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Teases for "spanking".

what a weekend - Thumbnail

What a weekend

panty boy gets a facefull
helping you out - Thumbnail

Helping you out

wifey drains your dick
bellydance weekend - Thumbnail

Bellydance weekend

T&D for my stroker slave
06/11/2009 • 20959 views • Report
The House of Wrestling Divas - Thumbnail

The House of Wrestling Divas

Do you have what it takes to escape from a house packed with dominating women?
09/29/2009 • 17794 views • Report
The Improvement Institute III - Thumbnail

Flash teaseThe Improvement Institute III

Lots of stroking, edging and CBT - part three of the series. You can either do this tease "standalone" or embedded in the series. But be warnend, it can get rough....
11/30/2009 • 32967 views • Report
Die Dienstreise (für Frauen) - Thumbnail

Die Dienstreise (für Frauen)

Ein mehrtägiges Trainingsprogramm für die versauten Mädels. Hälst du durch?
01/24/2010 • 5187 views • Report
Chastity Calendar: February - Thumbnail

Chastity Calendar: February

Chastity tease for the month February. Short assignments for each day.
02/01/2011 • 51106 views • Report
Fate's Chance To Cum - Thumbnail

Flash teaseFate's Chance To Cum

A tease with more than 20 random endings, sometimes you cum, sometimes you don't. Its random, so you may see edging, denial, ice, spanks, clothespins, stroking, and some random crazy things thrown in. It's my first, but I think you'll like it.
07/26/2010 • 33766 views • Report
Blackmailed in a new life - Thumbnail

Blackmailed in a new life

Your neighbour caught you cheating your wife. She won't tell anyone but there will be changes...
09/02/2010 • 36816 views • Report
Das Spiel - Thumbnail

Das Spiel

12/10/2010 • 14555 views • Report
Punished By The Head Girl  - Thumbnail

Punished By The Head Girl

My first webtease. A boy gets punished for spying on the girls. Feedback welcome or any offers of help to improve the text and make it more detailed.
Look at the little puppy! - Thumbnail

Look at the little puppy!

You bump into Mistress Bartsha, and she has a few ideas for you ;)
06/29/2011 • 32360 views • Report
Miss Heather's Sissy  - Thumbnail

TOTM - Winner!Miss Heather's Sissy

A basic tease for sissy boys who want to masturbate with the guidance of a sexy mistress.
07/04/2012 • 106206 views • Report
Il servo di sua moglie - Thumbnail

Il servo di sua moglie

Il primo giorno di mio marito alla scuola di rieducazione per servi delle proprie mogli (Italiano)
12/31/2011 • 6584 views • Report
Just Out of Reach - Thumbnail

Flash teaseTOTM - Nominee!Just Out of Reach

Short tease which asks for a longer commitment, involves face sitting and worship. you do not NEED a chastity device, but it would be good if you had one.
03/09/2012 • 33754 views • Report
Lets play - Thumbnail

Lets play

You meet a beautiful women in a diaper and she wnats to share her world with you.
05/27/2012 • 28294 views • Report
The Bitches Test You - Thumbnail

Flash teaseThe Bitches Test You

A maze for you to enjoy the different tastes these amazing women shall set you!
09/01/2012 • 62799 views • Report
Fun - Thumbnail


my first tease.
11/17/2012 • 13746 views • Report
Far Cry - Thumbnail

Flash teaseFar Cry

Another experiment. Long and hard story-heavy tease this time. Happy New Year!
01/01/2013 • 19262 views • Report
You must enjoy this :) - Thumbnail
09/10/2013 • 18149 views • Report
The Hause of Chains - Thumbnail

Flash teaseThe Hause of Chains

My first tease,3 categories to choose from! I hope you like it!
03/21/2014 • 49269 views • Report
Once a day keeps the urges away - Thumbnail

Flash teaseOnce a day keeps the urges away

My first one, its very short but I might improve it later.
05/31/2014 • 14340 views • Report
survive without edging - Thumbnail

Survive without edging

You have to survive without edging. Couldn't make it long enough because without edging its difficult. But its worth a try. Will wait for your feedback
09/25/2014 • 30135 views • Report
New Guy, New Sissy. - Thumbnail

Flash teaseNew Guy, New Sissy.

Sissy Training.
01/04/2015 • 23599 views • Report
Staying baby - Thumbnail

Staying baby

This tease involves enemas age regression, assplay and some tasks must be performed outdoor, no matter if you're a boy or a girl. You'de better be comfortable with holding enemas before starting this tease. Otherwise have fun with your mommy.
03/07/2015 • 32823 views • Report
Have you ever been with a woman like me? - Thumbnail

Have you ever been with a woman like me?

First tease...don't be too harsh.
06/02/2015 • 11220 views • Report
Bullied Nerdy-Boy  - Thumbnail

Bullied Nerdy-Boy

You recollect a day in your life as a wimpy nerd, bullied by girls. This tease includes: wedgies, swirlies, spanking, messy-play, verbal humiliation (esp. sph), and a touch of cbt.
08/10/2015 • 41860 views • Report
Mystery Mistress 5 - Thumbnail

TOTM - Nominee!Mystery Mistress 5

You reveal your secret to a coworker, setting off an interesting chain of events.
10/17/2015 • 51157 views • Report
Don't look - Thumbnail

Don't look

Keep your eyes on theirs, while stroking through this tempting tease that will test your willpower and endurance.
12/16/2015 • 25728 views • Report
Hentai denail 4 - Thumbnail

Flash teaseHentai denail 4

The new hentai denail in finally here. It lasts over 7 days and takes you through multiple apsects of the BDSM world. Good for beginners but also enjoyable for experts
03/24/2016 • 42053 views • Report
Chastity 3: Chastity for the Goddess - Thumbnail

Flash teaseTOTM - Winner!Chastity 3: Chastity for the Goddess

You spend more time in chastity for your new Goddess as she reveals just how much power she has over you. Works as standalone or as the third part of the series.
10/31/2016 • 101045 views • Report
Femdom Sex Simulator - Thumbnail

Flash teaseFemdom Sex Simulator

This tease is set of random activities such as: blowjob, deepthroating, spanking, cbt, anal, enforced position, edging, orgasm (ruining, full, cei or denial). The duration of tease, amount of tasks and their order is random. There is a chance of orgasm at the end.
11/13/2016 • 149047 views • Report
Mistress Fishball - Thumbnail

Mistress Fishball

Have fun with Mistress Fishball!
03/08/2017 • 60664 views • Report
Gradient - a Hentai Tease - Thumbnail

Gradient - a Hentai Tease

Just some simple stroking instructions, while watching some pictures. Some of those one might enjoy stroking to and some one probably doesn't (Consider yourself warned). Light and brief CBT.
08/31/2017 • 46247 views • Report
The Adventure - Thumbnail

Flash teaseThe Adventure

My first tease, very long, still in progress but is playable
11/25/2017 • 8359 views • Report
Gynocracy Prison - Thumbnail

Eos teaseGynocracy Prison

You are in a prison run by cruel women! Will you make it out? Hard tease, lots of randomness, stroking, edging and pain (if you make mistakes, but you will).
01/27/2019 • 48804 views • Report
Owned by Tori - Thumbnail

Owned by Tori

Hi hope you enjoy it
05/23/2019 • 26931 views • Report
The Morning After - Thumbnail

Eos teaseTOTM - Winner!The Morning After

A tease with a lot of different choices, paths and endings. Possible encounters depending on your choices are: Stroking,Edging,SpH,Cei,Denial,Humiliation,Breath play and more.
01/12/2020 • 110674 views • Report
Sissy husband punishment - Thumbnail

Sissy husband punishment

Tease for mistress to follow to punish her slave.
06/05/2020 • 26239 views • Report
Eggsposed - with Georgia Jones - Thumbnail

Eos teaseEggsposed - with Georgia Jones

A tease with CUM EATING, BUTTPLUG and EXHIBITIONISM TASKS. You need several items like a (vibrating) buttplug, a long string and more ... If you find any bugs, post in thread or PM me. FIXED.
12/26/2020 • 24856 views • Report
Welcome to the farm! - Thumbnail

TOTM - Nominee!Welcome to the farm!

A man takes pity on you after you're stranded at night in the middle of nowhere. Little do you know the transformation he has in store for you....(hucow tease for women)
12/02/2021 • 21640 views • Report
Your deepest desire Part-1 - Thumbnail

TOTM - Nominee!Your deepest desire Part-1

For the people who love to be a girl, for those who want to follow orders, for those who want someone to take care of them sexually
07/16/2022 • 19617 views • Report
Advent Calendar [Fantasy Roulette] - Thumbnail

Eos teaseAdvent Calendar [Fantasy Roulette]

❤ Each day you will check the calendar and find a different picture with a task. Punishment, pain, pleasure, and humiliation awaits ❤ Please rate it and help us to grow :3
12/04/2023 • 31152 views • Report
How deep is your devotion? - Thumbnail

Flash teaseHow deep is your devotion?

My first web tease, created in service to Mistress Cody. It is intended for committed slaves who force themselves to follow ALL of the instructions from their Mistress.
12/30/2007 • 27808 views • Report
A Session with Master Lite Edition (for the ladies) - Thumbnail

Flash teaseA Session with Master Lite Edition (for the ladies)

Your Master has a cock that demands to be worshipped... and if you do a bad job, watch out... Lite Edition made especially for flyingKiltSlave's wife. This version contains no anal or nipple torture.
09/04/2008 • 7333 views • Report
A little present from your mistress - Thumbnail
black moon4.1

A little present from your mistress

Your mistress has a special present for you: a long, intense nipple-torture-session. Have fun! (-; PS: Should also work for women because it isn't too specific. Just replace some orders accordingly.
05/15/2009 • 35255 views • Report
DO what i say or you will be punished. - Thumbnail

DO what i say or you will be punished.

A tease where you have to do what you are said. If not you will get punsished. Many outcomes deppend on your achievements. My first tease hope you like it!
06/21/2009 • 37998 views • Report
Girlfriend's Revenge - Thumbnail

Girlfriend's Revenge

Your girlfriend left you for cheating on her. You bring her some roses and beg her to take your back, and she agrees... but she has some terms.
09/30/2009 • 20569 views • Report
The Bermuda Triangle (Pt. 9) - Thumbnail

Flash teaseThe Bermuda Triangle (Pt. 9)

Several different paths. Remember your code. You'll need it for the next part. Choices make a difference, so be smart.
12/05/2009 • 35709 views • Report
The Belt - For Girls - Thumbnail

The Belt - For Girls

Something for you, something for your neighbors! And a little something for your mistress.
02/02/2010 • 23483 views • Report
Forced Pantyhose Chastitytraining - Thumbnail

Forced Pantyhose Chastitytraining

a tease for addicted pantyhoseslaves and the women who love them.
05/05/2010 • 29652 views • Report
studying with a friend - Thumbnail

Studying with a friend

you go to a friends house to study and she catches you checking out her panties
08/10/2010 • 18941 views • Report
The ''Bitter'' Tease - Thumbnail

The ''Bitter'' Tease

Ms.Michelle Consumes your life! (A REQUEST) Humilating!
Susan seeks girl to play with - Thumbnail

TOTM - Nominee!Susan seeks girl to play with

(For Girls) Susan places a ad for a girl she can play with...
inside and outside playing - Thumbnail

Inside and outside playing

be not to hard for me is my first tease hope you en joye
03/20/2012 • 24389 views • Report
Puzzles of Pain - Thumbnail

TOTM - Nominee!Puzzles of Pain

A tease for men or women. If you are skilled at puzzles or if you endure pain well, you could earn the right to cum. If not, you could be in trouble!
08/16/2016 • 42327 views • Report
skill improvement - Thumbnail

Flash teaseSkill improvement

A fully descriptive BDSM session with punishments for a sub that misbehaves. can get a little time consuming if she acts up too much but overall its pretty fun.
08/22/2012 • 10110 views • Report
Fun2 - Thumbnail


hope you guys like it.
11/18/2012 • 13259 views • Report
Miss Treated 1 - Tit torture - Thumbnail

Miss Treated 1 - Tit torture

Pain and punishment from Miss Treated, in the form of a long and intense nipple torture session. (Hint: If you're looking to cum or edge or do much below the belt, look elsewhere)
01/02/2013 • 20589 views • Report
Nature - Thumbnail
Black Jay3.8


A basic tease for beginners. Themes include spanking, humiliation, anal, stroking to a metronome, and small amounts of edging.
Training Day 2 - Thumbnail

Flash teaseTraining Day 2

For men and women, needs a 10 meter/30 foot rope Bugs Fixed!
04/29/2013 • 22811 views • Report
It's time to punish that clit. - Thumbnail

It's time to punish that clit.

For the girls (or sissyboys) who need some discipline.
You sent the picture to me not your boyfriend ... - Thumbnail

You sent the picture to me not your boyfriend ...

a short tease directed at girls. Blackmail orientated around the idea of accidentally ending a pic to a friend not your boyfriend. Involves a it of everything really.
09/12/2013 • 17401 views • Report
Insatiable desires game - Thumbnail

TOTM - Winner!Insatiable desires game

Caption based tease game, feedback welcome
03/30/2014 • 262675 views • Report
Mommy's Sissy (Furry) - Thumbnail

Flash teaseMommy's Sissy (Furry)

2 day feminization tease based on this audio. Some items reqiured. Furry version of Mommy's sissy tease.
06/01/2014 • 28206 views • Report
Bed time Spanking for naughty women ! - Thumbnail

Bed time Spanking for naughty women !

All naughty girls need a long spanking before bed !
07/31/2014 • 18851 views • Report
For my slut - Thumbnail

For my slut

my first attempt at a tease for my slut in training but anyone can try it. contains edging, spanking, toothpaste, and ice cubes.. enjoy!
Humiliation for the little Slut - Thumbnail

Humiliation for the little Slut

humiliation and pain for naughty girls
06/06/2015 • 18699 views • Report
Bullied Nerdy-Girl - Thumbnail

Bullied Nerdy-Girl

Play a nerdy girl bullied by a sorority in this story-driven tease, featuring verbal humiliation, spanking, wedgies, swirlies, forced shaving, body-writing, and forced lesbian intimacy.
11/15/2015 • 30216 views • Report