but things change quickly. You learn a new truth that you suspected all along. Tease should make you ache. No toys needed. Feel free to email or send comments!
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